GamesOnSmash: Step Ya Game Up Podcast Episode 66

Blade206, DCI, WorseCase, and Guest Lex_Yayo_407 come together once again to bring you guys another podcast. In this weeks episode GamesOnSmash talks about the following:

- Comments on Natal

- King of Fighters 12 talk

- NPD Numbers

- Gears Of War 3 Impressions

- Small E3 Predictions

- Console Prefrences

- Game Sells

- Halo Talk

- Infinity ward is officially done

- As always we have a Step Ya Game Up and much much more..

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rbluetank3107d ago

everytime i listen to you guy's; i always end up lmao... you guy' say the funnies stuff. i going to get the Move but no to natal. i am going to be honest here!!! i am fat and lazy.. i do not mind swing my wrist around while drinking a beer or ect... and maybe my arm but my whole body... ole h#ll naw!!!. i like my weight and what i got to do to keep it... lol i will rent halo reach but not buy becuase i got burnt on halo3. i loved halo 1 and like halo 2. i am gun shy from anything halo from now on... enough of me great show!!! i hope to see you guy's in MAG.....