Fist of the North Star Gameplay Video Shows Off Special Attacks

GS:Two new gameplay videos for the upcoming Fist of the North Star were released recently, showing off the special attacks of two characters: Raoh and Kenshiro. The game was released in Japan back on March 25th, with a release date for the rest of the world sometime later this year.

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SasanovaS19873496d ago

definitely dope. now give me hajime no ippo game!!!

Smkt3495d ago


Simon_Brezhnev3495d ago

Kenshiro the hardest man in anime. Raoh did a lot of bítch moves in the anime.

GameOn3495d ago

but it just looks like they put no effort into this game. A real shame.

NYC_Gamer3495d ago

looks just like all those crappy dynasty warriors games....

Raoh3495d ago


i have to get this just on the fact that i'm a huge fan

check the name, its also the names i use for my psn/xbla accounts