AMD Sells 6 Million ATI DX11 GPUs

AMD announced revenue for the first quarter of 2010 of $1.57 billion, net income of $257 million, or $0.35 per share, and operating income of $182 million. The company reported non-GAAP net income of $63 million, or $0.09 per share, and non-GAAP operating income of $130 million.

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champ214301d ago

PC Gaming is going strong with AMD alone having sold 6million DX11 GPU's till date.

ps3ftwin4301d ago

Dam 6 Million is a huge figure, considering thats from AMD only.

Its been about 6 months since the 5xxx series GPUs released. That would put an average sales of 1 milllion GPUs per month from AMD alone thats one par with any of todays leading consoles like the PS3 or the Xbox. If we add in Nvidia PC gaming looks to be going Solid.

Personally i have a 9800gtx runs all my games at 1080p but i really want to get on the DX11 bandwagon. Seriously considering to purchase a 5870 or 5850 GPU.

Please help lol.

champ214301d ago

Depends on your current rig. If its anything like a Core 2 duo or quad, any of these Gpus will be an overkill though it will leave you room for upgradability in the future in case you do decide to upgrade your rig.

5870 currently sells for about 400usd
5850 is at 300usd.

Personally i would pick the 5870 if you have the budget, its an awesome GPU. Upgrade rest of the rig when you have the funds anyways its the GPU that does most of the work at higher resolutions.

Letros4301d ago

Like champ said, depending on your CPU, it may not be worth an upgrade, but 9800GTX -> Radeon 5850 or GTX 470 would be your best bet for a solid performance increase, I'd recommend the 5770 but it's not miles ahead of your current card, and the 5830 is just too expensive for it's performance. NVidia will have a "5830-5850" range card out this summer as well.

t8504301d ago

Not Surprised, production of high end GPUs has been maxed out at ATI since october.

Infact Demand was so high that prices had to be increased after the initial launch price.

JsonHenry4301d ago

I bought my 5870 the first week. Been loving it ever since!

JsonHenry4301d ago

I went from an 8800GTS 640meg to an HD5870 on my AMD dual core rig and it made a HUGE difference. So please don't go telling people it is not worth their time if they only have a dual core rig because it does and DID make a huge difference.

However, I did buy a Phenom 965 quad along with a new MB and DDR3 ram and performance increased a decent amount over the dual core.

ps3ftwin4301d ago

Thanks for all the repies guys.

My PC is about 4 years old now. Has a 775 Pin motherboard. After much research i decided i could upgrade the CPU to a

Q8300 thats 150usd Overclock this to 3.5ghz
5850 300usd Overclock to as high it will go.
4 gigs of ram currently present which i think should be enough.

So for 450usd this looks like a sweet upgrade to last afew more years.

evrfighter4301d ago (Edited 4301d ago )

DX11 GPU's means this is just the 5xxx series sales. dx10 Gpu's such as the 4xxx. I'm sure are still solid also.

within the last year I've noticed that there has been a positive change in pc gaming. The big game Publishers are praising it. Hardware makers are making record sales. PCGA has stated the pc gaming sales have grown. Even more and more articles about how cheap a really solid gaming pc can be.

It also seem that the gold rush to try and make easy money on consoles has peaked (IW has fallen, Guitar hero and Tony Hawk are dying, EA has started to once again started to cater to the pc crowd). The dust is beginning to settle and pc games that push the limits of technology and hardware seem to once again be on the horizon.

bad company 2 is not partial to any quad core you have. a q8300 is still pretty good in my book if you oc it. I made a new pc on an athlon x4 635 @3.3ghz (A Q8300 OC'd would definately outdo this cpu) and a 5770 for my sister. I installed bc2 for kicks and it averaged 60-70fps @1080p on fraps benchmark. AAx1 though.

ColdFire4301d ago

So PC gaming is dieing...? I think not :D

ps3ftwin4301d ago


If thats what a 5770 can manage, i am sold on the 5850 ;-)

Cant wait to get the upgrades done.

ProjectVulcan4301d ago (Edited 4301d ago )

Most of these sales are gonna be budget cards, and mostly- to OEMs (Dell, HP, Acer etc) This is however normal. There nothing like having a 'DX11 ready' sticker on the box to sell machines to uninformed consumers. Its one better than DX10 see? Lol. This also explains why Ati have sold so many, for the past few months being the only one shipping quantities of DX11 cards for OEMs they are in great demand, and it will continue until nvidia launch more mainstream DX11 parts.

However it seems the gaming class radeons like the 57/58 series has sold exceptionally well even without competition from nvidia for 6 months. Ati are eating into nvidia's enthusiast market share rapidly and most importantly, doing it while making a profit on their cards. Just look on the steam stats to see what the most popular enthusiast level cards are.

The radeon 48/57/58 have made a big impact and as the green figure shows, increasing steadily


''5870 currently sells for about 400usd
5850 is at 300usd''

Lol, the 5850 is overpriced, and is a little different to the 5770 and that cost like $160.

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PotNoodle4301d ago

I thought PC gaming was dead, yet the manufacturer with the smaller market share is selling 6 million GPUs?

t8504301d ago

and that figure doesnt even count the DX10 gpus sold lol.

mrv3214301d ago

Just because PC gamers don't whine about the console wars or what ever doesn't mean they aren't around. Please note WoW, that is at like 10 million and ONLY holds a 66% market share, that's a lot of people just plaing MMORPG's.

Letros4301d ago

People playing only WoW don't buy DX11 GPU's.

El_Colombiano4300d ago

People playing WOW don't only play WOW.

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Revvin4301d ago

I think my next graphics card will be an ATi. I've used nVidia since they first produced cards when Voodoo went the way of the dodo and I've only used an ATi card once briefly a few years ago. It seemed the drivers were not as solid as nVidia back then but they seem to be better now and offer more bang for buck. When the time is right I might even just stick to AMD for my CPU also for the same reason.

Letros4301d ago

Their drivers are very respectable now, you still can't do individual game profiles through the control center like you can do with Nvidia, it was something that I missed when I went back to ATI again, but you quickly forget about it in a weeks time, when a card is so fast you just max everything out anyway.

Revvin4301d ago

Yeah thats what I'm hearing from friends running them and lets not forget nVidia's last driver release that was recalled. Fortunately I am a multi platform gamer and a console exclusive came out on the Friday the day after I'd installed the nVidia drivers that made me decide to play that most of the night and I ended up just web browsing on my PC so put no strain on the GPU. The next morning I got a text from a friend warning me about it so I had the chance to revert to the older drivers. I've never bothered setting game profiles in all the time I've used nVidia so its not something I would miss.

wissam4301d ago (Edited 4301d ago )

PC hardware selling is really amazing.

sid4gamerfreak4301d ago

Who said pc gaming was dying? Oh right, the console fanboys. Just enjoying one of ati brilliant dx 11 graphics right now...

evrfighter4301d ago

As am I.

I should be enjoying eyefinity right now but I opted to buy an SSD drive instead of my 3rd monitor lol. But by this time next week. I will be the newest addition to the eyefinity club.

darkequitus4301d ago

I skipped this GPU gen (I have a 4870). I went for 2 SSDs (60gb Vertex and Intel x25-v). What a difference those made! I will jump in when ATi releases their Southern Islands GPUs

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