Naughty Dog: NPD Covers Wal-Mart Sales

Naughty Dog commented on their twitter that contrary to what most people believe, NPD does cover Wal-Mart on their monthly sales.

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Sigh3107d ago

wonder what other retailers it covers also.

ClownBelt3107d ago

Anyone got a list? Thanks in advance.

Rainstorm813107d ago

I need to start going to twitter for all my gaming news......thats where everything is unveiled.

Nebulas Zero3106d ago


Yeah, same here. A friend of mine recently shifted onto Twitter, and he's found some awesome stuff like this:

Companies like Bioware also make a lot of their announcements over Twitter as well. Certainly a place to be right now.

lelo2play3106d ago

NO... NO ... and definitely NO. I believe much more on VGChartz then NPD or Naughty Dog. (/sarcasm)

harrisk9543106d ago

"Although, NPD does not track Wal-Mart, they do estimate Wal-Mart and other retailers' sales using various algorithms and estimations"

Rip-Ridah3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Good stuff. I was going to find that link and post it but you beat me to it. That Naughty Dog dev is wrong about that. The only 2 companies in the U.S. that tracks all retailers and sells for Playstation products are Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. and the Internal Revenue Service.

*Edit* The link I am referring to is the actual NPD person quoted as stating this. It was on N4G a while ago but I am having trouble locating it. The guy says the same thing but some people may need to hear it from the horses mouth to believe it.

Darkfocus3106d ago

you do realize that's not necessarily correct right? Anyone can edit it including me I could change it right now if I wanted to.

Pedobear Rocks3106d ago

I bring it up EVERY TIME someone disses NPD numbers on this site.

NPD and Walmart came to an agreement in 2009.

Here is the relevant info direct from NPD's website.

feelintheflow3106d ago

oh yeah, I will believe the wiki site over the actual info from NPD... what a joke, fanboys have to hang on to something right... haha.

soxfan20053106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Even if they didn't cover Walmart (or Amazon), is there any reason to believe that the ratio of sales between PS3, 360, & Wii would be different at those stores?

If anything, 360 sales could possibly be under-reported because Walmart is a discount retailer, and a lower priced console may sell more at Walmart than at other retailers.

Tapewurm3106d ago

explains the 360's sales lead :) LOL See the link to understand...


raWfodog3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

That's misleading. NPD's consumer-tracking deal with Walmart is not RETAIL tracking.

Consumer-tracking is used more as a trend-tracker within the chain(s).

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Omega43107d ago

Im sure I remember reading NPD doesn't actually cover Walmart but it makes as educated estimate of it sales along with Amazon as well

Still a very random comment from ND

tyrex3106d ago

walmart may be estimated

Elven63106d ago

Amazon is partially covered since some of the orders are handled by retailers like Circuit City (ex), Best Buy, etc, I don't think the ones handled by Amazon themseleves are covered.

Rip-Ridah3106d ago

See the link at comment 1.5 for the facts. The Naughty Dog dev is wrong.

raWfodog3105d ago

See 1.12

Consumer-tracking is different from retail tracking.

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harlem_v13107d ago

Thank god someone in the industry pointed this out. The only ones that used the whole "NPD doesnt include Walmart" was Nintendo fanboys for year on end.

Seferoth753106d ago

I'm sorry but that is just idiotic at best. Nintendo fanboys pull up Walmart? for what? To point out how not only are they ahead of PS3 by double sales digits on NPD alone?
Sorry but Sony fans have used the excuse when PS3 is last.

It's funny though you think the console that is always in first is using some excuse to justify not being in first.

JRisburning3107d ago

a list, just because it has always peaked my interest.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi_3106d ago

I only say that because the ChavBots&ModBots think the Japanese Sales are irrelevant!!! ;-D

Anyway add-up last months USA + Japan sales numbers for the 'xBox 360' + the 'PS3' and the 'PS3' TOTALLY DESTROYS the 'xBotched 360' in Sales!! ;-P

avengers19783106d ago

Bots only care about american sales numbers, apparentlly the rest of the world doesn't matter much.

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