The Day the Multiplayer Died

We're in the middle of a mistake. Games are abandoning local multiplayer in favor of online experiences, whereas most people I know prefer to play action games while sitting next to each other. Xbox Live, PSN and WFC are no substitute for the facial exchanges and rib poking fun you get from being present with the people you are playing with.

Split screen multiplayer is a prime example. Currently it's old hat, an absurd idea we consign to the annals of gaming history with GoldenEye, TimeSplitters and Perfect Dark. But this won't last. In an industry driven by the two pillars of creative ideas and consumer spending, game makers will realize that the concept of shooting the person next to you on the couch will always be a big win.

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wollie3107d ago

pretty sad that i rarely use all four of my controllers! online is nice, but there is nothing like win a four player split screen game followed by a victory dance.

Cajun Chicken3107d ago

One of the big mistakes this gen. Very hard to find a splitscreen game on PS3 these days, let alone anywhere else outside of Halo or, eww, Gears. Really hate this 'friends are only online' thing these days.

I was actually shocked that Serious Sam HD FE on 360 didn't have splitscreen.

Hopefully this all comes back soon, I miss that nudging on the sofa when you play a splitscreen game and win.

lokiroo4203107d ago

Those wanting some good split screen fun on ps3, warhawk is 4 player split screen.

Cajun Chicken3107d ago

However, with my PSN have to be online to play an offline game. Kind of defeats the object, eh?


ModNation Racers.

And probably Dead Nation too.


Well, with ModNation Racers coming, 4 players Split Screen, or 2 Players Split Screen Online, will take a lot of fun.