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Freekscape: Escape from Hell is a good example of the entertainment and value a PlayStation Minis title should contain, or indeed any PlayStation Network title. Although the graphics may be lackluster, this shouldn't detract from the experience that Freekscape: Escape from Hell delivers – and shouldn't be missed by any PlayStation owner.

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doctorstrange3109d ago

I love the art style, looks like some real fun

user94220773109d ago

It is. Undoubtedly one of the best minis released

hatchimatchi3109d ago

cool, this game looked interesting. I was waiting for a review. I think i'm gonna buy it soon.

T3mpr1x3108d ago

Same here, glad to see this is a Mini worth my cash.

user94220773109d ago

Yeah it's a pretty solid game - especially considering the price. Go for it.

West_Coast_G3108d ago

I've never purchased a Minis game. Maybe I should?