The games that PS3 users want

The games exclusive to other consoles, games of old brands do not yet arrived in the new generation, or simply games that userswant to play on PlayStation 3

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Chris3993503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

Wild Arms 6

Siphon Filter

Something from Sony Cambridge (Medieval designers)

BulletToothtony3503d ago

cause i am a ps3 owner and i don't want any of those games..

since i played fable 1 i do would like to play part 2 and 3 but that's about it.

sinncross3503d ago

Sony Cambridge have a new IP for the PS3 they are working on :)

btw, I'm kinda confused why DMC is on that list?

UNCyrus3503d ago

Ummmmmm The Last Guardian?

Myst3503d ago

Add in Monster Hunter as well :p!

Shadow Flare3503d ago

New ace combat for ps3, new colony wars for ps3, a trophy patch for final fantasy 7 and thats really the main things i'd like

Joule3503d ago

Twisted Metal anyone??

R_19933503d ago

I'd love to see another Elder Scrolls title. Oblivion was awesome.

Orange Juice3503d ago

I agree, a new Elder Scrolls is probably my most wanted game. Maybe thats what they are working on since obsidian is covering fallout and probably its dlc for the next year.

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raztad3503d ago

Well KH3 is absolutely wanted no doubts about it, a better DMC would be very appreciated. Regarding the other games if you really want them you can buy a xbox and thats all. Conviction is more than likely it will come to the PS3 though.

Hellsvacancy3503d ago

Im a PS3 owner and all i want right now is Hitman V

thehitman3503d ago

Hope this dont get approved only real game that ps3 gamers would want is Kingdom Hearts 3. Maybe Gears also but rest are dumb titles I wouldnt look second at except DMC but im not really WANTING another even though I enjoyed the last 1 a lot.

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The story is too old to be commented.