Dragon Age Modders Remake Baldur's Gate 2

GN writes, "A podcast dedicated to Dragon Age: Origins has featured an interview with the Baldur's Gate 2: Redux mod team, focused on recreating the original Baldur's Gate 2 experience using the Dragon Age engine. The modding group has had great success so far in recreating parts of the Irenicus Dungeon, screenshots of which can be found on the team's site. The Dragon Age Podcast group's interview reveals all the secrets behind the modding effort, including how others can get involved and some very ambitious release dates.

An excerpt from the podcast and screenshots from the mod can be found below..."

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ps3ftwin3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

OMG this will be awesome. Cant wait to play this on my PC. Sad such mods never make it to consoles.

Julie3494d ago

me too me too!! where Minsc goes , Evil stands aside! meep! :D

i love Boo! <3

harv7113494d ago

BGII Shadows of Amn is by far my favorite game. I was never so immersed in any game. To me this game was what RPG should be as your actions actually made a difference in the game.

My favorite time in this game was when I decided to destroy Amn and after killing all the guards, an adventuring party was sent after me. I thought, OMG they must of thought of everything, I can only imagine the development time they spent making that game.

Aphe3494d ago

No rpg, even today, comes close to BG2's scale and quality of writing. Truly epic.

champ213494d ago


This stuff wont make it to consoles due to all the royalties.

Plus Micro and Sony would rather have this kinda stuff sold as DLC.

darksied3494d ago

"i love Boo! <3 "

That hamster has more character than any console protagonist.

harv7113494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

This could never be released as DLC because Interplay owns the IP, and even if they could buy it from them, since the campaign takes place in Forgotten Realms, they would have to get a license from Wizards of the Coast. Bioware wouldn't do that because the entire reason for them making Dragon Age was to get away from the costly licensing fees and restrictions from Wizards.

Lelldorianx3494d ago

The group has taken careful steps to ensure a sound legal plan. They are not reproducing any copyrighted content, but rather drawing from the original game files to recreate it (i.e., conversations, audio, etc.). This means you must have the original BG2 in order to play this mod, and since they are not redistributing any original content, this should work out.

harv7113494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

@ Lelldorianx

I don't think it really matters when it comes to a custom mod made by the community. I used to build mods for NWN, I had a Ravenloft server I built. What I was referring to in my above comment was that this would never be released for DLC for the Xbox or the PS3.

I am really happy that people are trying to do this. I would offer help, but I opened the editor for NWN2 and didn't like the changes Obsidian made. And I only opened the Dragon Age editor once but it was so different from the NWN editor I didn't feel like trying to figure it out. It's a shame to because I literally have thousands of customs scripts I made for my original mod. And I'm not sure if Dragon Age is using C++ or not.

Oh while I'm thinking of it, I also made some custom spells which included teleportations. It was a really nifty thing to have included.

vhero3493d ago

Loved Baldurs Gate 2 way back when and a shame they didnt allow mods on PS3 version as Sony allow mods on the PS3 unlike 360..

Montrealien3493d ago

And their you have it, it is time for me to get dragon age on the PC. :)

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Aphe3494d ago

I can't see it getting finished myself, that would be a massive task for even a full development team.

bruddahmanmatt3494d ago

Unfortunately I agree. It's a very ambitious project but perhaps a little TOO ambitious. I like the idea though.

tda-danny3494d ago

Hopefully it can be completed in a timely manner, as modding communities never seems to get huge projects like this out while the game-engine is still relevant.

A remake of BG1 is still under construction using the NWN2 builder & engine. I think the team is getting close on a release, but we won't know for sure until it finally comes out.

More info on the BG1 remake in NWN2 here: http://nwn2forums.bioware.c...

Screens uploaded from the author here:

mikemike373494d ago

looks like theyre going to release in modules, which sounds sensible - so we should have something playable soon! theyre saying by september they should have released irenicus dungeon, which from memory was proabably a good couple of hours of gameplay.

tda-danny3494d ago

That dungeon was around 45 mins of content. Maybe an hour.

yog-sothot3494d ago


BG2 is still in my all time top 3 ! This could be awesome

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