So You Hate Campers?

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I'll bet, in actual battlefield situations, that campers are hated, too. "I'll wish that sniper would just come out of there and run around like a fool so we would have a chance against

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Gandalf4014d ago (Edited 4014d ago )

But that's the thing, it's not real life. If you're going to compare the game to real life, then you're no better than the kids who stole cars and blamed Grand Theft Auto.

And of course you're going to camp with a sniper rifle. Unless you know how to quickscope, I don't think it's a good idea to rush with a sniper rifle.

JonnyBadfinger4014d ago

Camping with a Sniper is expected, but with a SMG really?

But i cant say much im guilty of all forms of camping... i like to think of it as "strategic positioning between objectives", hence my decent 2.50+K/D ratio in almost all shooters. My K/D in MW2 at one stage was 22, then i started the knifing lightweight business for a while so it dropped really fast.

hs1234014d ago (Edited 4014d ago )

the difference is that in real life you'll die once, but when u r getting killed over and over again by camper in a game it is f**kin annoying. camping for a little while is okay but when you stay at one place for five minutes and then move to another that's stupid. but it's fun when another person camps nd u get to kill him over and over

Anorexorcist4014d ago (Edited 4014d ago )

Oh how many damn times I've been blasted in the back with a shotgun by some pinko camping in the corner of a room, just watching the doorway and pulling the trigger whenever someone comes in. Akimbo shotgun campers who camp in a single area, not just one particular spot, also are a huge noob tactic that really increases the imbalance in MW2's gameplay.

The ridiculous Nuke killstreak is further motivation for camping in MW2. A Nuke can only be obtained by camping or simply being a REAL lucking bastard where the universe is perfectly aligned for you in a match (no one blasting you in the back; not crossing claymores, always getting the first shots in a face-to-face confrontation, not getting killed by aircraft or predator missles; not fighting against a small army of campers, etc.)

General Sniper tactics are finding a secure place to scope and take out unsuspecting enemies at long range. I don't fault them for that.

Yi-Long4014d ago (Edited 4014d ago )

Someone has to defend the flag. I'm a sniper in Battlefield 1943, and I just make sure I die as little as possible, defend the flag, and take out as many bad guys as I can.

I can't stand it when players take a flag, and immediately rush towards a new flag, getting killed 3 times alond the way, while the flag they captured 5 seconds ago is already been taken again by the enemy(!) If you're getting yourself shot every 15 seconds, you're not doing it right! You're NOT helping the team.

Someone has to be there to make sure the enemy doesn't take the flags we conquered. Someone has to be there to save his teammates from a distance. The best snipes are the shots where you save a teammate, or avenge a teammate.

I LOVE sniping. I hate rushing into the enemy head-on, getting myself shot.

I'm talking about Battlefield btw. Haven't played MW2 and probably never will. I won't support the enemy (Activision) plus I'm not really into the kinda run&gun action that MP provides.

Red_Orange_Juice4014d ago (Edited 4014d ago )

Campers are annoying but imo it is "legitimate way" of playing. You want to play your way?, choose a game that lets you play in closed groups, if you play on public servers you need to accept the fact, the everyone has the right to play however they want, you like it or not.

I myself love to be in the middle of the fight, shooting, reloading, throwing granades, defending and stuff. Sitting in one place is not fun for me and not worth to pay for the game.

Raz4014d ago

I can't stand campers. I understand if you're sniping - that makes sense. But I think people who abuse the practice should be I make a point of going after campers and politely knifing them in the back of the head while they're carefully lining up a shot.

The problem with staying in one place: everyone knows where you are. So it's actually good to keep moving.

Yi-Long4014d ago

... In Battlefield 1943, it isn't THAT easy. Especially not if you're playing on an SDTV like I am.
Pretty hard to snipe a running guy in the head from such a distance, plus there's the slow reload after eacht shot, and obviously in close encounters you are pretty much helpless.

But the rush you get from sniping a dude who's on the other side of the map is great.

evrfighter4014d ago

camping works to some degree on the pc. You'll never take the top 3 at the end of a round but you can still have a decent k/d ratio. The reason for this is .4 seconds is all someone needs to get a headshot on you. Campers usually have slow reflexes to begin with so they almost always lose to aggressors who jump&prone corners.

Camping just seems to work on consoles because thumbsticks don't give you pinpoint accuracy. It takes probably over a second to ironsight someone that's camping and corner jumping & aiming isn't really plausible because of the lack of pinpoint precision. It's safe to say there's almost no defense against a skilled player who's camping on a console.

Though this doesn't affect me at all as I use my mouse and keyboard on the 360 and ps3. campers on consoles are twice as slow as pc campers and so I'm able to jump corners and have my crosshair sitting on their head by the time I land (if not I have plenty of time to adjust).

You may think I'm cheating but I just prefer my mouse. Just as the kids on consoles prefer their controller. Someone who's never used a mouse can't just use one and expect to be good. I no longer have the time to try and be as proficient on a controller as I did with the m/k.

captain-obvious4014d ago (Edited 4014d ago )

i hate campers
if you're a sniper that’s fine i understand

but if your NOT

this is the only thing i hate in BF:BC2
in conquest mode base/spawn camping is awful
DICE should fix this

on the other hand
if you camp on a wall or a corner the next thing you’ll know is an RPG or a 40MM incoming piercing the wall in to your skull

AAACE54014d ago

I won't lie, I camp from time to time! I even like when other players camp... Because it gives me the opportunity to drop a javalin right on their It never gets old! Especially on afghan when they are on that cliff. Matter of fact on afghan, that guy tsquared had to give people a tip on how to beat me on that corner. Now they have to attack me as a group... No more emergency airdrops:(

@gandalf... The idea behind any military shooter is to treat it realistically... Otherwise, you should just stick with halo! It pissed me off to be on a team with people who have 3 kills and 21 deaths! Those guys should have just stayed with halo or something!

If they didn't want you to camp, they wouldn't have had bushed and stuff to hide in or a croutch or prone ability!

n4gno4014d ago

jonny, ratio means nothing when you are sniper/camper, the most important thing new gamers are forgetting, is : the victory, and only players who are rushing to the objectives are the one who make that possible.

Rainstorm814014d ago

It dosent take very much skill to sit in a corner in a room and wait for someone to walk by and kil them.

Besides MOST people that camp are very skilled that why they hide, if majority of these camper get into a face to face gunfight they are dead 90% pf the time.

BTW i never camp. A straight Merc

JonnyBadfinger4013d ago

I dont give a rats arse about winning. im more interested in making it so only me and nobody else enjoys the game. For you see i am an arsehole, and always will be... any chance i get to betray someone i will take it, and if i can make the game as miserable as possible for other gamers i will.

As long as i am laughing i dont care about the end result... even if i lose i have a smile on my face, and just because the other team wins i know for a fact that they are pissed by the way what has just happened.

Rainstorm814013d ago

if people were more worried about being good in a competitive online game and having fun, instead of just trying to piss people off......Online gaming quality would increase 10 fold.

You and people like you are the reason MW2 sells so much.

jjohan354013d ago

The game has a lot of problems but there's a solution to most of them. The worst problem that renders the game completely broken, however, is the respawning system. It is absolutely absurd to have the person you just killed get respawned behind you.

captain-obvious4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

by the way I’m a complete opposite of a camper
when I play I’m completely all over the map

if there is a sniper I got no problem going all the way to the other end of the map just to kill him even if I ran the whole distance
just to knife his ass

if there is a tank in the wide open or anywhere
I’ll be the mofo running my ass towards it with C4s in my hand
if a we start to lose a base or even lost one, I’m the first one to be there

if there is a Helicopter in the sky I’ll be shooting 100's of rockets on the thing tell it drops

If you don’t believe me I’m ready to show my BF:BC2 stat right here right now

i mean I’m all over the f*cking map and i think thats how everyone should play

ThanatosDMC4013d ago

Nothing wrong with camping. That's what grenades and smokes are for... besides it's tactics.

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xc7x4014d ago

anyways if anyone complains about campers need to be shot,because your own skills should prevent being killed over and over by campers. do like i do,target campers and you won't have a problem,ah or you could just keep crying as usual :-P

JonnyBigBoss4014d ago

My suggestion is to just stop playing. The camping was so prevalent I couldn't stand it anymore. I'm into BFBC2 now.

el_nene_lindo4014d ago

this article is useless we all no campers are campers and nobody is changing the way they play imcluding me i like to camp in mw2 not waiting for someone in a corner but kill them in a distance

The Time Reaper4014d ago

When you're in an objective game, and your entire team is composed of "snipers" who sit on their ass... well, the game is just BORING.

ThanatosDMC4013d ago

I completely agree with you! MAG is right now getting a lot of new players that have been brought up by camping games that they're not doing their job to grab objectives especially in Sabotage games. They camp around an objective and never rushing it. So it's double the job for me and my squad/clan...

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