Genius gamer creates working computer in-game

A gamer on Dwarf Fortress has recently put the finishing touches on a working digital computer: in-game. The construction spanned 35 in-game years, and was a monumental undertaking, so to speak. The computer consists of "672 pumps, 2000 logs, 8500 mechanisms and thousands of other assort bits and knobs like doors and rock blocks."

The computer was constructed entirely inside a game world and is fully functional -- although it's safe to assume that it's not going to run Crysis very well.

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grumpysmurf3104d ago

Dwarf Fortress? Never heard of this in my life. Is it a Flash based game? Seems kinda interesting if you can create a working computer... although I bet you need to be a technical wizz for sure.

captain-obvious3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

i download it

its way too complicated i couldn't do any thing and its kinda broken crashed on me 2 times

but i still give the guy that made it credit

i understood the concept and i liked it TBH
i wish i could play it but i couldn't
the coding is great, NOT perfect but still great job linking all those colored characters on screen to form a map
and there is some kind of inventory and a save system
and a system that makes you import mpas etc.

waiting for the next game just make it less complected next time

AnttiApina3104d ago

Flash game? Oh please. Guys who don't know about Dwarf Fortress don't know a much about PC gaming.

Timesplitter143104d ago

son, you disappoint me.

never, NEVER call Dwarf Fortress a flash game

grumpysmurf3104d ago

Screw you and your nerdy club. :P

zagibu3103d ago

I would never have dreamed to see an article featuring the best indie game ever created on this website. And it even has comments! Amazing.

vhero3103d ago

you seen dwarf fortress?? Some people need to get a life..

MNicholas3103d ago

why does he waste so much of his life doing this instead of getting laid and making money?

zagibu3103d ago

Yeah, why use your intelligence for self-fulfillment, when you can also dull it with booze and hookers? It's not everyone's top goal to rise as high as possible in the ranks of the cult of Mammon.

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Neo Nugget3104d ago

Is this like the LBP calculator?

ChronoJoe3104d ago

Sounds like the guy who created the LBP calculator. A calculator is a computer. I guess he did something similar?

Tony P3104d ago

It's not a calculator. It's a computer. The difference is... the difference between a calculator and a computer.

This is a calculator:

aGameDeveloper3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

I read a better story about this here:

Besides the basic difference between a calculator and a computer the big thing with this is demonstrated by this comment made in response to that story:

"He had to *construct* all those components. That involves telling a miner to dig out the stone, then a hauler takes it to the masonry, then you tell a mason to carve it into a gear/level/switch/what-have-yo u, then you instruct a mechanic to install it in the correct location. All this while fending off goblin raids, dealing with liaisons from human and elf kingdoms, and making food and beer for your population of insane alcoholics. The person who did this needs medication for OCD and awesomeness."

The LBP calculator, on the other hand, was constructed using an editor, which would be orders of magnitude easier for similar tasks.

Mista T3104d ago

still can do more than an ipad

mrv3213104d ago

That computer can probably run flash to... be at a reasonable price and not be inferior to a netbook.

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The story is too old to be commented.