Pachter predicts new Xbox Live 'Platinum' service

Gaming research analyst Michael Pachter has predicted that Microsoft will add a further layer of subscription to its Xbox Live service, saying that he thinks "we're going to go from Gold to Platinum", with the new premium model adding "a lot of cool stuff" to the existing XBL service.

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dangert124014d ago

I will not pay for this the price range your saying is too much
and i don't even watch tv just xbox and dvd's etc

vhero4014d ago (Edited 4014d ago )

He is predicting this because of Sonys new premium range. MS has seen all the cool new features Sony are coming out with (the rumours of Sonys premium online service) and of course MS want to add them to Xbox Live however they won't give them to gold members they will find some way of charging for them and this platinum service could well be it..

I think this will confuse people and alienate a lot of people in fact people might not realise there is gold anymore think its too expensive and stop paying entirely.. Very risky is MS choose to do it but MS will do anything for extra money to throw at devs for exclusives as its the only way they can keep up with Sony right now..

NegativeCreepWA4014d ago

Keep up with Sony, what world do you live in?

DelbertGrady4013d ago

When was the last time PSN got a new game? Has it had any this year? XBLA is on another level contentwise.

van-essa4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

I would pay $10 - $20 a month for free DLC, XBLA games, TV shows and movies.

ZombieNinjaPanda4013d ago

@Soda, I'm pretty sure there were like 2 new games this week.

Gothdom4013d ago

based on wikipedia, XBLA released 15 games since January, and PSN had 17 in North America. Usually they're both on par.

avengers19784013d ago

First this is coming from Patcher so I wouldn't put to much stock in to it. At least wait for something more reliable than Patch.
@Soda every week on Thrusday, but in a couple weeks it will be tuesday's( May4th)

BulletToothtony4013d ago

haha i love when facts shut fanboys up

Gue14013d ago

With the failure-rate of the X360 if I use it for more than just games then I'll be buying Xboxs every week. People say that the failure-rate it's lower now but yesterday a friend of mine had the RRoD and his console is not even 6 months old.

When I bought my PS3 slim I told him not buy that crap but he said that the online of the PS3 was poor now he can't even play off-line.

Absolut_Turkey4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

Wait! I can pay to watch TV on Xbox? That's cool, or I could cut out the middle man and watch TV using my TV! I think I'll use my TV, it doesn't have a fail rate of over 50%.

Edit: Van-essa said, "I would pay $10 - $20 a month for FREE DLC, XBLA games, TV shows and movies."
Of course you would, that's why you bought and so ardently defend the Xbox 360. You seem to have no problem paying for content you yourself defined as "Free". I on the other hand would pay ZERO for something that is "free", but that's just me. BTW Van-essa, when you get the chance could you look up the definition of the word "cognitive dissonance". Thank you.

President Tretton4013d ago

Paying for Xbox Live is a ripoff, but MS gives us no choice. Seriously, they have no justification for the price right now, so why would they even think of raising it? The only reason most people pay is because in certain games the online is half of the experience. IF they don't pay, they can't get the full experience.

DelbertGrady4013d ago

Show me that source pls.

Here are the XBLA exclusive games released thus far since January.

Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment
Death by cube
Serious Sam HD: TFE
Lazy Raiders
The Misadventures of PB Winterbottom
Game Room
Perfect Dark
Scrap Metal
Toy Soldiers

ThanatosDMC4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

Wow, you call those exclusives when most of those games are on Steam?

Anyway, besides the NA and EU games. There's also those games released in JP that we have never even heard of...

Back on topic: Damn, this is gonna be expensive.

Neo6044013d ago

if it is then nothing can beat PSN.
bu bu but chatting!!!J/K

ThanatosDMC4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

FF14 wont be free like MAG which is a weird comparison since MAG isnt an MMO. Main reason is it's SquarEnix and not Sony.

Anyway, FF14 is like the successor to FF11 and you have to pay monthly.


Neo6044013d ago

every month there are tone of house bills to pay, adding another bill is not welcome even it's $5.

Cevapi884013d ago

give the 360 gamers a browser and they will find everything that this supposed Platinum service will offer

and if it is going to offer so many movies, what is the point of Netflix integration with the 360??

Gothdom4013d ago

usually I don't answer to "special" people like you, but you seem to have an angry fanboy fit. Why can't you accept one is as good as the other.

And now that I pointed out that you lacked some knowledge of what you were talking about, you add some rules over what you stated? I'd hate playing versus you online, because you're most likely that dude that cries everytime you lose.

"Show me your source"... you can't look it up yourself. I mean, you're too special to know what wikipedia is? I know it's not the best source out there, but the fastest list I could find on short notice. I mean 17 vs 15 isn't a big difference. And since you're too lazy to look intelligent:

I simply counted games released between now and january. And now you want exclusives? ok, but take down Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment from your list.

-Sam and Max : The Devil's Playhouse
-Anarchy Rush Hour
-Blue Toad Murder Files
-Wakeboarding HD
-Groovin' Blocks
-Hustle Kings
-Thexder Neo

That's 8 vs your 10, which doesn't change what I was saying at all. And you added Perfect Dark to your list, should I add Psone classics? You know, in the ps3's 17, I didn't even count them.

-Championship Bass
-Extreme Pinball
-Theme Park World
-Populous the beginning
-Dirt Jockey: Heavy Equipement Operator
-Sorcerer's Maze
-Mass Destruction
-Magic Carpet
-XS Junior League Dodgeball.

That's a total of 29 (total products downloadable) versus xbla's 15.

I'd add the minis too, but you'll invent a new rule like "they're for PSP" which, in truth, depends on which minis. I also excluded the 5 or so PSP games that came out.


I'd advise you to stick to the open zone forever.

Godmars2904013d ago

That Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment is on the PS3 too?

AAACE54013d ago

If they were to do something like this, they would first need to assure gamers of the 360's reliability! Alot of gamers are worried about just leaving their console on just to play games and watch movies, so leaving it on for extended periods of time might scare some off.

On average, the typical person pays about $40 a month for cable. After taxes, they are paying over $500 a year. If their service could offer you more than that standard cable setup, then I could see people crossing over. But like I said, reliability is an issue... especially for someone like me who sleeps with the tv on!

I still think patcher is full of s...! But in this day and age you never know.

I wonder if the industry uses guys like him to put out this information because they want to do it, but want to see how gamers react to it?

bjornbear4013d ago

yeah XBL games = compensating for lack of exclusives.

caladbolg7774013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

Soda, that guy just thoroughly fricken ownd you. Any credibility that you thought you might have here is forfeit. Goth did you a favor by shoving his boot snugly between your fat @sscheeks. Internet lose.

JonnyBadfinger4013d ago

There isnt anything good on cable television anyway, just endless reruns of the simpsons... not only that it has to take into consideration every nations broadcasting laws and ratings classification systems before even thinking about it.

No one in the right mind would pay $500USD for TV, on a console.

This is the first i have ever heard of this patcher guy is he always this retarded?? or was he raised by a herd of buffalo?

Has even been right?...atleast once in his predictions?

And if, it ever happens it means here in Australia we will be paying about $900 a year... so if thats the case i will make the trade to Playstation, without any hesitation whatsoever. Or i will just stop all gaming and just go without. gaming aint worth that much a year.

Venatus-Deus4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

That’s just about the most serious piece of ownage I’ve seen on this site on months and done with style. Bubble+

@ Soda Popinsky

I’d really love to see what you have in response. I'll even throw a bubble in just for effort.

*sitting on edge of sit*

kasasensei4013d ago

Well done guy, that's a pure ownage!
Bubble for you! You deserve it so much^^

Gothdom4013d ago

I just saw my "ignored by" go up by one. I don't think we'll ever see a response from Soda about this topic.

vhero4013d ago

@Gothdom Soda never replys once you prove him wrong just spams your inbox with hate mail he also tried to claim he had a ps3 the fact he didn't know about any PSN games proves otherwise.. What I meant by cacthup in my previous comment is future features not current features as Sony is gonna offer some cool features 360 owners could only dream of. Like free PS1 classics and free BETA trials for most major games for everybody who pays for premium. Soda is a 360 fanboy so just ignore him.

thehitman4013d ago

@ Gothom bubbles that was like the biggest own I ever seen, Soda seemed so sure of himself too lolz. I bet he sitting in a corner like a ball saying "i pay for xbl" over and over again lolz.

jamesgtaiv4013d ago

For one,I dont really trust Pachter. He kind of strikes me as a person who should consider getting a real job.

If, however, this does turn out to be true, I doubt Ill be the only one telling M$ to suck my balls. I sadly was already duped by Microsoft to pay $60 a year for their crappy service and support and I can tell you it wont be happening again. Platinum bullsh*t is what this is.

darthv724013d ago

This guy Marc at my local gamestop told me he got word from their MS rep that silver members who are child accounts on gold members will be getting online play and access to last fm and facebook/twitter.

I dont know how valid these claims are but it seems only logical. Meaning if you are a gold member and you create a silver profile for another member of the family, they should be able to do all the stuff a gold member does so long as the gold profile resides on the same system.

I really hope that happens as my son wants to play against his friends but I dont want to pay another fee for him. Some will argue about paying all together but I am simply stating that child accounts should be allowed gold privileges when a gold profile exists.

DarkTower8054013d ago

Man you got owned son. It wouldn't have been so bad if you hadn't come off as a fanboy. There are people here that own all consoles currently out and still have their preferences, but when you're just plain ignorant to the facts you make yourself look dumb.

raztad4013d ago

LOOOOOOOL. ROFLMAO. I've never seen such an OWNAGE before. Poor Soda. You are still welcome in the game zone buddy :D

solidjun54012d ago just got OWNED!!!

I hope that was a humbling experience for you. ^_^

aaronisbla4012d ago

you know thats some serious pwnage when you can't even respond

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KionicWarlord2224014d ago


"And the reason I say it could be that much more.. what if they offer you television? What if you get internet TV through Xbox Live? What if they say you can watch WKRP in Cincinnati anytime you want on demand through Xbox Live? Because they could do that, and if they offer you every TV show ever made, every movie ever made, you'll pay 500 bucks a year for that. Trust me you will, because you're already paying that on your cable bill and a lot more."

Patcher may have some kind of a point .

Megaton4013d ago

He does and he doesn't. Is Microsoft gonna send out a guy to replace my 360 for free when it breaks like my cable company does if my cable box breaks? Not so much.

palaeomerus4013d ago

So xboxlive is seriously thinking it will compete with cable and cable internet and phone bundles? Because it won't.

I'm not going to pay a subscription fee more than once for largely similar services. I'm going to pick one and most likely the one I pick won't be Xbox Live. My paying a large subscription fee once doesn't mean that I'm willing to pay lots of large subscription fees or even two of them! So this will be a competition, I don't have a live-gold subscription now. I also don't pay any MMO subs. I don't expect that to change any time soon. I'd rather have the cable.

Also I don't want to be in a situation where one person wants to play a game and the other wants to watch a movie and we can't both go off to our own TV and do what we want without getting in the way of the other person.

labwarrior4013d ago

Nice, maybe can tell us some lotto numbers too

-MD-4013d ago

This has been posted already.

Godmars2904013d ago

They're going to start alienating Gold members like they do Silver?

FordGTGuy4013d ago

Your actually believing a word out of this guys mouth?

If he was right Xbox Live would have costed $100 by now, the guy is a idiot I don't know why people keep posting his crap predictions that never come true.