Crazy Taxi, Sonic Adventure outed for Xbox Live Arcade

VG247: Leaked shots has emerged from several unannounced Arcade games that look set for a release soon, including Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi.

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Rampaged Death3104d ago

As I loved Crazy Taxi to bits !

STREET x KING3104d ago

Oh man crazy taxi was such an awesome game!!

lh_swe3104d ago

There are very few people I dislike quite as much as I do you, a feat in itself as there are far more people deserving of that hate but your ignorance trumps a whole lot.

Ronster3163103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Looks like theres 15 achievements and 250 GS up for grabs on Sonic Adventure too................ I will happily play through these two classic games in their entirety again.