Best Capcom Games Ever Published

Associatedcontent: Founded in 1979, Capcom is one of the largest video game publishers in the world. While the company produced little of note during the early 80s, starting in the mid 80s, it published a series of successful and popular arcade and NES games.

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Demons Souls3110d ago

Now all they do is make mediocre games. I guess they went from CAPCOM to CRAPCOM.

ATLGAMER3110d ago

They still make good games...u are just among others who like the old days...Move on

Natsu X FairyTail3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Woah! imma have to stop you there buddy. Mediocre games is kinda out of hand lol. I dont understand why that guy put RE5 up there though.RE4 Was Miles better.For the most part the Capcom games that are coming out are still good.

SFIV , Dead rising , RE4 , Tatsunoko VS Capcom Were all good games IMO.
There's a few bad games from time to time like Dark Void and Bionic commando but hey atleast they're making up for it with better stuff like > Monster hunter Tri , LP:2 & DR:2 for example.

Rainstorm813110d ago

Name 5 memorable games from capcom this gen.............

Im all for the new over the old but capcom's BEST this gen have been all sequals.....and yet the pickings are still slim.

ico923109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Seriously they put RE5 instead of RE4 seriously . And Bionic Commando Rearmed ... really ? wheres Final Fight, Okami, Viewtiful Joe ? This list is lame ,it obviously comprises of Capcom Games they've played.

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PirateThom3110d ago

DuckTales is, by far, their greatest game ever.

Resident Evil 5: Broken Third Person Shooter, deserves no place on this list, especially if it's going to lack, oh, ANY of their fighting games or, hell, Final Fight or Knights of the Round.

Terrible list.


Rainstorm813110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

but ducktales? i beat that game like 5 times as a kid. (enjoyed every min) But i think RE2 has to be one of thier best....its definatly the best Resident Evil IMHO.

So many titles Capcom, the sad thing is majority of your best was from the NES, SNES, ARCADE era. Alien Vs Predator arcade game anyone?

Oh and knights of the round was one of thier best as well, upgradable weapons and armor in that time is damned near unheard of in a beat-em up.

Oh and Mega Man 3 i couldnt get the title theme or the protoman theme out of my head for years.

Edit @ below
(inserts coin)....."TIME TO HUNT!!"

Natsu X FairyTail3110d ago

AVP arcade is a classic gem dude. I dint know other people actually knew about that one hahhahah.

mrv3213110d ago

RE5 had horror controls without any sense of scary.

Dead Space is a scarier game than RE5...

bjornbear3110d ago

RE5 isn't meant to be scary =/ its just meant to be stressful...but i agree it is too easy, but try profession with just pistols and you'll be sweating.

but i recap:


i have both, love both

don't compare them.

SaiyanFury3109d ago

DuckTales, haha, good call Thom. I love all of their Disney games on the NES, and some on the SNES like Mickey's Magical Quest. Final Fight is one of the best brawlers ever made. The main fault of this list is that it only has a few games listed over a period of like 20+ years. They've done so many good things, you'd need a list of at least 30 titles, not the least of which were the Breath of Fire games on the original PS. Personal opinion there of course. :)

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Ryuha1234h3110d ago

Capcom is the best videogame company in my opinion.

NnT32913110d ago

yeah, capcom and rockstar are my two favorite companies/developers

Frodosmugins3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Is this article looking for shock and reaction!?

RE5 was the worst RE of them all put the continuing story aside gameplay was awfull.

Oh and Power Stone is still one original fighter and deserves recognition.

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