Final Fantasy goes episodic?

OXMUK: Square-Enix drops hints about the future direction of its flagship series.

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Xwow20083104d ago

NO THX, i prefer a new whole FF game every time(new story , battle system,new world)- i think square will screw the FF game :(

Prototype3102d ago

If they mean FF11 and 14 I'm cool with; the other versions HELL NO

rebirthofcaos3103d ago

natsu I will agree with you. they havent done a proper final fantasy in a long time.

RosoTron363102d ago

That no more content will be sacrificed, I wouldn't mind. Although it's just another way of saying... We cater to the install base now, not our fan base...

keysy4203102d ago

the whole logic behind the industry is fcking retarded. companies could easy make more money but they are too dumb to know it

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