C2E2 10: Star Wars Blu-rays in the Works

April 17, 2010 - Today in the IGN Theater at the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo (C2E2), Lucasfilm Director of Fan Relations Steve Sansweet revealed anticipated information about the Star Wars films coming to Blu-ray.

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Cajun Chicken3104d ago

At last, a new media isn't a full accepted media until Star Wars comes out on it in a special edition.

Tapewurm3104d ago

Let's just hope they are smart enough to include the original theatrical releases along with the polished remastered releases of the original trilogy and not "milk the cow" like New Line is trying to do with the Lord of the Rings blu-ray set by just releasing the theatrical cuts first and then the extended versions a year later... :)

NOOBKILLA3104d ago

This brought a small tear to my eye when I read this. I'm sure there will be an official announcement at the Star Wars Celebration V in August. I expect the 6 movie set to be around $150 on blu-ray. Oh well it's a day one purchase.

Christopher3104d ago

As long as I'm not forced to buy Episodes I-III in a SW complete package deal. Just want IV-VI, preferably one before Lucas altered it.

Darkstorn3104d ago

Another reason to splurge on a high-definition TV. Gotta get me one of those...

mugoldeneagle033104d ago

I've been waiting for this a long time, but hope they saw what happened with the LOTR Blu Ray debacle. Knowing how anal Lucas is though I expect all the specs to be completely up to par.

Also like others I'd want both versions of each film, all of the special features from the extra disc in the collection in HD, and new audio commentaries would be nice but I doubt I'll get those.

Kratos Spartan3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

These will probably be the most impressive Blu-Rays to date. I cannot wait. I would easily pay $200 for some kind of bundle.


darthv723104d ago

will always be the laserdisc ones. Full theatrical versions that i grew up with. I liked the special editions but felt he went a bit to far with making special special editions for dvd. I noticed several things that didnt fit on the dvd nor did they fit in with the special edition in theaters.

I really hope you get both versions of each movie on blu (original theatrical release and special ed theatrical release). He can keep the crappy special special dvd version enhancements away from my bluray.

rant over...may the force be with you...always.

Qui-Gon Jim3104d ago

George Lucas founded and owns THX. I have no doubt these will be top quality.

Given how long it took for these movies to come to DVD, i am a bit surprised by this, but am REALLY looking forward to it. I, too, would like both versions, but even more than the original version, I would like to have the original theatrical version with remastered 5.1 sound.

Ooh, how bit this as a special feature: PiP showing footage before special effects were added. That could be interesting, if the untouched footage still exists.

diatom3104d ago

Han Solo shot first!!!!

Qui-Gon Jim3103d ago

I have a friend who has a shirt that says that: "Han shot first." That change is one thing I refuse to accept, along with midichloreans.

Government Cheese3103d ago

As much as I love Star Wars, I'll pass on having to look at Jar Jar in full 1080p HD.

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Godmars2903104d ago

Heck, may as well make a 3D version at this point.

red2tango3104d ago

Just like a DVD being upconverted, it doesn't look as good. Replicating a 2D image into 3D will not look as good as a native 3D signal. But I support this move somewhat. They made the DVD version look better than VHS, and I'm sure the Bluray will look good as well.

Lou-Cipher3104d ago

Hell yes!

I was just thinking it would be wonderful to buy the Star Wars movies on Bluray. Cant wait

DarkBlood3104d ago

sweet cant wait to get this when it comes out as i been wondering where the hell was the bluray versions when they did the 1-3 and 4-5 package on dvd

e3kehoe3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

With lucas's track record I'm guessing another 2years before it happens.. Waiting until there is a much bigger install
base and more demand....$$$$$$$

Saying there working on it is duh!!!!

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