Motion controllers: Music video games primed for new dance revolution

Music games are about to come full circle, with the next stage of the struggling genre coming from the familiar category of dance music, driven by new motion-capture controllers expected to hit the market this fall.

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whateva3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

because you can have the avatars do your every move in the Dance game!

LOL the Smooth Criminal video just got me hyped for a Natal Dancing Game!

-Alpha3109d ago

It definitely is. The casual market is going to eat Natal up. Microsoft has a very capable product and from the beginning their aim has been towards chunking away at Nintendo.

Apocalypse Shadow3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

natal will most likely have some DDR game or Dancing With the Stars game.avatars on the xne will now be controlled by you the player.stuff like that.

i also expect companies to copy music games like what eyetoy delivered in games like eyetoy play 1-3,eyetoy groove,etc on this:

(5:22 seconds into the video-air guitar)

i think sony can get music games going just fine as well with PS MOVE.even better in some

can you see it?
virtual drumset
xylophone maybe?
trumpet solo...picture the move controllers and using the triggers for sound and buttons.the further the controllers are or how close produces the sound from the trumpet....AIR TRUMPET.
violin or any string instrument.picture one move controller as the violin and the other as the instrument.

getting the idea huh?great imagination huh?could be accurate since ps move is down to sub millimeter accuracy.

as for dancing?sony could do it/just have the pseye lock on to your feet instead of your the move controllers would act as your arms and hands.use this
and this guy as an example:
this guy used his FEET but configured his move would tell the pseye where you are and lock on to your feet.not natal level but close.

but music games could definitely be done on ps3.developers just have to think like me.

lizard812883108d ago


dancing 2

dancing: 80's music

dancing: 90's rave

dancing: disco 70's

dancing: club mix

dancing: lego edition

dancing: 50's sock hop

dancing: swinging 40's