Does anyone really care about 3-D?

Gamer Limit writes "Once again, content producers and hardware makers alike begin to rub their hands together with glee, as rabid tech nerds and people with too much money begin buying TVs in the hope that will will get to play Modern Warfare 2 with slightly more cohesion."

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Jorrel563500d ago

3D is a huge gimmick. Can't wait til it dies off. Don't mind it for the occasional visit to the movie theater though. Just keep it out of my home.

Government Cheese3500d ago

I can honestly say that I've NEVER experience what 3D movies/TV/games are like. I don't even think I've worn any of the glasses even. Actually I think I remember once, there was a toy inside a cereal box with a picture of something 3D and it came with the paper glasses with 1 blue lens and 1 red lens, and the pic turned 3D when you put the glasses on. But thats pretty much it. Then again I have experienced real life and Im pretty sure that is 3D too.

captain-obvious3500d ago

here we go again
its SD - HD allover again

blitz06233500d ago

If done the right way, 3D can be revolutionary. I've seen some 3D videos and they do have potential. If 3D can be integrated well, it can really make a fuss. Right now though, it's all speculation. I just hope Sony doesn't completely fail on it.

deadreckoning6663500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

For consoles, nope, but I am intrigued by the Nintendo 3DS. In fact, I think 3D for the Home just isn't worth it unless ur TV is HUGE. Im talkin 70 inches+

raztad3500d ago


Why so negative about something that might improve your multimedia experience. Do you say the same about every new piece of tech?

I would love to have a 3D capable TV set, but being my HDTV fairly new I cant justify getting a new one. Really curious about 3D tech, it will get better as more people is on board.

Cheeseknight283500d ago

If I have to wear glasses, 3D can go away. That's my biggest problem with seeing a 3D movie. Wonderland and Dragon were interesting, but the 3D wasn't anything special. It especially added barely anything to Dragon, though it was an outstanding movie.

Now if the TVs coming out don't require glasses, sign me up in a few years. I won't be an early adopter but I'll eventually take a dive.

Nihilism3500d ago

I agree it seems like a massive gimmick, there are a lot of people who won't be buying a 3d capable tv anytime soon, I have one and I sure won't be giving myself a migraine from wearing 3d glasses for the sake of e-peen, you kiddies have fun with it though

It's been on pc for years with 500+ games already support it, you can either halve your frame rate to get proper fluid 3d ( if the frame rates are high enough ) or you can do the el-cheapo console method of duplicating frames...which introduces input lag, either way the performance loss + headache is not worth the e-peen.

I like having I can play my games at 120 frames, not this 60 frame x 2 B.S.

the example above is wrong, this is not like the HD/SD debate, 3D is just like motion control, it does not make the games better, it just adds a dot point on a box for developers to make the games market even more casual.

If devs didn't waste the console resources on halving the frame rate for the sake of 3D, we would see better looking games...I'm talking about next gen of course. Every console with a motion control, every console with 3D focused casual games...

lsujester3500d ago

I'm not at all a fan of 3D, in games or movies. Many scenes in Avatar were just a big gimmick in its use of 3D, and it's considered a good example of how to use the technology. If a premiere filmmaker screws up scenes with 3D, can you imagine the hack jobs that will be put out into the home market?

HolyOrangeCows3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

"In the case of 3-D, a game will spend months and millions of dollars in post production to develop an effect that, frankly, gives you a headache after 15 minutes and requires that you stare almost intently at the middle of the screen"

1) He obviously isn't a part of any group that handles financing in the game industry.
2) He obviously hasn't seen a 3D TV. "requires that you the middle of the screen" I experienced a 3DTV demo at a BestBuy, I watched the 5 minute loop for probably half an hour. No headaches, no issues with having to 'stare at the middle of the screen'

Just another furious blogger who can't afford a new 3DTV, so he has to justify himself for himself.

Nihilism3500d ago

I just bought a new 40" lcd tv that supoports 3d a few days ago...I don't care for it, just because people don't like it doesn't mean they can't afford it.

HolyOrangeCows3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

"but I am intrigued by the Nintendo 3DS. In fact, I think 3D for the Home just isn't worth it unless ur TV is HUGE. Im talkin 70 inches+"
The Irony-o-meter just exploded.

"here we go again
its SD - HD allover again"
The sad part is, some people STILL won't let it go. I had a person tell me that HD "wouldn't do anything" for the Wii. So if the Wii magically had the ability to play in HD (native 720p+), no one would use it? just plug in their colorful three prongs and forget it? I don't think so.
And then there are plenty of people still trying to convince us that there isn't a noticeable difference between 1024x576 and 1280x720. 576p is less than 2/3 of 720p. Don't even TRY to tell me there's no difference there.

"If I have to wear glasses, 3D can go away"
You're really that opposed to resting an 1/8th of a pound of plastic on your face to experience gaming in a new light?

"just because people don't like it doesn't mean they can't afford it"
When you go into a spiel like the author of calling anyone interested in 3D "rabid tech nerds and people with too much money", then yes, it does.

N4Flamers3500d ago

Some people like me wear glasses to play games at home. If you add another pair of glasses to the real estate on our nose not only is it uncomfortable but would break any immersion we would have with the game.

I've watched 3d movies for a long time and only once felt that it was used to enhance the movie. That was in avatar where the 3d was used to give a proper depth. Most movies Like UP, Nightmare on elm street, even alice in wonderland didnt do anything with the 3d that I thought warranted 3d. I've watched plenty of movies and never once got a headache.

ShinRyuHadoken3500d ago

Does anyone really care about 3-D?

Yes, I do. It's the future off gaming. Unless you still want to play Nintendo 8bit or driving a old Mercedes from the 70's.

evrfighter3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

I game on a Acer GD235hz as I type I'm looking at the sticker that says "Nvidia 3d Vision Ready" at the top left corner of it.

3d gaming has been possible for me for quite awhile and yet the thought of it has never even occurred to me when I get bored and start browsing the egg or Tigerdirect looking to see what could be my next upgrade might be.

The only thing 3dtv's or 3d monitors are good for are gaming at 120fps which I'm sure quite the majority of people here at N4G have yet to see.

3d gaming has been and always will be a gimmick. Don't let me discourage you from looking forward to it though. It'll be worth a few laughs to see the fanatics desperately defending their $3k purchase to keep the sense of buyer's remorse away.

and pc gaming is considered expensive? lol with that kinda cash you could buy 3 of my 120hz monitors and build a killer pc and game in eyefinity =\

Hotel_Moscow3500d ago

yeah ok Hd is just a gimmick

Danteh3500d ago

how can some people be so blind?
It's clear that 3D IS the future of gaming. I mean, next gen, yeah you can make better and better graphix, crack up the resolution, antialiasing, etc... but do you really think more and more resolution will be such an improvement, after seeing the likes of GOW III o Crysis?

The future is getting completely inmersed in a game.
I've always said that when the time is right and technology is up to the challenge, 3D will take over, period

princejb1343499d ago

i care about the 3d, 3d movies are amazing imagine playing a video game in 3d
i will buy it as long as i dont have to buy a 3d tv
im sticking with my 40 inch lcd

ReservoirDog3163499d ago

I do feel 3D is a bad gimmick. Hollywood introduced it to help bring in more money and limit pirating. But I do believe it's gonna be a problem soon.

I'm a movie fan more than I am a video game fan (but it's close) and I think 3D is a joke to cinematography. Nothing is enhanced with 3D and it actually makes things at move quickly blur. It's annoying. But people feel it's the future.

Soon, people will only want to see movies in 3D. So all the 2D movies won't get as much money. It's gonna backfire on Hollywood.

And I disagree that it adds to the immersion. Want immersion? Watch movies from good directors. You'll see the difference from stupid movies like avatar that try to immerse you.

It's a joke to say James Cameron (he'll never top Terminator 2) is a more immersive director than say... Akira Kurosawa. Watch the Seven Samurai. Better than avatar could ever be.

Don't just get caught up in what's big now, ask yourself why you like the things you supposedly do.

I really hope 3D fails.

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AcesAndEights3500d ago

I like the idea of 3-D for a movie, as in for a specific and short (ish) amount of time. But when considering games I've spent a lot of time with, would I want a 3-D Warcraft? A 3-D Fallout? a 3-D Final Fantasy? I would be blind within a week, using the glasses is unnatural and it hurts after a time.
Just like you, I want to see more actual innovation.

TheGameLlama3500d ago

Still looking forward to seeing how the glasses-less 3DS works out...

Fullish3500d ago

It'll work out like a headache.

kissmeimgreek3500d ago

itll probably work like this to use the DS camera to track your head.

kissmeimgreek3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

If it wasnt for Avatar id have no doubt that this gimmick would die. But im sure when it releases with 3D support (first blu ray release will not) people will be excited to see it in their homes.

But watching avatar gave me a headache (and im a young guy) and i cant imagine trying to move a gun around and watch the environments move, i might vomit.

Megaton3500d ago

About as much as I care about motion gimmicks, which is to say not at all.

overlordror3500d ago

I live in a 3D world. Do not want.

snp3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Does one rule out the other?

If you own a car, does that mean you don't buy car games? If you've got arms and legs and can play real sport, you don't buy sports games? Do you not play games with forest settings, because there's a botanical garden a k away?

I'm scratching my head why 'living in a 3d world' means video games should be flat...? Should they only be four colours - because if you wanted to see millions of colours, you'd use your eyes to look around in the real world? (if unreality/avoiding simulating or emulating the real world is their aim..)

Can understand people not liking glasses as an approach to achieving 3d, but not the agitation at an attempt at introducing '3d realism' into games as a thing in itself.