Activision: Infinity Ward treated 'extremely well'

Activision has claimed that Infinity Ward - like all of its owned developers - has been treated "extremely well", and that its top talent is paid "millions of dollars" by the firm.

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MexicanAppleThief3158d ago

If IW were treated well, I wonder how they treat TreyArch?

IdleLeeSiuLung3158d ago

So you guys think that Activision became the largest game publisher by treating their flagship franchise and studio terribly.

To me that doesn't make sense at all. Activision/Kotick isn't stupid. Most likely Activision treated Infinity Ward "extremely well". It probably is just the head is gone and the lowers are scrambling to go elsewhere while they are also given great offers at other studios including Respawn.

Brklynty13158d ago

But I guarentee everything west and zampella claimed in the document was true. No matter how well you treat people, f*ck with their paychecks and all of that goes out the f*cking window.

wicko3158d ago

They'd have to be pretty stupid to let IW fall apart like it has. Regardless of what I think about MW2, IW apparently has the skill necessary to sell obscene amounts of copies. I can't see other developers accomplishing the same thing so easily, and honestly I hope Activision doesn't get that chance.

Myze3158d ago


Apparently you didn't hear all the stuff about EA a few years back and how all their developers and structure was based on the cubicle setup you here about and everything was strictly business-like and very "formal" and requiring way too many hours, 7 days a week. That type of setting does NOT work for a creative environment, as many game studios, employees and movie studios can attest. EA has since changed their behavior and made it more worker-friendly. Only reason I mention EA is to let you know that someone that big CAN treat their employees like crap and only care about the bottom line. On the surface Activision seems even worse. Now, I'm sure they have little control over what Blizzard does, but their other studios are probably run with an iron fist of "do what I say when I say it" attitude.

Also, do you really believe Activision, probably under orders of Kotick on what to say, would tell everyone "yes, we treat our developers like crap, but we can do what we want."

Another thing, the way I think it could have happened, Activision probably treated IW very well...until the game was released. Then decided that they could weasel their way out of giving IW a fair share of what their game made.

The IW guys will hopefully win their case (the more PR crap I hear from Kotick, the more I want them to). Hopefully they (the IW crew) will open their own group or join with a better group (Sony, as one example), and I don't care if Activision was never to release another game (I know it won't hurt them all that much as long as they have Blizzard). Sure, I would miss the Blizzard games, but even if Activision went under, due to bad business practice (IW being just a start), Blizzard would be fine on their own or by joining another publisher.

FantasyStar3158d ago

Wasn't there a petition a while ago from some Santa Monica wives saying that Sony is overworking them? The only place I can think of that's a safe haven for developers is Insomniac: after all they got the "Best Place to work At" award.

hikayu173158d ago

if they haved treated IW well , they shoulda known not to milk the f*ck out of their IP . IW made COD good , treyarch dumbed the franchise down by COD 3 and COD5 . some may argue that COD5 was good , but it really brought nothing new to the table . it was a mere copy of COD4 in WW2 . while IW hard at work creating COD4 , treyarch just had to copy it . how would you feel if you work at IW ? and now a third dev ? IW should have left activision long ago .

bobby nodick is an a-hole who shouldnt have to do anything with the game business in the first place . look where he got with guita hero , tony hawk or now cod .

if only blizzard find a way out too , MUHAHAHA !!
to hell with you ACTI !

Christopher3158d ago

China: Workers paid extremely well

OpenGL3158d ago

Adolf Hitler: The Jews were treated 'extremely well'

kalebgray923158d ago

Africans: fed extremely well

Da One3158d ago

You're thinking of the Red Dead Redemption developers

Raz3158d ago

"Public opinion is turning against us! People are discovering what greedy blood-sucking corporate scumbags we are! Quick, send in the PR monkeys!"

Too late, Bobby. Too late.

FantasyStar3158d ago

Oh shoot. I messed up there. Crap....

Well, disregard my initial post!

AEtherbane3158d ago

Which is why the employees wanted to quit, right?

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josh143993158d ago

yeh the ones who got sacked must have been greedy basta*** not the publisher who is known to sell expensive dlc and raise the prices of popular games. people dont leave a company if they are treat decently they leave because they were either treat crap or they think they can do better (i think its both)

Kratos Spartan3158d ago

They laid on hammocks and were fed grapes by beautiful women, all the while counting those big stacks of cash, delivered personally by Mr. Kotick himself.

Raz3158d ago

LMAO; bubbles for that

MGRogue20173158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

Yeah ok.. Sssh... Ssshhhh.. Shh.. Ssssssssuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrree they are. *two thumbs up* :)

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