Samsung TV LED 3D accessible on Xbox 360 "Hyper Real 3D Engine turns any 2D signal in 3D!

According with the blog DElyMyth, Samsung has presented in Italy his specific product line for 3D. The most interesting is the confirmation of the TV series 3D 7000 LED capable of transforming any high definition signal from 2D to 3D thanks to the integrated processor Hyper Real 3D Engine.
As this demonstration was a station set up with Microsoft Xbox 360 which ran on Halo 3: ODST."

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Natsu X FairyTail3503d ago

Still on the edge about this 3D stuff man. you need them 3D tvs them 3D glasses and etc etc. What about peoeple who just got their hands on brand new HD tv's? On the other hand I'm really psyched about 3D on portable consoles like N3D because you dont need glasses!

ipwnall3503d ago

The 3DS will be just a gimmick. True 3D, and I mean good 3D, can only be gained from a 120+hertz signal with shutter glasses.

I can't wait for true 3D on the PS3, it's going to be astounding!

evrfighter3503d ago


I don't quite understand how this escaped everyone for the past year...There's probably a drawback or a catch.

wait for more info regarding this before you start thumping this article as fact.

divideby03503d ago

^ more like a 240 signal

Qui-Gon Jim3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

@ ipwnall: The 3DS is going to be true 3D if the rumors are true. it's just that the 3D will be at half the resolution (per eye) and you have to be straight in front of the screen.

@ evrfighter: The catch is that the TV "fakes" 3D with software. It basically has to guess at what the two images should look like. I don't know how well it works, but I imagine that at best it ends up looking like cardboard cutouts moving in 3D space. Or it might end up looking pretty good, but it's also not really "true" 3D.

@ divideby0: You should check specs. 3DTV standard requires 120 Hz minimum (60 Hz per eye) for the TV and 3D movies actually run at 48 Hz (compared to 24 Hz for 2D movies).


What is this about true 3D? The only "true 3D" is with your own eyes. Everything else is stereoscopic or simulated 3D. There is no "true 3D" TV and there never will be.

evrfighter3503d ago

"and 3D movies actually run at 48 Hz (compared to 24 Hz for 2D movies)."

this actually explains why people have told that the 3d movie they went and saw looked weird and they couldn't explain it.

These are people who spent almost their whole lives at 24-30fps. I couldn't imagine what their reaction would be if they saw gaming in 120fps.

120fps gaming > 3d gaming

hikayu173503d ago

3D movies are running at 48Hz is because the frame are then divide into 2 , 1 for each eyes so when it reaches your eyes , it would still be 24Hz . 3D looks weird , even on Avatar , is because there are flickers ( wat are they called again ?) around fast moving objects .

everyone is used to high FPS . you think playing game 120FPS is superior than 3D gaming , you're an idiot . it has nothing to do with each other . 3D can be played at 240FPS , divided into 2 eyes = 120 FPS .

@MACADOODLE : yes there are true 3D tv . it was presented at CES 2010 ( or 2009 , or 2009 . forgot the exact info ) a 46" 3DTV that can produce 3d image without the need for glasses . it uses lenses and filters to produce the effect .
films and movies that are made with 3d from the start = real 3D .
software upconverted films and TV engine = fake 3D , example : clash of the titans .

Dacapn3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

Ok so here's how it works. The samsung will do a conversion and basically it will provide depth to your image, and that's it. Think of it like looking through a window.

True 3D, however, will not only provide depth, but you will also get the effect of things coming out of your screen and a much clearer picture. That's the difference.

Yes the the technology is already there to make 3D TVs without the need for glasses. The catch though is that there is only one seating position for those sets, so if you're in front of the TV, you'll see the 3D image, but the person next to you will see a double image.

duplissi3503d ago

dont worry about it, i work at best buy and we have the 55in samsung 3d led on display with a home theater setup.... and 3d on tv is not bad as long as your watching a 3d input- it gives me a headache to watch though, and this turn any 2d into 3d well it looks like CRAP (we demo it to customers on regular satelite) so i wont be clamoring to hook my xbox up to one of these tvs to get 3d (crappy 3d)

AAACE53503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

Yeah, i'm not sold on the 3D tv's either! You still need 3D glasses to see in 3d. They have made great improvements with the tech, but it feels corny to still need glasses for it! Not to mention the fact that since Nintendo is releasing a DS they you don't need 3d glasses for makes me believe the next versions of TV's will incorporate that same tech as well.

To those below who still want to discredit this. The transition from 2d to 3d gaming came with games like Mario 64. 3D means 3rd dimension! Games are created in a 3d environment but formatted to fit on non 3d tv's. Converting a game back to it's natural form isn't that hard!

You guys really are delusional! Quit drinking the koolaid... it's bad for you!

evrfighter3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

"3D can be played at 240FPS , divided into 2 eyes = 120 FPS . "

in what generation will HDTV's come out that are true 240hz. The 120hz and 240hz that are released now aren't true 120/240hz they are basically a bunch of 60hz panels slapped together. Simulating 120/240hz and actually playing 120/240hz are two completely different things. Again I'll say it

Hardly anyone here has seen how fluid 120hz gaming is. because of the fps advantage 120fps gaming gives me. I will have a HUGE advantage over someone playing at 60fps in 3d.

A good player playing in 120fps will DECIMATE a good player playing in 3d because of this advantage.

so again

120fps gaming > 3d gaming.

ChrisW3503d ago

I believe True 3D is possible. The only problem is, is that we'll have to find a way to create floating holographic images and display them in some sort of quasi-Holodeck. Then this will be considered as "True 3D."

I know this sounds cheesy, but many things that were impossible years back are now possible. Just... maybe not in our lifetime for this one.

Dacapn3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

I don't think you know what you're talking about. The TVs out today do in fact have 120 and 240Hz processors built in, specifically the Sony and Samsung TVs. The LG, Toshiba, and off-brand sets (at least 09 and back) basically emulated the "120/240Hz effect" without having an actual 120/240Hz processor built in, which helped cut costs and keep those sets at a lower price. What that means is that if there was actually any content out with that high of a refresh rate, the Sony and Samsung panels would be able to display a picture for you.

Let me also clarify the deal with the glasses. Like I said before, the technology is already here with TVs that do not require glasses to see 3D, but again, the seating position is limited. You will be seeing these TVs coming out this year, and they will be premium models. They will primarily be used in dedicated theater rooms and professional settings. I don't think panasonic will be releasing these TVs in the states, and I can't speak for the other manufacturers.

Might as well add this in while I'm at it. For those that think 3D gaming is a gimmick, you are severely uniformed. Most people seem to think 3D gaming will be the same as it is now but with depth. No. Sony and Nintendo (and Microsoft if they can figure out what their stance is with 3D and the 360) are poised to absolutely destroy the way games are played. We're talking peaking your head around a corner to fire a shot, and the screen adjusting accordingly. It's gonna be nuts.

Microsoft Xbox 3603503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

This is like upscaled vs native HD res. What you see here is 2d upscaled to 3d while the PS3 does NATIVE 3d rendering. There's a difference.

Dacapn3503d ago

Doesn't that mean Japan will have to lift the ban on plasmas to use that tech? XD

vhero3502d ago

So now it is possible on 360 however the bad news is only on a few TV's it's also available on PS2/xbox/wii technically as they are all HD capable. The only problem obviously is you would have to get a samsung TV you really think MS can pitch the Get 3D on 360 only if you get a samsung TV when Sony do get 3D on PS3 with ANY 3D TV? Which you think is gonna win here?? Great idea though for those who really want 3D on 360.

evrfighter3502d ago

I don't understand why you think 120/240hz HDTV's let's you see your games in 120fps. They don't.

The only systems capable of 120fps gaming is the pc and not on one of those HDTV's because it would create input lag at 120/240hz.

There's nothing on the console or blu-ray that will let you see at 120fps. Unless you've game on a pc capable of 120fps on a 120hz pc monitor. You havn't seen 120fps gaming period.

so again

120fps gaming > 3d gaming.

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xer03503d ago

I think it's great that Xbox users can experience the magic of 3D in the next 6 months to a year, but with a lot of homes - still without HDTVs... isn't it early to start marketing 3DTV?

Personally - I think 3D is all hype and little substance.

To truly benefit from a 3D TV - you would need to purchase a 42 inch screen at minimum... if your sitting 3 meters away from your screen.

As a PS3 owner - I can get a 42/52inch screen at 120Hz or greater right now... and let the PS3 or my nVidia Geforce handle all the 3D work.

duplissi3503d ago

hey, its not "magic" it looks like crap if the source is not 3d, ive seen it.

buckeyestar3503d ago

Any 2D signal can be converted bynthe TV into a 3D signal? Riiiiight, I call bs on that. Reminds me of the claims in the early days of blu-ray when some manufacturerers were claiming that DVDs could be unconverted to 1080p that would rival the true HD of blu-ray.

Qui-Gon Jim3503d ago

I can see the difference. Upconverting basically just makes it look not as bad.

I think you're right, though. The 3D done in software will be just okay compared to true 3D.

legendkilla3503d ago

its doesn't make a good viewing experience with the up-scaled 3D, its better with the 3D bluray monster vs aliens

thehitman3503d ago

is probably a 240Hz TV which probably cost double the amount of a 120 dont think any1 wants to pay that much for a 3D experience. 2 years this will probably sell better.

duplissi3503d ago

thats exactly what it is. oh and i will say it again, if the source is not 3d then it looks like crap.

evilmonkey5013503d ago

Movies and games that are designed for 3d have a much better effect though than those that are just processed. A good analogy would be having your receiver turn a 2 channel signal into 7.1 surround sound. You have sound coming out of all the speakers, but its not the same as
dts or prologic surround.

I own a 3d tv.

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