Get Modern Warfare 2 for a Low Price

Call of Duty fans still waiting for a sale on Modern Warfare 2 should head to their local Target retailers.

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xGet_In_There3107d ago


Save your money, or buy Uncharted 2, Battlefield Bad Company 2 or tons of other better games. They lowered the price because I bet when you pop the disc in it is MANDATORY that you buy the Map Pack DLC for 15 bucks lol.

4lc4pon33107d ago

Agree'd the game isnt worth 47 bucks maybe 15. nothing about the game was good

GLoRyKnoT3107d ago

yet to claim such only shows you paid full price on day one so at least inform the readers: just how many times did you prestige?

For the record: i enjoyed it.

Pedobear Rocks3107d ago

Hell, I got it at launch for $39 and sold it weeks later for $45. Now THAT is a story.

xGet_In_There3107d ago

I bought prestige edition on launch day and just last month I sold it for $300. I win!