New Halo: Reach 3D Screenshot Shows Air Assassination

Bungie:There's almost nothing better than jetpacking up in the air and landing a sweet assassination on another high flyer. It's so sweet we made a cool little turnaround for you all! Enjoy!

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Blaze9293109d ago

that's pretty damn awesome.

May 3rd!

Tiberium3109d ago

I wish developers would release more 3d screen-shots. It's really cool to see the whole battlefield.

Therealspy033109d ago

but i'm not quite sure this should qualify as news. meh, i guess it's more news-like than 90% of what we see on n4g.

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Lord Vader3109d ago

Y'know, thats not really a '3D' screenshot, what that is a paused frame in Theater mode, manually swing the camera around 360 degrees...

Man, I cannot wait to film my first Aerial Assassination & edit it up & send the vid out to friends on XBL !!!

The graphics are soooooooo much better than HaLo 3, with all the HaLo 3 features (Forge, Theater, Co-op, ect) + the new game modes + new weapons + the new armor abilities & customization.... WoW, this game is gonna realy OWN !!!

Cannot wait for teh BETA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Darkfocus3109d ago

the video won't play for me.

darkgunner3109d ago

Right click it, save and open it with any media player :)

JokesOnYou3109d ago

Those are going to be some insane kills, and a vicious fall back to Earth. The replays for this game are going to be fcking sweet. lol


Darkfocus3109d ago

Thanks for the Gif. Man that looks fantastic +1

Christopher3109d ago

Those graphics are definitely a huge improvement for the franchise.

Would be cool if they included the ability to make these panoramic shots in the game. I know SOE had it in the EQ2 beta and then they suddenly got rid of it in the last beta stage. It was an awesome feature.

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Fishy Fingers3109d ago

Love these rotational screenshots.

They all have jetpacks, is that a specific gamemode or standard piece of armour? Or have they just all selected it for the purpose of the screen? Because you pick and choice specific armour upgrades right? Sorry, many questions.

darkequitus3109d ago

It is one for the armor abilities you have to choose during loadout

kaveti66163109d ago

It might be a load-out or you could pick it off somebody when you kill them.

Fishy Fingers3109d ago

Yeah I thought as much, just struck me as odd they're all using it.

darkequitus3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

In their last interview on G4TV Bungie says you cannot pick up abilities, they are set at loadouts only. You can pick up weapons, however. Also Elite have different abilities to Spartans such as sprint for Spartans and dodge for Elites

darkequitus3109d ago

Funny disagrees. I suppose Bungie are wrong because you phantoms know more about their game than they do. Of course.

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The story is too old to be commented.