Get 3D on your iPad -- with or without glasses

3D has come to the iPad. Florida-based kode80 has announced an update to its HoloToy application for iPad that gives the app a simulated 3D effect -- without glasses.

Meanwhile, Firemint's Flight Control app gives you a 3D gaming experience, but it uses anaglyph 3D images, so you'll need to use the vintage red-and-blue glasses to get the 3D effect.

Who needs a Nintendo 3DS, eh?

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Mista T3504d ago

it's not even true 3d, pfttt

kneon3504d ago

right, it only looks 3d if you move the screen, just like when you move the dualshock during the loading screens on Killzone 2. This is nothing new, lots of phones have been able to do this for a while.

anonymouse1113353504d ago

So the 3DS isn't true 3D? (with what is assumed) It basically uses the same system but tracks the eyes and head instead of the tilt.

dgroundwater3503d ago

Is it even confirmed that head-tracking will be the 3DS's method for 3D?
What about a parallax barrier? That has been rumoured too.

anonymouse1113353503d ago


I typed what is assumed, I wasn't treating it as a fact, the parallax barrier is a possiblity as well, but I think they'll go with the headtracking method, since it seems less costly to impliment, and as we know nintendo try and keep their products affordable.

nikola9873503d ago

Do you even know what 3D means?

anonymouse1113353503d ago


Yes I do, you, on the other hand seem to not know what it means.

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samoon3504d ago

I have the HoloBall app and it is total BS,

It looks cool, but the whole 3D thing doesn't work... I hold it every angle and I can't see sh!t!!!

kode803501d ago

Hi Samoon,

I'm the developer of HoloToy. For best results hold the device down and away from you. For example; if you are sitting, rest the device on your lap with the screen facing you, then rotate the device around. Another thing you can do that a HoloToy user suggested is to close one eye. While this is not required to get the effect it does add another level to it as with only one eye your brain is not able to process the subtle depth cues (you are still looking at a flat screen regardless of perspective tricks). I hope this helps and if you have any further questions or suggestions send me a message: ben [at] kode80 [dot] com

Best regards

Ben (kode80)

anonymouse1113353504d ago

Nothing new, the iPhone can do this as well, won't help movies any since they have to be a 3D model for it to work.