Fallout: New Vegas Famitsu Scans show new screenshots

Check out the latest Fallout: New Vegas Famitsu scans at PlayStation University.

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Blacktric3501d ago

There is only one new screenshot in which a guy (presumably main character) getting ready to throw a dynamite to some Geckos (I think).

mrv3213501d ago

Isn't it strange that despite the fact all of these magazines are exclusive that you can infact play what seems to be a EARLY version of Fallout 3 ( I class the Bethesda version as Fallout: Bethesda due to it's lack of background) It's strange that right now I could probably spoil the player character and intro and a few other thing, I won't but if you want the BIGGEST reveal of Fallout New Vegas then keep reading I first must explain my F3=New Vegas logic here.

FIRSTLY F3, othereise known as Van Burren was in developement prior to the purchase of interplay by Bethesda, I can only presume Van Burren was put on hold and Bethesda took over the fallout name and crafted Fallout: Bethesda. Due to the success of the series Bethesda needed a new game, and who better to get but the best Fallout guys. Unfortunatly they closed in 2003, BUT the soon formed Obsidian Entertainment in 2003 who are making Alpha Protocol and FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS. Many of the Van Burren guys are working on Fallout: New Vegas and most of their ideas will have transfered to New Vegas...

Secondly, these ideas if they transfered then you must have evidence, well I do and good evidence at that
Van Burren: Has a location called Hoover Dam
New Vegas: Has a location called Hoover Dam
Van Burren: Has a location called Vault 29
New Vegas: Has a location called Vault 21
The closer the Vault is to one another usually the closer the number.

From this we can detuct the location is the same or very similar
So they probably reused a lot of their art design and concept art.
They also have similar characters. Characters do not change on technology, so regardless of technology the backstories should stay the same... the overall story was probably completed a while back to.

I firmly believe the similarities between Van Burren will be incredibly strong and I don't mind, they will retain VATS and Fallout 3 engine BUT.... and this could be VERY big news

A MULTIPLAYER MODE DUN DUN DUN, I'm not even kidding, the creators of Fallout may just be making a multiplayer mode for fallout: New Vegas based off the screenshots and what we know from Van Burren this is not 100% confirmed BUT c'mon if your Bethesda and you want to sell more copies... you add multiplayer.

So there we have it possiply the most factual rumour ever, please note I did not play Fallout 1 or 2... but I quite litrally read the entire timeline

Carry on the research here

Find the truth it's in there... somewhere I don't know where but it's there.

Fallout: Bethesda was epic, just not historically. Also if there I multiplayer mode I will be using this as evidence and I don't know be more correct than Patcher at stuff.

Blacktric3501d ago


Long but good read. Hopefully all the stuff considered for Van Burren will be in New Vegas. Fallout 3 was a great game but it didn't had that classic Fallout feel in it. But considering the fact that its Bethesda's first Fallout game I'd still give it 9/10.

mrv3213501d ago

I'd give it 8.5/10 with VATS and 7.5/10 without VATS... it was truly it's saving grace, the glitches and framerate got in my way a bit too much, I completed it with maxed out everything, found every location, I did pretty much everything.

I will now spoil the story of New Vegas from scientific deduction, this probably isn't true and if it is only for the first 20 minutes... STOP READING POSSIBLE SPOILERS POSSIBLE SPOILER


You start in a prison, you ARE not a Vault dweller this section will no doubt feature a large amount of tutorial, including hand to hand, inventory and direction/map reading and for the most part controls. You then break out with a large amount of other prisoners you probably come across some for of hand gun or assault rifle and fight off some guards before making your way to the nearest settlement or worse still you get knocked unconscious and found by a vault dweller he probably gives you a pip-boy and that would explain the outfit, to get it for free would be strange so my personal bet was that it'd require a quest. This game WILL feature a more directed experience and will feature more heavily on the backstory. I have a feeling it will go back more to the politics of the great war the biggest question in Fallout history.

ironwolf7773500d ago

Wait, hasn't it already been established that the game starts with you near dead being dug out from a shallow grave by that robot from the teaser trailer? I've read this in many hands on previews.

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Kingdom Come3500d ago

Wait, one new Screenshot? :[

booni33500d ago

this games brought me countless ours of post-apocalyptic fun and im just geeked for this one. from the screens, it seems as though its very similar with a western theme, navigation looks upped, commands for your followers, some other notable discoveries. sorry to say its the same graphics engine, but maybe it'll hold us over til bethesda drop the next elder scrolls. =)(=

King of Creation3500d ago

None of these are new screen shots at all. They've been online for quite some time now.

clintos593500d ago

I have never played none of the previous fallout games but after playing fallout 3, I became a huge fan. Its funny because I bought this game & modern warfare 2 & didnt start playing it until 3 weeks later when I got tired of modern warfare 2 & after deciding to take a break from modern warfare 2 I popped in fallout 3 to try it out & fell in love with it.

Its crazy because I must have clocked in atleast 230 hours my first play through and I still had like half of the map where I didnt get to explore lol. My second time around was even better especially finding alot of the new weapons & knowing where I was going to go instead of just wandering around my first time around lost & trying to find new areas. I really fell in love with this game & hope Vegas is the sequal. Id buy it in a heart beat if it is.