Game Vortex: Order of War: Challenge Review

Game Vortex writes: "Who doesn't love it when they get what they asked for? Not too long ago I played and reviewed Order of War, or OoW as you would see it in the forums. I said then, "I would like to see a more challenging title quickly on the heels of this one, as long as it can keep the same graphical and gameplay quality." Well, the folks heard me loud and clear, and delivered us Order of War: Challenge. They even threw what I was looking for into the title, so what more could I want? Any feeling of the word "casual" that I used last time to describe the game is replaced with the frantic, in your face, play you can only get from human competitors. The best part is that this is a standalone title. If single player isn't your thing, why waste time? You can jump right in with this multiplayer version."

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