Modern Warfare 2 Moves to Second Best Selling Game of All Time

DigitalTrends writes: It was a good month for video games. The NPD Market Research Group recently announced that March saw a 6 percent increase in video game sales. Part of that is due to Infinity Ward's Modern Warfare 2, which has now become the second best selling video game of all time.

The recent battle between publisher Activision and (now former) Infinity Ward heads has stolen most of the headlines in recent days, but the game itself continues to smash records everywhere. A recently released map pack for the Xbox 360 exclusively broke every former XBL record, and the PC and PS3 will be receiving the DLS at the end of the month.

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Riv4L3506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

Seeing as Modern Warfare 2 was sold at premium prices this announcement is not as striking as it initially implied.

-Alpha3506d ago

Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer is a disgrace to these sales. They don't deserve them.

Rainstorm813505d ago

Sad Day for gamers.......This just shows devs , if you release any overhyped, glitchy, piece of trash you too could make the top sellers list. Yes probably 80% of the people who bought MW2 bought it for the MP, which only makes matters worse.

MW2 isnt a bad game, but they clearly didnt spend those two years bewtween MW1 & MW2 perfecting the game. R.I.P. IW

badz1493505d ago

but he's laughing while on his way to the bank for the gazillionth time since MW2 was released! but I'm am still a proud non-contributor to his sick practice of releasing rehashed games!

C-R-E-A-M3505d ago

Yh fam.... shooting games shall remaing number 1. Killzone3 is coming out soon. Im just happy for shooters as a hole :)

God bless the GUN.

fox023505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

you guys ever ask yourself why (depite it's glitches, bugs...) it's still the most popular game on XBL and PSN? It was released 6 months ago and yet...

SeanRL3505d ago

This game doesn't deserve it, it never did. All these people who know nothing about gaming but have an xbox buy MW2 to play with their friends and then think their opinion matters in the gaming world. The game was overhyped.

vhero3505d ago

Game is a disgrace to the market really also it did help most places sold it for £30 when it first came out..

boodybandit3505d ago

SALES don't = QUALITY. Because if there is one thing MW2 truly isn't is a quality game.

Anon19743505d ago

So if the article isn't concerned about the amount units sold but rather with the amount of revenue generated, then looking at past games like GTA San Andreas which sold over 20 million copies between the PS2 and Xbox versus the 18 million or so that MW:2 has sold, I'm sure there was an adjustment made for inflation.

Otherwise, this claim stumbles, tries to regain it's balance and then falls flat on it's face.

blue7xx73505d ago

Well technically it would be the number 1 most sold game of all time since like the article said Wii play is bundled with every single Wii so not really fair considering MW2 isn't bundled with every single PS3 or Xbox 360 console.

Anon19743505d ago

It was my understanding that Modern Warfare 2 was at about 18 million between the 360 and PS3. GTA San Andreas was over 20 million, New Super Mario Brothers was over 21 million, Mario Kart on the Wii is over 21 million, Nintendogs sold over 21 million, Wii Fit (if you count this as a game) is over 22 million.

So unless MW2 sold over 3 million or so on the PC, it is NOT the best selling videogame yet, not number 2, not number 3. It'll be in the top ten, but it's not the top seller yet.

Darkstorn3505d ago

Don't say that. Modern Warfare 2 is a well put-together game with progressive mechanics; I just happen to greatly prefer Killzone 2's multiplayer.

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sak5003506d ago

Really sad if people are still playing the Modern Bugfare2 and helped reach it this place. I left it the day i bought BF:BC2. I think that's a more realistic warefare game out there.

Hotel_Moscow3505d ago

head desk idk how that happened

kevnb3505d ago

Its hard to track, but Ill bet that world of warcraft crushes it in money made.

mrv3213505d ago

I guarantee WoW has made more.

It's been going on for 6 years, it's player count average must be larger than 5 million and it's monthly fee is $15. Do the math and even with only 5 million you are looking at $75 MILLION per MONTH,

-MD-3505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

It's player count is around 11.5 million and they're all paying 15 dollars a month.

which is (I haven't gone to bed so hopefully this is right) about 172 million every month.

-MD-3505d ago

Disappointing indeed.

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