iPhone 4G: is this it?

A presumed iPhone 4G prototype has been found on the floor of a bar located near the Apple Headquarters in California. The provided pictures resemble those from an earlier chinese source - Is this really the next iPhone?

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Nihilism3109d ago

That reminded me of the advertising campaign of the NIN cd 'year zero' they left USB's with super high quality unreleased NIN tracks on it so they would be leaked, it was pretty cool, funny if apple did this too

bjornbear3109d ago

they left one here after a concert in the bathrooms, leaked out one of the tracks and some extra digits for the codes

i doubt apple would follow suit though....=/

LoVeRSaMa3109d ago

Apples products all look beautiful, that's one thing they always get right, this device here likes like a 1990's Walkman.

seinfan3109d ago


Hey, stupid. Good companies will always put an emphasis on a working device before wanting to make it aesthetically appealing.

LoVeRSaMa3109d ago

Hey Stupid'er this is apply we are talking about, its look and feel always out weights its its power and hardware abilities.

karan86243109d ago

Both stupids above me

Its still a prototype, not the final product, so thats why it looks different

seinfan3109d ago

@1.4 Hey retard #1, learn to spell. Also, you'd rather buy a malfunctioning device that looks "cool" rather than one that works and is "uncool"? Yeah, you are an idiot.

@1.5 Hey retard #2, I didn't say it was the final product AND apparently this isn't an Apple product at all.

BattleAxe3109d ago

Yo, all you morons.....its a prototype ok? Prototypes aren't meant to look good, they're just used to test the new tech.

4pocalyps33109d ago

(just wanted to join in) also *insert bad joke about apple product purposely left on floor*

but i hope they release another iphone soon. itching to get one and i dont want to buy a 3gs and then find out there releasing ANOTHER one

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frankymv3109d ago

Macrumors has conformed this is a Japanese clone obtained in Japan

blind-reaper3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

I didn't know japanese make counterfeit copies of anything.
It would be funny if this one actually turned out better than original iPhone.

Blaze9293109d ago

good cause that thing was uuuuuuugly

geth1gh3109d ago

There are so many grammar issues once the translator puts it into English. It is hard for me to even follow most of the time.

Seriously, this happened in California, are there no local articles?

Speed-Racer3109d ago

It was an Engadget story... I dunno why the idiot contributor submitted a german link instead. Clearly seen the logos on the pics...

Mikelarry3109d ago

looks like a poorly modded iphone/itouch nothing sexy about that brick. something apple desing even on their bad days will produce as a draft

D.THOMAS3109d ago

no way thats real 1st off if its a apple prototype you better believe its not going to display the apple logo because thats going to draw unwanted attention 2nd apple is big on their new unibody designs and i doubt they will make the already good looking iphone look like a cheap drug store toy

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