New Natal title outed

CVG: An all-new first-party Natal project has been outed by a US movie director. But don't get too excited, hardcore 360 fans - this sits very much in 'casual' territory.

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DigitalRaptor3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

This is pretty much a precursor to what you can expect from Natal.

It's not really fair on the hardcore 360 users who think it's gonna be used in all their favourite games. But then again if they're hardcore, why would they opt for this control scheme anyway, right?

Natsu X FairyTail3502d ago

I'm pretty sure Hardcore 360 Players dont want Natal to be useid in their favorite games. But I'm pretty sure They would not mind using natal to expand the gameplay of those games. Like in in the new Ghost reckon you can use natal from what I've heard to control your troops over the maps with hand gestures and stuff like that. That's a good way of using natal with a Hardcore game.

DelbertGrady3502d ago

Yes. It would make sense only to focus on the casuals when most of the software revenue for the 360 comes from hardcore titles /s.

I'm sure they will show off some more hardcore titles on E3.

fox023502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

"I'm sure they will show off some more hardcore titles on E3. "

There's Fable, Ghost Recon, Gears (Cliffy mentioned it)...

Qui-Gon Jim3502d ago

All that's been said is that Ghost Recon will use Natal, the rest is speculation. What you said is probably true, but it's not confirmed.

avengers19783502d ago

I wouldn't be surprised, if by the time E3 hits we know for sure that Ghost Recon won't support Natal, neither will Fable 3(pete moly already said it won't have Natal support) Gears 3 not going to happen either.
So far MS has shown nothing that supports the claims that any of these games can be used with Natal.
I'll believe it when I see it running.

AAACE53501d ago

If their are hardcore 360 owners who think this will be the main focus of future games, then they have serious problems! Natal will probably be used in some games, but it's main purpose is to provide a different type of gaming that couldn't be done on the console before, just as Sony is doing with the move. The only difference is, with the move, it looks like Sony is trying to make their controller replace the ones you have already, seeing how they have set up the controller with all the main functions of a regular controller... similar to the Wiimote.

bjornbear3501d ago

forget it dude...the "hardcore" 360 fans "want" to want it, because its what they do...back it up just because its got "innovative" and "game changing" written all over it by the marketing department.

motion controls are innovative sure, but i don't give two tosses and many others don't because, there is already so much to explore with a normal controller, stuff like this isn't worth it.

IdleLeeSiuLung3501d ago

I would argue that, I'm not sure I want Natal on my hardcore games unless it makes sense. Don't replace the controller with a more clunky design.

The only time Natal should be used is when the same control is more difficult to control with the traditional controller. Certain games do well with Natal, like full body fighting games. However, I don't want to sneak around my living room while playing Splinter Cell using Natal.

Perhaps, casual games will be the type of games hardcore gamers might enjoy with the introduction of Natal. Who knows...? Because it is casual like doesn't mean it isn't fun.

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Omega43502d ago

Now that MS are demoing new games, someone needs to leak some shaky cam videos.

Plus I wonder how much these games will cost. Maybe the red ball game, this river game, the boxing and football games will all be bundled into 1 and will be Natals Wii Sports type game which comes with every unit.

fox023502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

I doubt Micrososft will ever give away anything for free. What you'll get is a demo, like wii-sports, but a demo and you'll have to pay to own the full wii-sports.

That's probably why it's going to cost $50.

EDIT @below
You're right, my X360 came with Forza 3, some XBLA games and an extra controller. they might give those games for free, just like Nintendo did.

siyrobbo3502d ago

what about the holiday bundles where they give away 2 free games in every 360, they've done that every year for a while

forza 2 / viva pinata
lego indiana jones / kung fu panda
lego batman / pure

also i bought a 360 the other year and got a free extra controller as well as 2 games

kissmeimgreek3502d ago

i guarantee theyll package a game with natal. Sure itll just be all of the demos they will show thrown into one package but thats what Nintendo did. They want the casuals to know they value in this thing. Natal will probably be $75 and will inlcude a free game full of min games.

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DelbertGrady3502d ago

"Whether I'm historically acknowledged or not, the Natal was an amazing piece of technology and I'll be the first one in line to buy one when they come out during the holidays. Bayman told me there were boxing and football and other Natal games coming out, but I really, really can't wait to shoot someone on that f*cking thing."

Agreed lol.

3502d ago
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IdleLeeSiuLung3502d ago

That video comes up in every Natal article. Aren't people sick of posting it yet?

tunaks13502d ago

this whole pew pew pew thing is gay,
have you all forgotten that Sony tried to do this with the EyeToy for the ps2 and ps3. How about that game they showed at gdc, with the girl shaking here hand infront of the tv what do you call that?
A lot of these sony fanboys are wagon riders. First they claim sony came up with motion controll and the camera, then they say its a gimmick, then they laugh at the pew pew thing.
Pick one so you can troll with unisons, sheesh

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BrutallyBlunt3502d ago

I think some of these games will be a great way to expand the userbase. With so many shooters and other aggressive games in nature it will be nice to just sit back (in this case jump around) and have some good old fashion fun.

It will take a year or two before we really see what this thing can do.

Sitris3502d ago

Is a 360 price drop/bundle with natal at same price and i will be happy. Better be hardcore games with more involvement than just hand gestures though like fists, straight hands etc, as i reckon that sounds a little unimaginative. I certainly don't want to just chuck grenades either. Something like what is rumoured with the 'ring' system for fable 3 sounds sick. 5 fingers mapped to different elements and depending on what fingers you show and the way you move your arm depends on what spell comes out. I can't remember where i read it but if its true, casting spells will be amazing.

DigitalRaptor3502d ago

The Natal stuff that you'll get with you're hardcore games will probably, and sadly, be no more than what you mentioned.

And as far as I know, the technology in Natal isn't precise enough to map your finger movements - only your limbs, head etc.

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