Metal Gear Peace Walker 2 For PS3? More Story To Be Told HipHopGamerShow 4/18/10

1. Namco Bringing Back Tag Mode For Tekken
2. Cyrus Playstation Tester Winner Guest Stars On The Show
3. Tekken 6 - 8.5 out of 10
4. Hydro Thunder Interview
And Much More

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Dragun6193494d ago

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker 2 for PS3 would be cool, but I mean they still have MGS4 engine sitting there, why not put in use for porting MGS:Peace Walker to the PS3 instead, it could either be a PSN title or a complete bluray game.

Also Tekken 6 wasn't good at all especially how they made the SP campaign based on tekken force. Very disappointed that the Tag system wasn't included so its good to hear that the next tekken will have the tag system of course thats if we can trust HHG's sources.

Blaze9293494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

Tekken Tag Tournament...good times gooooooooood times.

@Nebulas Zero

Haha I actually enjoyed TTT a lot back in the day with friends.

captain-obvious3494d ago

MGS:PW in HD + MGS:PW2 (using the MGS4 engine)
in one bluray disk
on the PS3


wet dream

Nebulas Zero3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )


Tekken Tag was the weakest of the series. Give me Tekken 3 any day.

Edit: Well, I enjoyed Tekken 3 a lot with my brother. :)

Even if we differing opinions on which is the best, the series sure gave a lot of good memories.

Red_Orange_Juice3494d ago

how does he come up with this?

President Tretton3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

That would be great. More MGS is always good. Unless, of course, it's a lousy action spin-off with a cyborg ninja aka Raiden.

gtamike1233494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )


Nope Tekken 6 is the best so much improvements.

Also the SP campaign was only a last min thing and was not in the arcade versions.

Timesplitter143494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

God damn....

HHG got me again

NewYork2143494d ago

Tekken tag def. wasnt the weakest in the series. tekken 4 was by a long shot. but i agree with tekken 3 being amazing.

presto7173494d ago

What the hell are you talking about? Tekken Tag was awesome. I'm hardcore Tekken so I could not fight the urge to jump in and defend what I thought was one of the best in the entire series.

Tekken 3 was awesome though. Either that's the best or Tekken 5. TK6 is rubbish but I still love it because its Tekken.

Timesplitter143494d ago

Every day is April's Fools day for HHG

Neo6043494d ago

With mgs4 engine please please please!!!

N4BmpS3494d ago

PW2 or anything involving the Snakes might be exclusive to the PS3(key word: might). It's highly unlikely that Kojima would just let something he worked sit and collect dust, knowing that Kojima takes pride in everything he work on even if he isn't 100% satisfied with the outcome.

The Wood3494d ago

hip hop gamer for doing what he loves

or the same people who week in week out go into his articles here on ng just to talk about how he doesn't spell check, talk like they do or gets things wrong from time to time.

You know when i noticed the series LOST was a badly planed and written show to the point where i was complaining I STOPPED WATCHING IT. If you dont like the guy JUST DONT CLICK like i dont click on a Patcher article.....or listen to the tool Lady Ga Ga... HHG doesnt knock our doors or spam our inboxes so why the hell do people keep complaining AFTER clicking .....stupider

Keep doing ur thing hhg....maybe lose the belt though but i doubt he should or would ever start talking like charton banks just to fit in...I prefer people be themselves...warts and all...if you want somebody who speaks a little more quote 'normal' go watch some jace Hall and stop bi+chin

JoySticksFTW3494d ago

People don't have to like or trust his views, but I tell that I trust him more than some of these larger sites and their shady actions-- like firing staff over bad reviews for fear of publishers pulling advertising and the like...

When it comes to HHG -- he may not always be right and you may not always agree with everything he says or does -- but I believe that you get his honest feeling on the subject.

And at least with HHG, you get someone who games. I doubt Patcher does

When I stop seeing HHG up in interviews with top developers and gaming personalities, then I'll question his validity as a gaming journalist. But until that happens, I'll continue to tune in.

Marceles3494d ago

Zero I hope you're joking about Tekken Tag lol...that and SSX was one of the main reasons to buy a PS2 back at launch, that game was amazing at the time gameplay and graphics wise.

Boody-Bandit3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

I am a Tekken FREAK and I am beyond disappointed with this title. I just got done playing it again 5 minutes ago. I was testing out my new SSFIV sticks I received from Fed Ex yesterday. Tekken 6 looks bad, has frame rate issues, some stuttering and a horrid resolution with some pretty poor textures. The only thing it has going for it is the gameplay is still top notch.

Breaking down walls and flooring is so cheesy and the SP scenario mode is garbage. The controls and lock on system suck in that mode. If I wasn't such a Tekken FREAK I would have never purchased them (got it for both consoles as I do most titles) but I waited until I could get them cheap. I just recently picked them up and paid $20 for each. Even at that price I am still disappointed.

kraze073494d ago

but I think it's worthy of an 8.5. The gameplay is still top notch for a 3D fighter. They just needed to put more work into the SP and fix the issues with online multiplayer.

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N4PS3G3494d ago

Don't be exaggerating this timee!! You don't want Kojima to own you on his twitter :D

I'm sorry!! I just couldn't hold it!! hahahahaha

egm_hiphopgamer3494d ago

@N4PS3G check out the latest warzone podcast then you'll find out the truth behind the insomniac story, or wait until monday night GamerTagRadio will have another exclusive regarding that situation so don't talk until you know the truth for yourself.

Quick Question to you and anyone else (WHAT DID I EXAGGERATE? because Insomniac didn't mention it) hmmmmmmm now isn't that intersting watch the rest of the show today, enjoy it, god bless peace

N4PS3G3494d ago

Pff do you think i'm crazy? Do you want my ears to bleed listening to all those.." yo, yo, yo watss up! Dis is da hiphap gaeema! " hell no

Hmmmmm Insomaniac says you exaggerated but because they didn't mention on what now you want people to go hear more garbage to get more hits to find out the truth? You and the word truth should get anyone banned if used in the same sentence. not interesting at all. They have the credibility and they said you exaggerated so no way around it :)

but I tell you! Don't make Kojima go crazy bananas on you and tell you to stop exaggerating witch is the cute way to say stop telling lies :O

topgeareasy3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

miss quoted hip hop gamer

there for insomniac thought hip hop gamer exaggerated

N4PS3G3494d ago

QJ.NET: "Insomniac Games: "We've got great projects to be shown at E3"

(Insomniac can't wait for E3 to start, and with every good reason. You should be excited too, because the developer company is promising to bring in some heavy-hitters for all of you to see.
Ted Price will reportedly be up on stage to show off their "great projects in development" at the upcoming E3. And no, it's not just another Ratchet & Clank. Sounds like it's gonna be huge.)

HHG: " Insomniac: " We Have Great Projects In Development " See You At E3 "

(Insomniac is prepared and ready to shock us once again and this time
it's not just Resistance or Ratchet but something else.

E3 this year has just got hotter with this little small announcement
because this year will have a ton of heavy hitters and by Insomniac
being apart of our gaming needs. It seems that Ted Price will be ready
soon to take center stage and blow us away with what they are going to

WoW thats a great misquote! Especially in the part where the basically say the same thing lol :P

-MD-3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

Talk normal for once and I'll watch your show. Just once for me try talking like the average guy. I'll let you say yo once or twice but keep it at a minimum.

Get rid of that lame wrestling belt and change your website, you have some low resolution picture of a turntable in the background and I can't even read the header at the top of the sight against the colors.

Edit: Why do you even play video games? I'm looking at your gamertag and you don't even finish anything you play, you play 30 minutes and quit.

Nebulas Zero3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )


We all know the truth behind the Insomniac story, and I'm pretty sure people are not interested in hearing your version of it.

"Quick Question to you and anyone else (WHAT DID I EXAGGERATE? because Insomniac didn't mention it) hmmmmmmm now isn't that intersting watch the rest of the show today, enjoy it, god bless peace"

I think they meant you exaggerated everything that their dev said, if you're still wondering. Also, not hating on your grammar or anything but I really think you should improve it since it makes understanding the rest of your statement quite difficult (you didn't need to use brackets, for instance).

Oh, and quick question to you: Why is it that you hate on IGN and Gamespot journalists when their opinion differs from yours, but when a developer (or anyone for that matter) calls you out for real, logical fallacies, you get very offended?

Edit: Btw, I just tweeted Kojima, asking him if this is true. Let's see what he says. :)

Persistantthug3494d ago

Can anyone confirm this or no?

Nebulas Zero3494d ago



(And no, I didn't forget a question mark at the end by mistake).

JoySticksFTW3494d ago

I listened to the last Warzone and Tor may be right on this one...

The N4G community is a viper's pit for you now... All jealousy, all hate, all of the time.

But at the same time, the same haters are keeping you in the spot light so I'd keep posting here if I were you too. LOL

Keep ya head up!

Neo6043494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

Ya'll gotta repect different culture and language.
Don't expect everyone in the world speak English.

The stuff he said might not come true but make sense.
He know people in this industry more than any of us.

bnaked3494d ago

I can't understand why everyone is hating the HipHopGamer.. The show is pretty cool. I love the interviews and the footage from the expositions.


keep it up!

Redempteur3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

it is ALWAYS funny to see HHG followers appearing like that out of no where to defend this guy ...

First "NOt everyone talk like that"'s a big cliché .
Second Peace walker 2 is a big no no ... He hasn't even finished making the first !! Some of you better think a little ..why would he annonce ANOTHER MGS game , or work on another when the guy is plagued with work ( castelvania, peace walker , kojima production duties ).

Another garbage news ... that's all i can tell can list the thing he has be wrong before ... and it's a pretty long list

The Wood3494d ago

thats the problem with people...normal is 'just like themselves'

the fact that he names himself HIP HOP gamer means nothing....nah...*sigh*

Id prefer these articles over patcher articles any day...ones a gamer, the other isnt.

Sarcasm3494d ago

You guys do realize it's his "Exaggerated" personality that is making him known. Whether that's good or bad is all opinion.

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mattygamefreak3494d ago

No offense but I haven't seen anything you've predicted come true yet so.. I'm not holding my breath.

kissmeimgreek3494d ago

he was right about an exclusive monster hunter for 360... Of course, exclusive according to MS (as in also on PC :p)

but i agree. his articles are just for hits and he makes up assumptions. Just look at how Insomniac completely shot his assumptions down. THATS embarrasing.

Redempteur3494d ago

if you shot in the dark ,eventually you'll hit something .. besides the obvious guesses ( dj hero 2 really ? was that so hard to predict given how activision is ?)

oliverasadi3494d ago

Didn't really like Tekken 6 to be honest, I found the gameplay compared to Tekken 5 slower. :/ check out my Youtube Channel if you want to check my opinions on games it is Youtube/SWANTONMASTER ;)

Godmars2903494d ago

I'm still at a loss to the fact that the MGS4 engine is just collecting dust on a shelf in a Konami warehouse.

PirateThom3494d ago

Considering how much that engine cost and how it's suitable ONLY for PS3 because of the way they designed it (hence Rising needing its own engine), I'd say we'll likely see another exclusive PS3 game on the horizon once Peace Walker is out of the way.

Too much money involved to NOT do it.

kissmeimgreek3494d ago

or theyll just keep using the rising engine and release future games on both platforms since itll be easier and make them MORE money.

PirateThom3494d ago

And just completely abandon a fantastic engine that cost millions?

Foxgod3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

If that makes them double the revenue, its indeed better to abandon it.

Trow away old engine, sell more copy's, earn more money.
Keep old engine, sell less copy's, earn less money.

So your suggestion of using the MGS4 engine, would only have sentimental value, but would earn konami nothing, it would make them lose money.

This proves you got the eye of the fanboy, because of the way you think.

Somethimes you make more money by not using a certain investment.
How is Konami supposed to earn more by using an old engine, if they would sell 3 million less copy's by doing so?

cemelc3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

In business there is no sentimental value.

I see either vastly superior games on the ps3 (multiplats) from konami using that engine, or exclusive in the future.

Is stupid to leave a multimillion investment in just one game.

Godmars2903494d ago


Its not like MGS4 lost them money, or that the PS3 don't have games that sell well.

By the logic you're trying to use Valve's only leaving money on the table by bringing L4D to the PS3.

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