Just Cause 2 Mod Repository Now Available

A Just Cause 2 mod repository has been launched, offering a variety of mods, tools and add-ons for Avalanche's grappling action game.

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DJexs3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

I love mods they extend the games lifespan greatly. It seems if you wan't to do alot of downloading you have to register your account (you do not even need a valid email to do so)

poindat3503d ago

This site has been around for a while, but yeah it's amazing, especially when you remember that JC1 had no mod support whatsoever.

I swear, between the amazing base game, mods that are starting to come in, and fan-made multiplayer mode, this game rivals (and beats?!?!) San Andreas in terms of greatness.

So glad I purchased this for the PC--and it runs decently on it, which is amazing considering that my PC isn't exactly top of the line.

BannedForNineYears3503d ago

Just that list alone makes me want to build my own supah awesome desktop to play this on the PC.