Bayonetta Creator Wants to Be Forced to Make Star Fox at Gun Point

Andriasang: In a recent interview with GamesTM, Shigeru Miyamoto seemed to express interest in having a new Star Fox game made. If he's really interested, it looks like there's one acclaimed developer ready for the task.

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qface643502d ago

Hold A To Charge your Lazer

HolyOrangeCows3502d ago

I'll get my gun, lol.
They need to make a new console Star Fox.

Mahr3502d ago

"They need to make a new console Star Fox."

They're already doing that; it's called Sin and Punishment 2.

SpoonyRedMage3502d ago

That's crazy.... and should happen.

But it better not have a crappy PAL conversion like Madworld!

N4g_null3502d ago

They have not made any thing that holds a candle to the first star fox yet. Basically this would be like cliffy b making a quake game which was UT3, there is a reason why no one plays it any more.

Seriously they don't understand the game and if they really want to make it then they should do a demo with just game play in it showing what they want to do. other wise talking to the media is the wrong way to do it.

If they make it and it sucks I will look past it like the other trash coming out. Now if these guys could actually be influenced by a good FPS developer I would say splash damage is the one to look at

Im not sure many of you know about it but you can play a FPS duck,dive slide and climb if it's reachable. Current build will let you climb over players to flank them or slide past them and shoot gun them to the chest.

That is how you make a next gen game. You add game play layers to it. Many are calling it perfect so am i but it's name is brink. If the conduit guys want to learn what a real FPS is they should play more of splash damages games. Can the wii do all of that? Does red steel have aerial strikes?

Star fox needs some thing more and the essences of it is in the wing man fighting and bad ass flying via tight controls. They should watch the last star fighter very old movie and bring that feeling back but make the game play very deep so the online 20-64 player battles can keep going.

If they can beat the 1st star fox then they get to make the game other wise no go.

SinnedNogara3501d ago

As long as there are no ground missions and online co-op, Platnium Games will deliver. It seems like a good team-up.

RedPawn3502d ago

4-Player Co-Op & Team choice between Star Fox & Star Wolf.

ShiNe-Box-3502d ago

I'd be pretty pissed if Platinum Games were to develop the next Starfox.

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The story is too old to be commented.