Fallout: New Vegas: Huge Comparison Shots with Fallout 3

Some impressive comparison screenshots of Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 3 in High Definition.

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Hellsvacancy3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

Lol, they look exactly the same, which doesnt bother me at all, i liked the way Fallout 3 looked, as long as they make Vegas longer, more violent and let u b able 2-do more stuff id b VERY happy

Day 1 baby

vhero3503d ago

Exactly but whats the point? This sites just comparing a ton of games for hits and nothing more.. They are really annoying..

tdrules3503d ago

do you honestly think most gaming sites rely on N4G?
negro please.
anyway the game looks horrible and unrealistically green, as usual

Nihilism3503d ago

wtf, are people honestly complaining about a lack of realism in games...

make sure you protest next time there is game released where you can take more than 1 bullet without body armour and live, and when a game is released with a skinny female with disproportionately large breasts, or when there is magic...because magic isn't real, and when characters can carry 10 guns on their person while running around...

It's a damn game, and an rpg at that, escapism is the key theme...

I can't wait to get back in the wasteland and mod myself some custom weapons ( super accurate rocket launcher - check.)

HighDefinition3503d ago

You must be new here.......not most but some.

Some site have absolutely gotten their start being able to use N4G as a medium.

PSLS and HHG, just to name a few.

Brewski0073503d ago

Yeah couldnt agree more, I really liked the style of fallout 3 so im looking forward to more of the same. I also would think the guys have alot in mind story-wise so i would like yourself hope for an even longer campaign, but for me what'll get me hooked will be the side missions and dlc which im sure will be plenty ! :)
Fallout 3 has one of the best dlc catalogues out there :)

wicko3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

Yep, if anyone was expecting a leap in visuals they were kidding themselves. Their engine needs a major overhaul for something like that, and I doubt Obsidian is going to do that for Bethesda. Hopefully that is exactly what Bethesda is working on right now :D

Also buying this day 1. Actually, on 2nd thought I might wait for another GOTY edition, it's nice having all the DLC and the original content on a single disc. By then a lot of issues should be patched as well, although since this is Obsidian it might be more stable :p

TheHater3503d ago

Look at Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition. It still had all the problems of the original. Very little, if not nothing, was fix from the original version and the game of the year edition.

Hellsvacancy3503d ago

Brewski007 - a bubble 4 u mofo

I just hope there isnt any of that MS (timed) "exclusive" bussiness, i hated not knowin when/if the dlc would cum 2 the PS3

Megaton3503d ago

Yeah, it's identical, which only bothers me because that engine is the most glitch-ridden thing in the industry today. Still, I absolutely adore Fallout 3, and New Vegas will likely turn out to be my favorite game of the year.

Cerebellum3503d ago

Am I the only one who isn't going to spoil the surprise by looking at FNW pics, screens, vids etc? Save it for day one!!! Boooyah!

raztad3503d ago

I'm diggin Fallout 3 a lot. Love the game. The animations are pure crap though, dont care if VEGAS looks all the same but I hope they improve the animation system. Getting rid of some critical system-crasher bugs would be extremely nice too.

HeadShot3502d ago

But lets just hope they add in some better dialogue. I hated talking to someone that had the same emotionless expression all the time.

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keyserhitman3503d ago

which is pretty good giving the fact that the map apprently "dwarfs"
fallout 3's capital wastland

hence the need for vehicles...

cant wait!


wicko3503d ago

Nice! If theres one thing F3 needed it was vehicles. Even with the smaller landscape vehicles would have been awesome.

gtamike1233503d ago

I love the gameplay in fallout 3 so I can't wait for this! :D

Dark_Overlord3503d ago

will it work without having to be patched a half a billion times

TheXgamerLive3503d ago

it's not noticable in these comparisons, which is ok, i loved the look of megaton and fallout 3 and this will be great looking as well. I just hope the story is up to par, and I get as many hrs. from the game as well.

MexicanAppleThief3503d ago

Why are you in the Openzone? That's a good comment, you belong to the left.


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