5 iPad ComplaintsThat Are False, but Believed to Be True

Associatedcontent: The iPad is probably the most hated Apple product (aside from the Pippen), yet there are generally 5 iPad complaints that are just recited over and over again despite the fact that they are completely false or misguided.

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UNCyrus3104d ago

He is the WORST 'journalist' out there currently... The ONLY thing he write are Top 5 lists. He's just in it for the hits. He doesn't research his subject matters, and his 'articles' are usually chock-full of errors. Please don't approve this garbage.

wicko3104d ago

It's more like "5 iPad complaints that are true, and I'm going to exaggerate and twist them so I can prove them false".

1. It is a bigger iPod Touch/iPhone. The hardware is identical plus a couple peripheral features, same CPU and everything, just clocked faster! Oh and lets not forget the ports on the iPad require adaptors (which cost 29USD) in order to use USB or SD cards.

2. People aren't saying Flash is impossible on the iPad. Flash doesn't exist on Apple's web browser for the iPad, which is exactly where everyone wants it. And I'm pretty sure there aren't any 3rd party browsers with flash support.

3. People are complaining that multitasking doesn't exist (and true multitasking never will either). Quick saving of apps isn't what people want, they want to perform 2 (or more) tasks simultaneously, which cheaper netbooks do just fine.

4. Typing on the iPad is truly awkward, an on-screen keyboard can never trump a physical keyboard, with respect to speed and ergonomics. Spending 69 USD on a sh1tty keyboard dock is not really a good alternative. So now the price is up to 597 with the port adaptors?

5. Apple's website itself says "Up to 10 hours", not "10 hours at minimum". You can be damn sure they'd advertise it higher if they could. And this isn't really a major complaint.

People also complain about the ridiculous price, the non HD screen (hell it isn't even 16:9), and that they keep calling the damn thing magical, like it's beyond understanding. Well, it's certainly beyond my understanding, with respect to why people would want to buy this expensive tablet that does less.

mastiffchild3104d ago

What's the point of the whole thing about saying he can just about use the touch keypad for typing? Two things:1, It IS a mssively poor way of typing and,2, if you need a wired or wireless to make it bearable(which, from my experience trying n one you would have to do)then surely that's another reason the thing's rubbish, no?

His list isn't convincing and fails to address the fact that, typically for an Apple product, it's WILDLY overpriced and underperforming. Fair enough, I've had Macs and Macbooks myself and found them really good tools(if still way too pricey for what they offer)but nearly the entire history of their llifestyle products has been underwhelming at best, imo, and the iPad, sadly, sums all that up perfectly.

He'd have been better saying it isn't JUST a big Touch/iPhone as, at least, those two could have had a point if they were better than the competition at their features(they aren't, imo, as they're poor at gaming, not great as music/video players and the iPhone's an unweildy mobile at best)while, for the life of me, I can't see why anyone would need the iPad right now.

Timesplitter143104d ago

This guy sounds so butthurt it's hilarious

Mc Fadge3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Let's break this apart.

1. The difference between the iPhone and iPad is an aluminium casing, a longer battery life, a wireless keyboard, and Apps... That's 4 whole features guys!

2. Flash support may be in Apps, but not where you need it, let's say, the internet?

3. Well, this isn't implemented yet. So I guess that it won't be like the iPhone Fall 2010. Until that time, this reason has no grounding.

4. What's that? Hard time typing on it? I know! Peripherals! If it's not a complaint, why do I need something to remedy it?

5. Finally a grounded argument.

So there we have it folks. Buy the iPad for a better battery life, aluminium casing, promises, and peripherals!

Ben Reilly3104d ago

My IQ drops every time I read one of his ignorant uninformed "articles"

He is one of the biggest morons on the internet.

"1. The iPad is Just a Big iPod Touch"

It IS A BIG iPOD Touch, sure it has one or two new features, but so does the DSi compared to the DS. But at the end of the day its STILL A DS, and the iPAD is just a Big iPOD Touch

"2. Flash Doesn't Exist on the iPad"

The complaint isn't that Flash doesn't exist, its that it doesn't exist in the web browser. Why does this matter? Because 95% of websites use flash and thus are broken if you try to access them on the iPAD. You should have to wait for the site to create an App or a iPAD specific site, especially considering you don't have this problem on real tablets or netbooks. Plus they know with flash, 90% of the apps you have to pay for now, would be available free on the internet. Especially all the games, which are available as free flash games.

"3. Multitasking Will Be a Major Issue on the iPad"

Again REAL tablets and Netbooks can multitask, can you honestly say you don't have more than one window and multiple programs running on your computer right now? Exactly, this is a problem considering they are trying to position the iFAD as a tablet and Netbook replacement.

"4. Its Impossible to Type on the iPad"

No one says its impossible to type. Once again the complaint is its uncomfortable, unnatural and you wouldn't use it for more than simple emails and what not. Basically you're not going to be doing work on an iPAD like you would on a real tablet or netbook.

"5. The Low 10 Hours of Battery Life"

It should have a longer battery life than the iPOD Touch, its battery is like 10x bigger. Once again the issue is, considering the fact that its basically a big iPOD Touch, and not a true tablet or Netbook, it should have better battery life. Those products are running the same OS that a computer would, while the iPAD is running a modified version of an OS created for a CELL PHONE. It shouldn't need nearly as much power as those devices and should have much better batter life.

Why don't you hit on the real problems with the iFAD

1. Overpriced (64GB for $699, you can buy a true tablet with a keyboard and 160GB for $499)
2. Low storage (16GB,32GB,64GB please refer above, my iPOD has more space)
3. No USB Ports
4. No Memory Expandability
5. Runs a phone OS

I was actually excited about the idea of an Apple Tablet before I saw the iFAD.

Apple has had a history of coming up with creative takes on products. But what I should have realized is in there recent history they come up with versions that not has functional as the products already on the market. If the iPAD had been using a modified version of Snow Leopard specifically for touch screens with a decent amount of storage, it would have been freakin amazing and most of these complaints wouldn't exist, even though I bet they still wouldn't have USB ports or memory expansion, but if it worked well we could get past that. Instead, they create a big ass iPOD touch. Maybe the 3rd or 4th Gen version will finally get it up to par (like the iPhone), but until then, its a joke.

wpggamer3104d ago

You posted on his site too? Is this your mission or something? I guess your IQ should be pretty low now, since you keep reading his articles. Maybe that's why you keep going back. You should probably stop now.

mrv3213104d ago

Is the complaint that a netbook would do more, be cheaper and a better experience still there?

wpggamer3104d ago

I don't know about do more, and the experience well. I've got one, and the screen is even lower res than the ipad (1024 x 600, same as hp slate), the battery doesn't last more that 3.5 hours (i got the large one that sticks out the back), and the intel atom sucks. I can't even watch the youtube HD gameplay videos, have to use my desktop for that. But yeah, i can have a bunch of programs running at 1/4 speed or slower, until the bsod shows up.

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