Motion Controls in Madden?

IGN's Nate Ahearn ponder uses for Sony and Microsoft's new peripherals hitting stores this fall.

April 16, 2010 - In the minds of many self-proclaimed "hardcore gamers" motion controls are a bad thing. They're seen as a gimmick, and for good reason, as they've often been used as such on platforms like the Wii and in games like You're In The Movies on Xbox 360. But one genre that has seen some signs of worthwhile motion control use is sports, where many times having a club (read: controller) in your hand and swinging around like mad makes total sense. While it's true some sports games should be left alone (being the sports guy here at IGN, I certainly don't want my favorites ruined), I could see both the PlayStation Move and Natal being used cleverly in very specific instances to increase the fun and realism of playing sports games.

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whateva3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

or it could be really bad!

only time will tell!

look at the bright side the soft ball on the end of the PS-Move might save it from breaking your TV like the WiiMotes.

-Alpha3501d ago

What the hell is the guy in the picture holding?

And I'd hope so, sports games are just as bad as an Activision released rehash game.

Apocalypse Shadow3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

using this video as an example,you could be the quarterback and use the move controller's analogs to grasp the ball.with HEAD TRACKING,you look down the line left and then say:


then let the analog go on the second move then have the ball clinched in your other move away from the pseye,your player drops then do a forward motion to pass and let go of the first analog to let go of the ball.

if you are catching as a receiver,you use both move controllers to grasp the ball out of the air.then do running man movements with your arms and hold down a button to run forward.when you need to juke,you jump left or right to dodge opposing players.

spike the ball when over the goal line by doing a strong down motion with the move and let go of the ball.

even draw your own routes for your receivers to follow.

pretty simple really.there's probably more,but i'm tired and need sleep.but the game needs simplifying for casuals to play.

NFL2K5 for life baby!