Top 5 Xbox 360 Games That PS3 Owners Want

Microsoft's Xbox 360 is host to a plethora of great upcoming games in addition to boasting the largest library of games on a current-generation platform – something Xbox 360 product manager Aaron Greenberg is known for being prideful of. Since the 360's introduction in 2005, Aaron Greenberg has reiterated on several occasions that the console features the most games, even more than the top-selling Nintendo Wii console. The 360 has seen some great titles over the years, and while many are also available on the PC, here are the Top 5 Xbox 360 games that PlayStation 3 owners wish they had.

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ElementX3501d ago

Wasn't there an article about this last week?

SolidAhmed3501d ago

but i think i will add fable to the list :)

-Alpha3501d ago

either that or it was a "top 5 ps3 games 360 owners want"

All I've wanted was Halo, hence I bought a 360. Everything else I either never cared too much for or didn't want to buy. Mass Effect, Gears, Crackdown, etc. They seem good, but never really wanted a 360 for it.

CrimsonFox133501d ago

As a PS3 owner, the only game I want from that list is Mass Effect 2, as my computer cannot even run Half-Life 2 well, I cannot get it for that. Everything else I don't really care about.

presto7173501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

Mass Effect 2 : Awesome
Gears 2: Nice (except for them damn glitches)
Halo 3: Nah.
Left 4 Dead: Hell Nah
Conviction: Um.....

Red_Orange_Juice3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

Halo - NO
Gears - NO
Mass Effect - YEEEEEEEEEEES :)
Conviction - NO, but still yes, even if its not real Splinter Cell anymore I want to play it
Alan Wake - YES :)
L4D - Not Really

/On the other hand if I had only 360, I'd want more PS3 games on 360, so I'm good.

nix3501d ago

i only like GeOW series becoz it looks like serious mindless fun. and Alan Wake is the other one that holds my interest. doesnt mean i'll pick up 360. it's just not worth it. am playing Yakuza 3 now. great game. there's so much to do apart from main story. GOW3 was equally great. hmmm.... yup, not worth it.

SnuggleBandit3501d ago

I would buy mass effect 1 and 2, and maybe the upcoming alan wake (still a question mark)...Gears i probably would as well. Other than that though nothing really interests me. I have played halo and left 4 dead and i feel that they are both VASTLY overrated. As far as conviction is concerned, that is probably gonna be a nice rent once it comes to ps3 in a few months.

DarkTower8053501d ago

1. Alan Wake
2. Mass Effect 2

In that order. Also, that new game 2K Marin is working on looks epic.

Halo, GeOW, Fable, L4D and SC:C have never interested me in the slightest.

3501d ago
DailyAddict3501d ago

Conviction will come to PS3. Every other Splinter Cell game has gone to PlayStation within a few short months after it's been on Xbox. I don't even know why they keep saying exclusive cause none of them have been exclusive.

3501d ago
Red_Orange_Juice3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

man, what are you doing here? you want me to imagine how it would be like without PS3? Noooooooo, I can't take it, stop, stop now!

Icyhot3501d ago

Mass Effect is an awesome series and I wish it was on the PS3. I played ME2 and it's one of the best RPG along with FO3 and Demon Souls.

Gears is pretty badass as well, but I prefer UC over it mainly cause it has a better plot and more like able characters along.. But that doesn't mean I don't want Gears, the more the merrier.

Halo.. pft.. You can keep it.

L4D... Maybe, but I don't like to play a lot of multi-player, so it doesn't matter to me.

SC:C... Never played a SC game in my life, so will give a try if announced, but the 5 hour Single player still stings a little.. As I mentioned, I don't multi-player a lot, so this might be a rent game.

I'll be honest, if I didn't have a PC, I would have bought a 360, but ATM it makes no sense to buy 1 for me. If I want to play, I can always borrow my friends 360.

presto7173501d ago

Then its time for you to pack up shop and call it a day.

vhero3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

We don't want Halo OR splinter Cell replace those with Crackdown(not the sequel as that looks terrible but the original was awesome and RW should never have been taken off the game) and lost odyssey and we have a winner. No real PS3 fan wants Halo and as for Splinter Cell... That's really clutching at straws for a 5th game I think..


Rock Bottom3501d ago

1-Alan Wake.
2-Alan Wake.
3-Alan Wake.
4-Alan Wake.
5-Alan Wake.

Or just re-announce it for PC, I'm not buying another console. >__>

lelo2play3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

Let me make another list of X360 games that PS3 players would probably want:

Alan Wake
Fable 2 and 3
Splinter Cell
Gears 1, 2 and 3
Halo's (take your pick)
Ikaruga (does the PS3 have this game ?)
Splosion Man
Castle Crashers
Mass Effect 1,2 and 3
Crackdown 1 and 2
Left4Dead 2
Portal 2 (i don't know if it's coming for the PS3)
Shadow Complex
Trials HD
Geometry Wars 1 and 2
XCOM (by 2K Marin ???)
Lost Odyssey
Blue Dragon
... among others...

now a list that i think X360 gamers would want from the PS3:

Demon's Souls
God of War 1,2,3
Heavy Rain
InFamous 1 and 2
Killzone 2 and 3
WipEout HD
Metal Gear Solid 4
Motorstorm 1,2,3
Ratchet & Clank's
Uncharted 1 & 2
Fat Princess
Final Fantasy Versus 13 and 14
Gran Turismo 5
The Last Guardian
Agent (will it be exclusive or time exclusive like GTA4:episodes ???)
Flower (???)
Warhawk (did not like it... but what the hell)
... among others...

Commander TK3501d ago

Alan Wake and maybe Crackdown 2. The rest I can playon PC. Imagine Alan Wake with Move, perfect combination!

InfectedDK3501d ago

L4D2 could be cool, maybe ME2.. But that's it :)

Jaces3501d ago

Of those I saw L4D and Mass Effect.

God I would love ME on PS3 :D Thus why I have a 360.

Absolut_Turkey3500d ago

1) Halo: Reach
...and that's it!

It's not that I think all the other Xbox games are horrible. It's just that I can play most of Xbox's better titles (i.e. Mass Effect 1 & 2) on my PC. But other than a handful of games, I find a strong majority of Xbox's collection of titles to be mediocre at best. There's a good reason why MS steals Sony's exclusives and not the other way around.

tinybigman3500d ago

i do not want for games on one system to another.

Game13a13y3500d ago

i have all 3 consoles, however, the only game i want to see a PS3 coming is Alan Wake. i want to see this game in its full graphical potential.

Brklynty13500d ago

1. Maybe

2. No


4. Maybe

5. Already coming later this year.

Shepherd 2143500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

It makes PS3 owners feel good to say they dont want Halo or Left 4 Dead i guess.

They dont like to socialize and i would fear being their friend. They would rather play a gray shooter with absolutely no co-op or expanded features than Halo 3, which has 4 player co-op, a theater to send films and screenshots to friends, a file share to send gametypes and maps to friends, and a robust custom games system that can create literally hundreds of different types of games. There is a reason why Halo 3 is still in the top three most played Live games today.

And apparently most PS3 owners dont want to play Left 4 Dead, a 4 player co-op zombie game, i guess since there are so many more of those types of games out there, and surviving a zombie apocalypse with 3 other friends doesnt sound interesting in the least, /sarcasm.

I hate ignorance.

Raines of Onyx3500d ago

All you PS3 fanboys stop posting this articles bout the xbox exclusive's you want. Your not getting them, unlike Sony Microsoft is willing to pay for their exclusive's. Its really sad seeing this everyday. You want xbox exclusive's buy a xbox. I bought a PS3 to get their exclusive's.....the few good ones they

goflyakite3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Mass Effect 2 - yes
GeoW 2 - no
Halo 3 - no
L4D - no
SC:C - no

Halo Reach - yes
Alan Wake - no

ThanatosDMC3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Gotta love joke articles!

Bought L4D2 and ME2 on Steam for less than $48 each.

DJexs3500d ago

Do not wan't any of them. the good ones I got for my pc Where they are meant to be played. The rest I do not wan't halo on ps3 will bring out more annoying little kids.

ryano232773500d ago

Didn't like Halo, Gears or L4D - so I couldn't care less about them.

Mass Effect interests me and will 1 day play through the 1st to see whether I will enjoy it.

SCC I have already completed, love stealth games and will probably play this again on 360. If it comes to PS3 good, if not I'm not fussed.

Alan Wake I am looking forward to more than those, but aren't hoping it comes to PS3 - I'll just play it on 360.

Darkstorn3500d ago

The only 360 games I want on my PS3 are Fable 2, Alan Wake, and perhaps Halo: Reach.

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DJKGBYF3501d ago

Except that I can play 3 out of these 5 games on my PC , and already have.

EvilBlackCat3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

Do you really own a good PC or is just you with the same excuse like the rest of the loyalists?

So this means you own

Mass Effect 2, SC Conviction & Left 4 Dead

So???? what is your point on trollin about the games on Xbox360 when is clear with your comment that you like them?

a disagree... aaah so classic here in n4g.

@ below bullsh1t

I own PC/Xbox360/PS3 and in all the systems i enjoy different games.

d10sfan3501d ago

To answer your question, EvilBlackCat, yes I own a PC good enough to play almost all pc games and have a PS3. With that combination, you arent missing much if you dont have a 360.

DJKGBYF3501d ago

Yeah I do own a good PC for gaming. I usually play most of my games on my PC, rather than my PS3 or my 360.

3501d ago
cjflora3500d ago

What are your PC specs? Not doubting you, just curious as I'm a geek =P

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KratosGod33501d ago

No Thanks, I'm busy playing KZ2, UC2, HR, MAG, yakuza, MLB10, and GOW3. that's why I bought my PS3.
Can't wait for GT5 and so many others

doctorstrange3500d ago

How many PS3 games there are, but those 360 games are great

LordStig3501d ago

dosen't the ps3 have similar if not better alternatives to those games, or is it just me?

Godmars2903501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

Everyone except Mass Effect. Also Splinter Cell was made as a direct response to MGS as a more serious, Western stealth game.

Valve taking a dildo to a console?

Pandamobile3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

What's the PS3's L4D?



alphakennybody3501d ago

Resistance 2 8 player co-op campaings

Godmars2903501d ago

You know what I mean.

And there isn't a L4D type game. Though what I want to see is a sandbox zombie survival game set in a city as it falls apart.

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alphakennybody3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

SCC? nah already got MSG4 a better game even after 2 years(can drag bodies)
MS? nah DS is a better rpg in my opinion
HALO?nah K2 is way above
GeOW? nah UC2<quality is written all over it!( solid MP and never lagged on it)
L4D? nah R2 is more fun, eight player co-op and more fun weaponry!

There is no game on the 360 I want since we already have better alternatives.

@ below

Its not that they're bad, its just that the ps3 offers better alternatives. MS is probably the only one I'm willing to try out since I love rpg but, the guns in rpg just turns me off, I prefer swords shield,bow and magic combo.

Edit: how are they any different? SCC and MGS4 tps/stealth. MS,DS rpg. Halo K2 sci fi FPS. GeOW UC, action/tps. L4D R2 fps horror.

Edit: Thats the thing about choices though, Its to find the ones that suits you. I've played Halo1/2/3, L4D1/2 and GeOW1/2 I found more fun on the other game I listed.

-Alpha3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

Mass Effect isn't anything like Demon's Souls. In fact none of those games are similar to what you listed, just different. Why can't you just like the idea of having both? You can speak for yourself. The more games the better. You don't have to take every 360 game and try to force a negative on it. The idea of the article was to list 360 games you would otherwise not have the chance of playing on the PS3.

Personally, I'd ever really wanted Halo.

Edit: But that's the thing, your alternatives aren't alternatives since they are completely different games. Mass Effect is nowhere near an RPG Demon's Souls is, for example. But that's fine, the PS3's lineup would keep one preoccupied. For me it's that I lack time and money to experience everything.

Edit2: Yeah, I prefer fantasy RPGs over sci-fi too. Personally Demon's Souls is my favorite, though it's a unique hybrid of action and RPG. I'm not too interested in 360 games but I just got it for Halo. Seems a little wasteful but I'm spending the summer making up for it. Reach is that much of a juggernaut title. Instead of buying new games I'm backtracking on PS3 titles. Plan to finish inFamous and 3D Dot Heroes. How about u?

Edit 3: They are different games though, just in the same genre. You can't say that if you experience one game in the genre you've experienced or can't care for the other. For example Killzone is a completely different experience over Halo, but both are must try titles. Same goes for DS and ME. SCC and MGSIV maybe, never tried those games though I find SCC to be more action based on the demo.

Godmars2903501d ago

Halo's always struck me as being like Star Trek: somewhat sterile or antiseptic. By comparison KZ is more gritty and contemporary. Has you fighting "space commies" on the planet NAM as apposed to actual aliens.

Already offered my opinion on SC/MGS above. And I want sci-fi RPGs, or space war sims.