Transformers: War for Cybertron multiplayer details revealed
"The latest issue of Game Informer is starting to fall into the hands of gamers and it features details on how the multiplayer in Transformers: War for Cybertron works. We also find out more about how High Moon Studios 'Create-a-Character' mode works that we previously saw in a trailer for the game's multiplayer. "

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MxShade3106d ago

I'm not a huge fan of licensed games, but this looks like it might be fun.

killyourfm3106d ago

I agree, although this is *barely* a licensed game. The developers have created a really deep universe based on the G1 transformers. And damn that multiplayer looks killer.

Queasy3106d ago

Yeah, the first Bayformer movie game was horrible. First game my son ever put down and never played again because it was so bad.

War for Cybertron has nothing to do with the Bay movies and is more like a prequel to the original cartoon as kill mentions. So far, it sounds like High Moon is handling this one right despite not having a great track record with games. They've at least got my attention enough to keep an eye on it through a demo/release.

Leupac3106d ago

I've never been big on the Transformers games, although I did enjoy the series when I was younger. I may give this game a try though.