Miyamoto will never, ever retire

Destructoid: Shigeru Miyamoto may be the top dog now when it comes to developers at Nintendo, but even he knows that all good things must come to an end. That end for him isn't retirement though, it's death. In an epic recent interview he explained that even after being retired he would never stop making games.

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RageAgainstTheMShine3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Nintendo is so lucky to have him.

dktxx23497d ago

Naw he's actually pretty bad nowadays. Nothing but minigame collections. When he starts coming up with interesting characters again, like way back in the NES days, then he can be called a gaming god. Now he's just an extortionist.

Government Cheese3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

The simple fact that he created Mario and Zelda means he will always be the God of gaming for all eternity.

I mean look at the real God (if you believe). He only created one Earth, so does he have to keep creating more Earths in order to maintain his Godly status? :P

Mahr3497d ago

"Now he's just an extortionist"

The world would be a far better place if more extortionists made people as happy as Miyamoto's games make them.

infamousinfolite3497d ago

By the disagrees I'm seeing here lemme ask you who are the GODS of Gaming? (Don't say Microsoft or Sony)

young juice3497d ago

creating the earth is only one of many great things god has done.

if there ever was a god of gaming would have to say its nintendo

who pioneered gaming over 20 years ago.

El_Colombiano3497d ago

Sony and Microsoft. Duh.

Haha jk. Kojima comes to mind.

AAACE53497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

God forbid, but if anything bad ever did happen to Miyamoto, Nintendo would be done! No one else on their staff has the creative ambition that he does!

Miyamoto is spread across almost everything that Nintendo does, so he can't really focus on just one or two projects like he used to. Even though games like Super Mario Galaxy and Zelda are created by different studio heads, Miyamoto still oversees all of nintendo's projects and they won't release until they are approved by him!

Nintendo has miyamoto spread pretty thin if you ask me! The Wii mostly came from his head, probably the DS as well! In other words, he is the heart of Nintendo.

I don't care what kind of gamer you are, if you like Sony or MS or PC... Nintendo helps push the industry forward! I don't like alot of their decisions, but they are a force! Just look at it... People like me and even MS and Sony didn't think much of motion controls when Nintendo came out with it. Now several years later... MS and Sony are coming with their own motion controls. MS trying to be a bit sneakier about it with a controller less solution. Sony pretty much made a Wiimote with a white ball on top!

Yeah, I used to be a Nintendo fanboy, but I don't play much of their stuff now. But you have to give credit where it's due!

OpenGL3497d ago

Microsoft and Sony would love to be able to emulate the success of the Wii and Miyamoto's work.

It's a shame that Miyamoto's mentor and friend Gunpei Yokoi isn't alive today to see his success.

dktxx23497d ago

Ya Microsoft and Sony would hella love to be in Nintendo's place. A half ass gimmick console featuring a decades old tech selling like nothing else before? of course they'd love that. Makes them money without any effort whatsoever.

Can you honestly say that Nintendo has been putting any creative thought into their games since Mario Galaxy? And really is a mario game really that creative? We've seen SSBB, again, Zelda, again, Metroid, again. When is something new going to come out instead of sequel after sequel after sequel?

Mahr3497d ago

"When is something new going to come out instead of sequel after sequel after sequel?"

Nintendo's released several new IPs this generation that have nothing to do with mini-games or fitness. The problem is that most of them don't come to the West.

For reference sake, this is the kind of thing Nintendo releases in Japan:

Redempteur3497d ago

"When is something new going to come out instead of sequel after sequel after sequel?"

Well they exist .. as far as i know , wii music ( as pitiful as this game is ) is a new ip is wii sports ( it even got a sequel (RESORTS )).
i can also point disaster day of crisis ( wii ) , Zangeki no Reginleiv
you can laugh at them ( vitality sensor ?) but at least they are trying ...

The Great Melon3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )


I was just reading about the history of the Metroid series the other day and found out about Gunpei Yokoi. It really saddened me when I found out that he passed away in an unfortunate car accident. I finally learned about who created one of my favorite game series, only to see the pass away paragraphs later in a Wikipedia article. Miyamoto and Yokoi sounded like a great team that shaped many of the traits that we commonly see in the Nintendo's main series.

N4g_null3496d ago

Nintendo's current success is not from miyamoto... The team is in full effect. They have blossomed which is why he no longer takes all the credit.

No he is not a god and he still makes characters I like since I don't care about his CHARACTERS. This is the problem with gaming.... you guys game like your playing comic books.... people that have fun gaming game because the main character dissolves. Think of it like this. Miyamoto characters are only suits that the gamer dons to play a certain game.

The popular characters in gaming are very forgettable these days any way. Basically no one care that much about the character artist creations if the game is good.

You guys always wonder why people don't like your type of games, it's because the game rely on one or two things that have nothing to do with game play.... Immersion is not even a option, no game immerses me in it. There is only interaction. The one thing movies can not do which is why gaming passes it.

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Venox20083497d ago

You really ARE the GOD of gaming :)

booni33497d ago

i hope he never stops. When i become a developer, i pray for similar success in my career.

El_Colombiano3497d ago

I think anybody wants his fame.

PotNoodle3497d ago

What people need to understand is that this man is one of the biggest reasons we see massive growth within the industry, his own ideas, not collective marketing schemes, first party development studios - but ideas spawning from one mind.

Yeah, some of the hardcore may not like the direction they went with the wii and ds, but to ignore the massive growth they have brought to the industry, how they got people who would never previously think of gaming at all in mass numbers.

You don't find that anywhere else, and Miyamoto is one of the big reasons for that. To take anything away from him for the wii is silly, Miyamoto doesn't see the industry as restricted as we do, he has no limits. We need more people like him, and keeping him as one of the original innovators for as long as we can is something we should be encouraging.

N4g_null3496d ago

If you look behind the seams you will see an entire team, a real team with a leader is what makes nintendo so good. This leader or leaders is the reason why every thing stays on track. The leader is not about convergence or some other dead end gimmick.

Imagine a general who only wants to keep conquering the same land. That would be SONY and MS right now. They can not see what nintendo is fighting nor can most gamers. They work as a team... Yet they are perfectly confident in each other or at least confident that they can stir each other in the right direction.

Most developers work like mercenaries looking for gold and trying to pass on the blade for what they did wrong. MOST DEAD OR DIEING ORGANIZATION look the same way. Others are propped up by money.

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