iPhone 4G: Proof

Joshua Topolsky of Engadget writes:

"Well what do you know about this? With all those rumors flying around that the iPhone 4G we'd spotted was no more than a Japanese knock-off of an Apple product, it was starting to look like this thing was too good to be true. That is until one of the Engadget editors spotted what seems to be solid proof that this is -- in fact -- the next iPhone. If you'll recall, the night before the iPad was revealed, we had leaked shots of the device from what appeared to be an Apple test lab. Upon further inspection of these pictures today, the aforementioned editor discovered that the new iPhone 4G we've just gotten photos of is actually sitting on the table beside the iPad prototype! Imagine how blown our minds were when we realized we have had a photo of the next iPhone for months! As you can see in the pic above, the left side of the new device is clearly visible on this table in the upper right hand corner, and since we believe that these photos come directly from an Apple testbed, it's hard to deny that the phone you've just seen is in fact the real deal. Not only that, but we suspect that the device on the tablet itself is also a version of the new phone (you can see what looks like aluminum along the bottom) which seems to be housed in some type of iPhone 3G-like case."


More evidence of this being the nexg-gen iPhone has surfaced:

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electricshadow3494d ago

That thing looks as ugly as sin.

Blaze9293494d ago

ugliER. MAN that better be a prototype....

drdistracto7073494d ago

doesnt look ergonomic at all

apple would never release it like that... i hope

JustinSaneV23494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

I, for one, like the new design. It would not only make more room for the innards but it would also be less likely to slip out of my hand due to better grip. And it looks awesome without the smooth curvature of its predecessors (which has also started to become old and cliche in my eyes). *headbang*

Darkfocus3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

I like it a lot better than the previous gens actually. It looks really sleek and I love the way the metal looks but I'm not an apple fan at all so maybe that's why i like it?

JustinSaneV23494d ago

Exactly! The design just emanates awesome.

And this will my first Apple purchase as I'm not a big fan of theirs either.

BenCrazy4243494d ago

It could be that big because of a big hard drive (60 or 80g) instead of what the last one was (4, 8, 12g?). Could be space for a bigger battery?

The Great Melon3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

I actually prefer this much more than the current iphones. The angular and metallic look is far more appealing to me than the hideous (yes, I feel that strongly) convex back of the current iphones. If they continue with this look Apple might actually get me to consider buying one of their products finally if they also up the internal significantly also. Upgrade time is always a fun time.

A imed x S hot3494d ago

The 3gs comes in 16g and 32g flashdrives so no it wouldn't be cause of a bigger harddrive

eXo83493d ago

It contains 2 cameras front and back for pictures and video conferencing, this is something I did not expect from Apple.

Current comparisons for the lost phone shows that the screen is about the same size as the current 3GS, but they are completely different hardware pieces. The 4G will boast a significantly higher resolution screen as tested by the Engadget guys.

I personally love the aluminum body and the flat backside. It makes the phone look more industrial versus a plastic feel. The added size is needed to power the faster device and they did in fact upgrade the battery. My GF's 3GS is very nice, but feel that sometimes the feel of the phone doesn't feel like a $500+ multimedia powerhouse. It sort of feels like a toy.

Still, I would get one but I am in love with my HTC Nexus One, rooted, overclocked to 1.15 ghz with a class 6 16 gb microSD card. Plays 480P H.264 videos beautifully and it can multitask like crazy.

duplissi3493d ago

sigh..... its actually slightly smaller than the 3gs.... gizmodo has a pic of the 3gs and this prototype side by side

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LevDog3494d ago

Im more excited about the new HTC Evo then the new Iphone.. The Iphone is way over rated in my opinion.. Apps make that phone.. The overall performance of the Phone isnt that good.. My Palm Pre is easier and better organized that the Iphone.. But since My pre is small and has terrible apps it makes it a terrible phone.. Apps make the phone and The one thing and really the only thing the Iphone excels at is Apps..

The new HTC EVO looks sick and has the Apps.. Im hoping it has the functionality of my pre and the apps of the Iphone

JustinSaneV23494d ago

It's running Android + Sense so if you've been able to see or play with a phone that's running that OS then you have a pretty good idea of it's functionality.

If it weren't for the awesome apps/games/iTunes that the iPhone offers then I most definitely would have decided to go with the HTC EVO 4G. The 4G speeds alone would be worth getting one.

mrdxpr23494d ago

yeah the HTC evo 4g is way more atractive then the iphone for me thats why im holding from making another 2 year contract until the evo comes out that 8mps camera calls me ..but this new iphone does look better then the old probably cause its a new design and the old is tiring

duplissi3493d ago

hey, i just made the switch from the pre to the htc hero (broke the pre no insurance.....) anywho sense and android are nice, but its not quite as streamlined as the pre ie: its easier to multitask and end apps on the pre, you can organize your apps in a much better fashion then android lets you with one "drawer" for all your apps alphabetically. but on the other hand the ability to super customize android is absolutely awesome (widgets ftmfw and rooting/flashing custom roms... yeah!, and well the apps are much much better unfortunately. i loved my pre and if it had more apps i probably would have grabbed another one.

crxss3494d ago

Guess I'm gonna have to wait 'till June to decide on whether or not i'm gonna get it. It's either the next iPhone or the HTC Desire

anonymouse1113353494d ago

I hope engadget/mac rumors doesn't get sued by apple over the leak (they have done stuff like that)

I'll have to see what 4G brings, I need to get a phone, if I don't get a cheap one I'll probably get a iPhone or android, so far the android phone is looking better to me, but the iPhone has some stuff to offer

duplissi3493d ago

with the exception of the front facing camera the iphone 4g wont hold a candle to the htc evo 4g (look it up), that will be my next phone in a year unless something better comes out.

Rob_2123494d ago

a few days ago it was ugly and cheap-looking, just a knockoff. now that there is a more credible source and possible proof, it just oozes brilliance? people who state the obvious getting disagrees left and right? i have an iphone and a macbook, but find the ipad stupid and this 'iphone 4g' just plain ugly. not everything apple makes is instantly awesome; face it and move on.

JustinSaneV23494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

I've never liked any Apple products (except for maybe the AppleII... Oregon Trail FTMFW!) but I think the new iPhone looks awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.