This is what Wii games would look like in HD

Plenty of Wii games look good, but a little imagination and a homemade high definition makeover can make them look even better. Witness No More Heroes 2, MadWorld, Super Paper Mario, and Dead Space: Extraction come to HD life.

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hatchimatchi3498d ago

no more heroes in HD looks nice, I have it on my ps3. It's also a nice looking wii game too.

FarEastOrient3497d ago

I just saw the trailer for No More Heroes for the PS3 myself, I'm wondering if it will come to the states...

2Spock3497d ago

Wii and HD in the same sentence, that's funny.

hatchimatchi3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Ubisoft have said that they aren't publishing the 360/ps3 version in america. Someone else could publish it but I don't see it happening, the game is what, 3 years old now?

I bought mine at a local shop that gets imports, it's a cool game (i never played the wii version) but some of the stuff is in japanese. The tutorial text, the instruction manual and some other things. The dialog is all in english, there's also a japanese voice track but there are no english subtitles. Also, the ps3 version doesn't have the blood, the enemies turn to black ash. The 360 version has all blood and gore, but the 360 isn't region free.

HolyOrangeCows3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

I had someone tell me that HD "Wouldn't do anything for Wii games"

BullCRAP. There are lots of games with great art styles that would benefit from being more crisp.

AEtherbane3497d ago

Shovelhype? I think you invented a new word! I'll be using that one.

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jjesso19933498d ago

I just play all my wii games in dolphin

washingmachine3498d ago

we already know wot wii games look like in hd,wheres gamepro been lol

BannedForNineYears3498d ago

I find it funny how the graphics of the Wii = graphics on the Gamecube.
It's sad really. -_-
Go ahead and declare me a "Good console fanboy"...I don't care.
PC PS3 & 360 >>> Wii, work, and school.

eagle213497d ago

Many Wii games are funner than 75% of this HD shovelhype. Check my post below.

hatchimatchi3497d ago

the wii isn't a lackluster system because of it's lack of HD graphics. The ps2 & snes have the best game library out of all the consoles and none of those games are in HD.

It seems like the majority of people on n4g started gaming this generation. Go do some research people.

2Spock3497d ago

No the Wii is lackluster cause of its lack of power and it's lackluster games. And the PS2&Snes best library? Thats your opinion i would have to disagree.

amogrr3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Every system has its bunch of titles that define it. No one in their right mind would contest that.

I've been gaming since the Genesis, and even chewed on a NES remote. And Wii's lineup isn't bad at any rate. Its just that most people prefer to see it in that light.

hatchimatchi3497d ago

spock, you're half right.

The wii being lackluster doesn't have anything to due with it's lack of power. Mario Galaxy is a fantastic looking game and monster hunter tri looks phenomenal as well. What makes the wii lackluster is it's lack of solid polished titles.

Out of curiosity, what console do you think has the best software lineup?

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