E for Effort: The Mass Effect series so far


I'll start this out with the fact that I can see how Mass Effect is a good game to a lot of people. Its accomplishments in story telling are hands above many games that I consider good. The effort behind the games are tremendous.

The game fails me in many ways but I see what Bioware wants this game to be. I have no issue with people loving the game, only that it is truly "flawless." I will wait for Mass Effect 3 as I can only hope its combines the best and the worst of the two to make something better.

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starmin763496d ago

Is that it takes a lot of small criticisms that people have of the games, and blows them out of proportion, pretending as if they ruin the entire freaking game, turning it into a pile of (well intentioned) crap.

This is not true. The Mass Effect games are not flawless by any means, the great thing about them is that they are always better then the sum of their individual parts. This guy needs to stop nitpicking at things that have been done a lot worse in other games and start enjoying the overall experience.