Sony's Plan to Capture the Hardcore with Move

Every so often, consumers are blessed by a revolutionary product that serves as a catalyst for an industry's transformation into something greater. These products offer intuitive features that change the way we interact with our devices. In much the same way Apple's iPhone altered our perception of smart phones and made us realize we needed larger touchscreens and fewer buttons, Nintendo's Wii popularized motion control gaming and reminded a global community of non-gamers of the joys they've been missing. However, unlike Apple's bread and butter which only adds to the companies piggy bank, the Wii has failed to retain it's hardcore demographic; a feat, that despite the number of skeptics, Sony's confident they know how to achieve.

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Umbrella Corp3504d ago

Insomniac must make a Rachet and Clank game that is compatible with move,perfect for the core and hardcore gamers.

Neo6043504d ago

people just jelous, why don't they sue Sony for copying? Yep that's what I though, ya'll can't do sh1t.

erathaol3504d ago

And MLB 11: The Show should focus on making Move capability a standout game feature. I'd even say build a entirely new gameplay type around the Move controller.

I'm surprised not that many journalist are taking advantage of the Move's name for clever headline Puns.

HolyOrangeCows3504d ago

MLB 11 with Move support could be cool.

I just hope that along with titles like SOCOM 4, we see titles that take advantage of the technology that we saw with the 'blocks' demonstration at E3, where they were reaching forward, picking up blocks and stacking them closer to themselves.

Anon19743504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

Really? Does Sony really expect to capture the hardcore with Move? Of any of the motion control we've seen so far, Move would be the one to do it but I don't think the hardcore are realistically going to give up their traditional controllers anytime soon in favor of motion control.

I admit I'll probably pick up Move myself more out of curiosity than anything else, but I'm not going to part ways with my trusty DualShock 3 any time soon. I think it's the best designed controller we've seen yet.

IdleLeeSiuLung3504d ago

Gotta agree with you. Of the motion controls available, the PS Move is the most likely to succeed with hardcore gamers.

With that said, there are hardcore games on the Wii and they didn't sell well at all, so Sony got an uphill battle.

Natal might appeal to the hardcore audience as a piece of innovative technology, but will it be able to hold their attention long? Doubtful... especially in any meaningful way.

With that said, I'm looking forward to them both. As long as it isn't forced upon us hardcore gamers, I have no issue with it.


When the analog stick in the pad first came out on N64, many of my friends (most PS1 owners, but also some N64 owners) back them said it was a casual gimmick.

Most of them used to play a lot of fighters and soccer on SNES, the stick wasn't necessary for the kind of games they used to play.

By now all of them must be playing some FPS on their consoles. Funny enough before the stick there wasn't almost any FPS on consoles.

That exactly how this motion controls thing CAN (I said can, not will) catch on the market. Maybe we don't want motion for our 3rd person action game and we can see ourselves aiming but not so much doing anything else in a shooter... But genres always keep shifting dominance, largely in function of new tech and what is regarded as cool (and not what is necessarily good for our common standards).

I just hope that if this is the case and motion controls really come to be the standard, stupid mini games don't become the dominating genre for the next gen.

inveni03503d ago

I have a hard time envisioning Move taking over for the DS3. The benefits and interactivity of Move would have to greatly outweigh the freedom of movement that I get with DS3. Rotating the camera with a right analog stick just seems easier than moving a reticle to the edge of a screen. Games like inFamous don't seem like they could be easier with Move. Games like Uncharted 2 or God of War, however, could be pretty good. If the camera angle of a hardcore game is more fixed, then I think Move will stand a better chance at being adopted in place of DS3. I've noticed that all of the Socom4 demos have had God Mode turned on. Sony might say that's for the sake of the demo, but I think it's because the game is too hard otherwise. If they left God mode off, people would start to get frustrated that they couldn't rotate as fast as they wanted to. BUT, I haven't used Move, yet. So I guess I'll have to wait and see.

FragGen3503d ago

As a hardcore gamer, I'm willing to give Move a shot BUT you guys had better NOT start gimping stuff for the goofy new whizbang controls (ala Wii and the retarded touch screen schemes I've seen on many DS titles) or I'll boycott your stuff. Traditional controllers first, move as an add-on/alternative.

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-Alpha3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

(Summary at bottom for those unwilling to read long posts)

As a result Natal will further push the 360 console into second place since its opening itself to more casual gamers. The PS3 will have a tough struggle catching up to the 360 let alone the Wii, yet people believe that Sony will somehow outsell Wii. Motion control is really a wild card that has thrown this generation into a totally new direction. If Sony wont chase the casual market then they aren't opening themselves up to a wider audience.

Many hardcore gamers prefer or anticipate Move as the best use of motion control for core gaming. However, casual gamers are likely outnumbering us. Gaming has breached into the homes of the elderly and the under aged and it's clear that there is a demographic that we cannot ignore.

I am hoping that Move's relative passiveness in the motion market wont lead to third party devs ignoring or neglecting Move. Thankfully it seems as if developing games for Move wont be too difficult. Natal on the other hand seems to be the product that requires more knowledge. We could very well be seeing the tables turned on Microsoft if developing is harder for Natal. Wonder who Valve will develop for. I know Sony will market Move but it wont appeal to the casual gamer like Natal will.

Gaming has expanded into the mainstream eye and has come a long way. Nintendo succeeded in breaking out, MS is trying to get a slice of the pie, and Sony is the only one I feel is staying faithful to their core audience.


Summary: Move=Hardcore. Casual market=big, big audience. Natal= More casual. Natal= bigger chance of gaining more sales. Move wont appeal to casuals as much, and as a result Sony's quest for first place has me skeptical, but they seem to remain the most faithful to hardcore gamers.

jjacinto233504d ago

in socom and other games that can support move via patch update.... they are not forcing you to buy ( i never read your comment lol, too long that's why lol and btw it is only my opinion)

sinncross3504d ago

Considering most of Sony's launch titles are Casual-orientated, I think your point is invalidated.

Thing is, is that this article does not claim that the PS Move is just for the hardcore, but rather to say that their controller will also be able to appeal to the hardcore crowd while being fully accessible to the casual crowd.

Where you got the idea that PS Move is some anti-casual controller is beyond me.

PirateThom3504d ago

While Sony are trying their best not to alienate the hardcore base, their entire GDC was full of nothing buy casual games.

I guarantee that by the time Move comes out, EyePet will get advertising over SOCOM.

-Alpha3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

I'm not saying it's anti-casual, just that it's not as casually appealing as Natal will be. Yes, Move is appealing to both but casuals may not see that, whereas Natal seems dedicated to one demographic.

And Thom, you've got a good point, but I'm not sure how many people would pick up those titles. Even the Lights Out game seems to have a more hardcore tone to it than a more family-friendly one. Natal is going to be viewed as the newer, fresher product and casual gamers would easily go for that.

I can easily see a MS/Activision partnership for Air Guitar Hero happening. Natal is going to be more marketable towards the casual and with the way Natal is being pushed its bound to happen. I have no idea how MS plans to implement games like Gears with Natal and I don't see hardcore gamers ever using Natal for it. We'll have to wait I guess.

Lol, Ape Escape. Well, I can only imagine what Natal will have at launch in comparison since they are more casual-oriented. I know Sony is appealing to the casual market but they clearly aren't trying as hard as Microsoft is, and Microsoft clearly is pushing Natal. If E3 last year was any indication I can only imagine how the marketing will go.

PirateThom3504d ago

Yeah, you've got SOCOM and Lights Out but compare that to Move Party and whatever else.

Really, I don't care what Sony do with it as long as Ape Escape isn't Move only.

DrWan3504d ago

Casual will see Move as casual, because it looks like the Wii. The casual gamers do not know about 1:1 tracking and head tracking and all that stuff.

They walk by the mall demo and they will think oh, it's HD version of Wii, and I am in the game!! there is a camera!?. Cool!

The hardcore who already knows about the PS3 and the PS3 brand will also be interested, because they will be like.. Nice now i can play FPS the way i have always wanted!! Point and Shoot!! just like a mouse.

And they will also applaud the 1:1 and improve tech because they come here and read this forum.

Therefore, with proper marketing. It has software for both hardcore and softcore. It will capture both markets.

On the other hand, Natal is totally just for casual, i cannot see natal being hardcore with their current control scheme (unless they add other device).

Slimshadyn3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

I agree that gaming has definitely become mainstream but I don't think the line between hardcore gamers and casual gamers are that far apart. Look at games like Halo Reach, CODMW2, Gran Turismo 5, and etc. These games sell/will sell millions but hardcore gamers and casual gamers alike will definitely play them. I agree Move is more geared towards hardcore gamers than Natal and I agree that Natal will be pushed more towards casuals then Move, but it all simply depends on the games. PS3 has a wide variety of great games so I don't think its to unrealistic to think that Move will as well. LBP and Eyepet will be very casual friendly while Socom 4 will be less so.

I agree that Microsoft is pushing harder for the casual gamer, but I think the casual gamer wants more than simply Wii Sports or other games that are similar. I wonder if I could have used the word Casual and Hardcore anymore? :P

presto7173504d ago

I think Move is versatile enough to mix both hardcore and casual to create a unique experience.

Bathyj3504d ago

The difference between Move and Wiimote is Sony.

We're not going to see only WiiFit clones and mindless party games. We're going to get Command and Conquer and Killzone 3.

This is why I'm slightly interested in Move, even after having no interest in Wiimote.

Sony, and the power of PS3 is the diference.
As for Natal, have to wait and see, I still dont see how traditional games are going to work for it. Sonys motion looks like to can use it or dont, Natal looks like you have to build the game specifically for it and then use it or dont play at all.

-Alpha3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

"I agree that gaming has definitely become mainstream but I don't think the line between hardcore gamers and casual gamers are that far apart. Look at games like Halo Reach, CODMW2, Gran Turismo 5, and etc. These games sell/will sell millions but hardcore gamers and casual gamers alike will definitely play them."

That's true. But those games still don't apply to really old people or very young kids. If casual indeed don't see the difference between Wiimote and Move then they may opt out for Natal because it's simply a different experience. Much like a large majority of fanboys they will see the Move as a rip-off of the Wii.

I suppose it depends on the games, but Sony's marketing has to be ace: I just don't see Move outselling Natal. MS even removed components to reduce the price if I'm not mistaken.

Perhaps it will depend on the pricing.

And presto, it's not that Move isn't versatile but casuals don't know the difference aside from something like pricing and graphics. Actually, maybe they will. They may not be as stupid as I assume them to be... but I still think MS is even more adapt to it. The 360 itself is more casual than PS3: games like Uno, the usage of avatars, etc. all are aimed at a more casual/family friendly system whereas Sony's online setup doesn't have that. I've seen Eyepet, I wonder how that can turn out for Sony.

Now I've never said Sony wont or cant appeal to the casual crowd, but I simply think that MS will be doing it ten times as much, and that advertising, if successful, will end up in more sales. I'm just not sure if casuals will bite on Move if it seems like the Wii since they are generally uninformed, but something like Kevin Butler's "Message from the Future" advertisement could work.


Yeah, I'm really excited for Move, but I'm waiting for the games that are solely motion-based. I want to see what E3 offers. Hopefully I can afford it, as I've already spent a lot this year.

DrWan3504d ago

we don't totally agree with each other, i think it's fun to see how this will turn out and affect each company. I will get the Move for sure, because i haven't really gotten into the Wii (graphics are poor, once u have seem HD, it's hard to go back) and I have been playing with the PS since PS1 days. So it was sort of a blind loyalty on my part to begin with on the PS2, which turned out great!

Then i just bought the PS3 because i was expecting the same experience for the PS2, and I got something totally different (alot less RPG, wtf!! but its now getting better). Eventhough different, i am enjoying it.

So....yup yup, it will be fun to watch what goes on, and i can finally get my hands on the Wii-mote like games. Since i have avoided the Wii for so long (too little games that excites me!! and all my friends that have them don't play no more!)

Redempteur3504d ago

"But those games still don't apply to really old people or very young kids."

soory i buttin ..but i'll say ( quickly ) that you can't make a game for everyone ..
Everyone has différent tastes and that parameter comes with age too ..if you take GT example , you'll never have a driving game that can appeal to everyone ... that's because it's impossible . At most you can widen your perimiter of influence but everygame will be for a set age demographic so that argument you're using comes a little cheap in my eyes ..

it's like wii sports , it appeal to young people and old people ( they love it )but for us it is short,it's not enough .. we can't be satisfied .. In other words, you can't please everyone. nobody can.

that's why IMo you should be proud that some companies try to propose something for everyone at least ..

jack_burt0n3504d ago


you know what I think you are the spawn of bungie having to go out and buy a f**king ps3 after hating on it for 3yrs LOL

seriously ur comments are just so full of conceit...... u are bungie I am sure of it......lmao.

Slimshadyn3504d ago

"But those games still don't apply to really old people or very young kids." That's very true, but if casuals who aren't quite for sure about video games decide they want to try them out, I don't necessarily think they will pick up Natal or Move. Why when the Wii comes ready with Motion Controls, its cheaper, and plenty of games. Your right though, I can see Natal outselling Move. More people own 360's than PS3's and Move is closer related, at least to the casual crowds, to the Wii's controls. In the long run though if Natal and Move both work well and have good games, they both will sell millions.

-Alpha3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

@jack 18 PS3 exclusives, all of which I liked, except for maybe Resistance. That game I didn't like as much. 19 including Resistance 1 By the way ;)

Notice how I got most of those trophies well before 2010, eradicating your silly theory that I just got a PS3 after 3 years. The earliest one was Super Stardust/Warhawk. Also, am I Bungie himself or a spawn of Bungie? Because before he disappeared/got IP banned I was Bungie himself. Now I'm a spawn.

Good point on Casuals not even making a move (no pun intended) at all.
Actually I think people make a good point about being familiar with Wii and Move offering that logical next step. Sony's advertising is pretty good anyway. I'd like to see mega advertising for games like LBP. I think though, with MS controlling media outlets like MSN they can really push Natal as something that's not really a gaming device. And really, that's the hook with having no controllers. It just makes things that much more simpler.

Add to the fact that MS is taking things like chatting with people to the next level (have u seen that trailer with two girls trying on prom dresses?), MS is really pushing Natal as more than a gaming device. That's something Move doesn't really do. Natal is promising more than gaming. Netflix without a controller, chatting with friends while trying dresses, etc. All of this is aimed at the casual market. Maybe it's better for me to wait for E3 and see how Move is advertised. MS's E3 last year was mostly trailers like this anyway while Move demonstrated more, so we could very well see a transition.

Slimshadyn3504d ago

Yeah, I agree that Natal is being pushed as something more than just a gaming device. There's no doubting that both companies are wanting a bigger piece of the pie and both companies have a chance to steal some of the Wii's crowd. I just think your original point

"This is why Move will fail to expand the PS3 market in comparison to Natal and Wii"

is not completely correct. I think if Microsoft delivers with Natal there is a good chance that they will grab more of the market than Sony will with Move, but I think Move will expand the PS3 market, just maybe not quite as much as Natal could.

-Alpha3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

Sorry, that statement was vague and ambiguous: I wasn't try to say Sony wont move PS3's with Move, I just meant that Natal will have more of the marketshare since they are aiming towards the casual market more. So it's not that Sony wont do well, it's just that MS will do just as well if not better in moving their own product, which will make it harder for Sony to surpass them: The PS3 these days seems to be selling better than the 360, and the PS3 fans are confident this will continue over the next 4 years to the point that Sony will outsell Wii (There was a discussion on this like just yesterday). So what I'm saying is that motion control is a wild card; Natal, aiming at the casuals more so than Sony, will be able to get more 360s to sell this way, in comparison to how many PS3s may sell due to Move. The reasons being:

1) PS3 shortages with no sign of stopping soon
2) The casual market being much bigger than we think
3) Natal being aimed at this casual market more so than Move
4) Natal's marketing (though we've yet to see Sony's its clear they are aiming at more than gaming crowds-- also, MS is touting it as the next "Xbox" if my memory serves me)
5) Sony's dedication to the hardcore
6) Natal coming off as something much more fresher than Move, which seems like a Wii clone to casuals

Reasons #4, 5, and 6 could be wrong entirely. For example, like someone said above #6 may be wrong since casuals may favor a more familiar product so Move may be better for them. Reasons #1, 2, and 3 seem to be certainly true.

This is my last bubble, so good discussion.

Edit: Yeah I can definitely see Sony closing the gap on 360. If the 360 drops out for a new console it could happen, but I think Natal will be that device that keeps the 360 in the game longer. But that also means that the PS3 will be in the fight that much longer and the 360 will age that much faster than PS3. Who knows, we could see this generation go a lot longer than anticipated. Graphics eventually become a factor, but I don't think that the 360 is near the limit just yet. I sincerely doubt either will catch up to the Wii, in terms of sales, and more importantly (to the companies) profit. Time will tell. Take care!

Slimshadyn3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

True, motion controls will definitely change the marketplace. Personally I have no idea which console will sell the most this gen. I think the PS3 and 360 will close that gap with Natal and Move but I also think Natal has promised more than Move and therefore could disappoint people more. We'll just have to wait and see which comes out and which delivers. If Natal does, I think it will sell better, but after E3 things will be much different and yes, good discussion. :P

Edit: Yeah, hopefully after E3 we will know more. Things like price, if they will be bundled with games or with their system. New titles could be announced, release dates, and hopefully plenty of demos for people to try. I don't think the Ps3 or 360 are not maxed out or near it, at least I hope not, so I can see them being around for a couple more great rounds of games.

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electricshadow3504d ago

Good luck, Sony. I hated the Wii's controller.

Wrathman3504d ago

the words HARDCORE GAMER and SONY never go together.

ps3 is owned mainly by the 25-35 year old family man.if you dare to say your hardcore on your ps3 then you need to sort your priorities out.

Lionhead3504d ago

Now that's just ignorant

Like 90% of the libraries are the same, so wtf are you talking about.

Just because PS3 has more variety of exclusive games compared to the 360 means there are no hardcore gamers?

Narutone663504d ago

fans of the GT series gamers.

Anorexorcist3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

to be considered a hardcore gaming company, like Microsoft and the hardcore shooter crowds.

With that being said, Sony can reputably be called a hardcore gaming company (God of War and Heavy Rain are not casual games) while Microsoft can be labeled as a hardcore-niche company. Just because Sony doesn't focus all it's attention in providing products for one sector or niche of the core gaming population doesn't automatically label them as a non-hardcore company.

Pull your head out of the sand Wraithman (and out of Microsoft's collective corporate a$$ while you're at it.)

knightdarkbox3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

Sony next big thing is unsurprisingly also a copy...even the games for it are copies.... and at this point I have a problem with the lack of innovation in this crap Move.

move is it a terribly cheap rip off of Nintendo iconic controller..

sony= is stealing all from Nintendo


5tgyw3ty343504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

Sony is as mass market as it comes. Of course they are anything else but hc. Same goes for the disgusting big "M". LOL.

Meryl3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

go tell that to my daughter who loves LBP, Ratchet and Clank and EyePet, PS has a varied audience, like it or not, but that's why we buy different games and not just shooters

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GiantEnemyCrab3504d ago

I hope so. I can play a mini-game here and there and it's fun but the experiences I really enjoy as a gamer myself are the "hardcore" ones.

I plan on giving both Move and Natal my money if they show me some stuff to get excited about. I am excited at the possibilities but to be honest I've not seen anything yet that has me sold.

E3 should reveal all.

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