Epic Games Back In Action - Accelerated Gaming Episode #35

* Sega To Reveal a Natal Game at E3
* Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package Downloaded 1 Million Times in First 24 Hours Just on Xbox Live
* Fear 3 Announced in PSM3
* Epic Games Revealed Gears of War 3 and BulletStorm
* Apple Calls out Sony PSP and Nintendo DS
* Apple Announces Game Center with iPhone OS 4.0
* New Uncharted 2 DLC Announced
* Information Has Came Out Revealing Insomniac Is Developing a "Fun AAA Title with Great Characters"
* Crysis 2 Lead Writer: "What I Have Seen of Crysis 2 in Alpha Stages, Surpasses Killzone 2"
* PS3 Has Highest Percentage of Connected Consoles According to The Research Firm, The Diffusion Group
* Natal's Mass Marketing To Lead To Victory Over Move?

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Sonyslave33104d ago

Epic Games always been a 3rd party

Nick2120043104d ago

The title says "Multiplat" not "3rd Party". Epic Games went multiplat with Unreal Tournament on PS3, 360, and PC, but other than that Gears of War is exclusive. The title is saying that Epic Games is going back to multiplat with the announcement of BulletStorm.


Bulletstorm and gears are exclusive to 360 because they know they'll flop on ps3, they wanna save face

Kratos Spartan3104d ago

GI has it listed as coming for both 360 and the Trey

Chaostar3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

written by Natsu X FairyTail, April 18, 2010

"PS3 fanboys keep dreaming

I was talking qabout this with my friend Alpha Male22 and we know that all of this is a lie m Sony is just a sad japanese company , Sony fanboys are annoying the only real gaming system is the Xbox360 , japan and ps3 Sucks!"

Just thought I'd share that comment from the source page.

On Topic: The Industry is buzzing yes but I'm still waiting for confirmation of half of those things. I'm gonna wait until this years HIGHLY anticipated E3, which will kick the Industry into overdrive, before I get too excited though :D

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LordMarius3104d ago

so basically a recap of what happened in N4G last week -_-

Nick2120043104d ago

More like a recap of the past week's gaming news.

Pandamobile3104d ago

I don't get it. Epic games has pretty much always been multiplat with the exception of GOW.

hmmmm3103d ago

Well they did do the unreal championship games exclusive to xbox last gen too.

Pandamobile3103d ago

Well, that was basically a watered down console version of the PC exclusive Unreal Tournament 2003.

dtrain213104d ago

Nick needs to stop sayin "BASICALLY"

Nick2120043103d ago

LOL I noticed that while listening to the show. I will try to work on that next episode. Thanks for the feedback!

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