Eurogamer: 3D Dot Game Heroes Review

Eurogamer writes: "The two-dimensional RPG kingdom of Dotnia has seen better times. Stories of an ancient Hero's miraculous exploits have long since passed into myth, and as a result nobody can be bothered tripping along to check out his magical sword in a nearby forest. The king, desperate to boost the flagging economy, therefore declares that everything must be upgraded to 3D to save the day."

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Cheeseknight283108d ago

Interesting to see that it's getting mixed scores. I'll still get it, but I am curious to see what other sites like 1up think of it.

zenosaga043108d ago

Well the import review was a 7, and their domestic review was a 6 so... they're are the only site that has yet to give the domestic version a review under an 8.

I'm not saying that they're review isn't valid, but they seem to be in the minority.

Meryl3108d ago

eurogamer if you cannot understand that this game is a tribute to the original zelda, then you are stupid this games deserves a 9/10 just for paying homage to zelda: link to the past