Twisted Metal: Harbor City "Not Even Close" to Eat Sleep Play's New Title

PSLS writes:

There are two theories as to what David Jaffe, the well-known game designer behind the Twisted Metal and God of War franchises, is working on. One theory predicts that the game will be an entirely new IP. The other suggests that it's a long speculated "reboot" of the Twisted Metal series. Since Jaffe can't discuss details about what his new game is or isn't, at least not until Sony gives the green light, we're left to be tormented by our own imagination. However, we do know at least one thing his next game isn't.

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LordMarius3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

Screw this, Im just waiting till E3, Im done with Jaffe's mind games

Noctis Aftermath3502d ago

If he's not lying i'm glad, twisted metal is way overrated(i'm not saying it's bad), jaffe could probably make a brand new IP that puts twisted metal to shame and frankly i hope he does.

KillaManiac3502d ago

Are you freaking kidding me?!!? After all this crap from him its not even a Twisted Metal game??!?!

Son of a mother!

Digitaldude3502d ago

Lol Marius, agreex100.
Stop screwing with us, honestly.

TOO PAWNED3502d ago

At this point you are beating dead horse Sev, just let it go and wait for E3.

gtamike1233502d ago

It's like this really or could be ;)

Son:"dad I really want that fire truck for xmas"
DAD:"sorry son they sold out every where"
Son:"xmas day, wow you did get me the fire truck! :D"
DAD:"I wanted it to be a surprise"

Jaffe: "I wanted Twisted Metal PS3 to be a surprise, but people keep pushing and waiting for me to spill the beans >:("

SuperM3502d ago

Its just not Harbor City. They're going a totally different way with it then they did when they were going to make Harbor City.

Kleptic3502d ago

This isn't jaffe screwing with anyone...

Any real twisted metal/Jaffe fan should have purchased the PS2 port of TM: Head On...which included all kinds of extras for fans of the 'real' twisted metal games...

through interviews and series history clips they go into considerable detail about what happened to harbor city, and why Black never got a true sequel on the PS2...the title was originally to be a GTA III like open world title...with players able to get out of cars and play through a campaign of missions or something entirely on their own...the title was scrapped after several members of development where apparently killed in a plane crash or something (never looked into that enough to know how true it was, or it just being viral PR)...and the idea was scrapped...

the port of head on had 3 levels from harbor city, but closed into a more normal TM arena...and used all assets from head it was clear that development never got very far...

Jaffe has always said that if he ever does a new TM would be from the ground up...not a sequel, not a remake of any existing TM game...but a fully new title that would have a structure as if no other TM game had been created...

it IS twisted metal...its just not harbor city...and its not a sequel to TM black, or any other TM game...

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Demons Souls3502d ago

They must be making a new title after they started on the newest Twisted Metal game & that is why it's not even close to their "NEW" title.

Nicholas Cage3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

dude...if your going to release it just say "i'll reveal my new game at e3" dont go on posting "clues" and "hints" its not that cool anymore. come on man you gotta give one comment on whats going down, and let that be the END of it.

EDIT: dude above me, nice avatar dude, demons souls in my favorite rpg of all time, needs more recognition.

Trexman893502d ago

.......not even a little close? there's still going to be cars with machine guns and a clown right?

N4BmpS3502d ago

I think you just described Spawn. There might be one clown, a few cars and a crap load of machine guns.

BYE3502d ago

As it long as it has nothing to do with Twisted Metal...

kaveti66163502d ago

Whatever happened to Jaffe's promise to not blog for some long amount of time? Did he fail?

I'm tired of this guy's talking. Produce something or STFU for a bit, eh? I respect him as a game developer, but he's getting annoying.

T3mpr1x3502d ago

It has been a long while since his last hit...I think more than a few of us are getting tired of his constant "hints."

shadow27973502d ago

So he's not allowed to post on his Twitter now? Don't blame Jaffe, blame PSLS for posting it as news, or blame other people for caring. He addressed a question on his twitter page for Pete's sake.

Pumbli3502d ago

shadow2797 - No! He should only use Twitter for gaming news!!! Grrrrrr at Jaffe for all these hints!!! /s

Whatever he's working on, it should be good. :P

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The story is too old to be commented.