New ArmA II: Operation Arrowhead screenshots

Bohemia Interactive released new screenshots of ArmA II: Operation Arrowhead.

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t8503107d ago

Those screenshots looks awesome.

Letros3107d ago

Wow, they really nailed the realism, its a cherry on the top with some high res and AA, and these guys are indie devs.

BloodyNapkin3107d ago

Looks pretty good so far. Just please fix the tree's, they look fake and out of place with the rest of the game.

morganfell3107d ago

The trees actually look great. We saw Arrowhead running live a few weeks ago and it is mind blowing. The engine eats other games and like Arma II before it they can render some insanely large levels.

EvilBlackCat3107d ago

Does KillZone 2, MAG, Bad Co. 2, Modern Walfare2, and any other war game better War simulator than this game?

oh yeah i forgot those ps3 exclusive are sooooooooooooooooooo real.

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treeson473107d ago

arma II was amazing at it was, but now with a modern war setting it's going to be the definitive to custom soundtrack and level edit to.

Revvin3107d ago

Those screen shots are nothing short of stunning, another game to add to the list that make me yearn for my next upgrade. They have the graphics nailed, the realism, they really need to work on the AI though as IMO its pretty poor.

evrfighter3107d ago

Agreed Arma II still needs work. It's not a beta but it definitely needs a little some fine tuning.

Revvin3107d ago

Apart from the AI I think if they improved the animation it would really take this game to another level. The graphics look great if you have the machine to run it (though you can reduce the level to a point where it even works on my old rig) but as good as the graphics get once you see the troops running like they are all constipated and wearing calipers it spoils the immersion. Also when they are running full tilt and then immediately change angle that looks really unnatural.

wardi3107d ago

also, there is a cool video on youtube showcasing the flir in this game at

might be good for some1 to add this as news, since i have no idea how :)

TheFlyingPenguin3107d ago

I think this game has just told me to upgrade because it looks fantastic.