Pachter: Xbox Live could increase in price

In the latest episode of his new show on Gametrailers, Pach-Attack!, industry analyst Michael Pachter said that Xbox Live may be due for a price increase sometime between now and this time next year.

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jack who3503d ago

you already said it would go up too 100 a wtf?

playstation_clan3503d ago

why would they do that, people complain at 50, come on. Might i not remind every 360 owner there is a free online everywhere else?!

GameOn3503d ago

Didn't he say it would increase ages ago?

Government Cheese3503d ago

Yes but he has Crystal Ball 3.0 now, its much more efficient at predicting the future.

-Alpha3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

Pachter lives in a careful world of "could have", "maybes", and "probables".

He's like those psychics that exploit you for money when you are grieving over a missing child. None of what he says seems to have any foundation on reasoning or evidence.

"He believes that Sony will begin charging users for Playstation Network soon." Sony themselves practically announced a Premium service.

MS has the ability to charge more for LIVE because they know people will still pay for it. Stupid move IMO because MS could easily reduce costs which would make PSN look worse.

Yet, PSN is the one set to offer a Premium service while maintaining free online which easily beats what MS has going right now.

There is apparently going to be more added to LIVE since XBOX 1 services ended but LIVE is not worth $50. All I seem to use is cross game chat occasionally. They are lucky they have Halo, I find no real strong reason to support the 360 otherwise.

3503d ago
lociefer3503d ago

lol pacher runnin out of news

garos823502d ago

that means x box live may be free soon...

AAACE53502d ago

He just makes educated guesses and the worst part is most of them aren't too educated!

I can't remember who said it, but for me, I like using netflix and last fm on my 360. Yeah I could go to my computer, but I spend so much time playing the 360 that I figure why bother moving over to a different product!

People were paying for xbl even before they had all the extras. They just payed to play online. So I don't think much will change either way.

If they do raise the price, they might lose some customers, but if they add in more features they could gain new ones!

More importantly, they won't raise the price when there are already paid subscriptions. It would be unfair. If they were to raise prices, look for it to happen next gen!

Rainstorm813502d ago

Same old shyt different day.

Guess he got tired of being wrong and had to rehash old predictions.

lowcarb3502d ago

If MS offers internet tv packages then yes I can see them charging more expensive prices.

Lifendz3502d ago

He keeps saying this. What's his deal? Does he want the price to increase? He called this about six months ago and it never happened. Now he's doing it again? Patcher, when you predict something and you're wrong you don't keep making that prediction in the hopes that it comes true (see Wii HD will be available in the holiday of 09).

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mikeslemonade3503d ago

If true, the blind will continue to buy live.

-MD-3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

Some (most) people don't have a problem paying for a premium service.

Nicaragua3502d ago

PC only gamers mind paying for it, PS3 only gamers mind paying for it, Wii only gamers mind paying for it.

It looks to me that the "some (most)" people who dont have a problem paying for it are actually the minority, a minority who are happy to pay for what should be free.

2Spock3502d ago

Are you jealous or what? And your comment is rehtorical.

The key word being only. That would be like me saying 360 only gamers mind buying another controller cause the first one didnt have feedback or buying HD cables or buying a mic or buying something to charge your controller being that you can't play and charge at the same time unless you sit right next to your PS3. See how easy that work's.

mikeslemonade3502d ago

Y'all are pathetic for defending that you're okay with paying for live. We should always want things to be cheaper or free. What you should pay for is games and accessories. The operating cost of xbl doesn't cost that much and we know that because PSN is free.

Nicaragua3502d ago

Spock, im sure that comment sounded really good in your head but the way you have written it makes no sense at all. Its also completely out of context since the topic for discussion is xbox live.

Think before you rant, dummy.

lowcarb3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

I don't think anybody is defending the price of Live. What people are saying is they have no problems with paying for the service and they find value in the yearly fee. If you don't want to pay for it then fine just that gives you no right to tell people whats right for them. Sony and Nintendo have never been about online which is why to me they both seem lost while MS making a killing. They can sit here and pretend to be the good guys all they want but PS3 and Wii are both overpriced and simply taking your money in a different way.

FragMnTagM3502d ago

XBOX Live is well worth the money. For less than the price of a greasy ass meal from Mcdonald's once a month, I get the BEST online service out there at the moment. To me that is a steal, and that is twelve less disgusting meals a year put into your body.

With XBOX live I get:
-An awesome community of people that I can easily get a group of people together to play nearly any game at any time. On the PSN, it is literally a ghost town in many games. Try to play an Unreal Tournament 3 match on the PSN and it will take you hours to find a match if you even find one at all. On the 360, a minute or two.
-Really fast updating and downloading.
-Instantly hop into other games with my friends who are in my party (awesome feature of party chat) instead of text messaging on the PS3 and waiting for a response. On the 360 I say hey wanna play some Battlefield? I boot it up and hit one button and everyone in my party just pops up in just a couple of minutes. On the PS3, I have to text message every single person to start a damn match and it takes forever. This is why some of my friends who own both systems, will leave party chat on on the 360 whilst playing online on the PS3, (yes it is that good).
-Lets say I join a game that I need to have a certain map pack. On the 360, I can download and install in one fell swoop and play the game instantly. On the PS3 you have to go to the PSN Store wait for ages for it to download and then install it, then boot up the game and finally play the game.

There is a reason PSN is FREE and there are reasons why XBOX Live is well worth a couple bucks a month. Some people are friggin ridiculous. I have way more fun on XBOX than I can for any other experience I could possibly have for under 5 bucks a month.

Lord Vader3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

This is such a tired topic. XBL is eaily worth my $4.00 less a month. Cross game chat, XBL partys, Twitter, Last.Fm, Facebook, Demos @ 10:1 vs. PSN, exclusive Betas, Netflix (no disc required!), ect. EASILY worth it just for the demos alone + cross game chat + XBL partys.

Pretty soon you will have to PAY FOR PSN to get sevices that XBL has offered for a LONG time, & you still won't get all the content XBL offers:


-Access to Beta Games
-Cross-game Voice Chat Access
-Online Music Service
-Online Music Video Service
-Automatic Downloads and Updates
-Facebook Connectivity
-Netflix Access Without Disc

soulraver3502d ago

Your saying that the Wii and PS3 are overpriced?? The Wii is cheaper then the xbox, and the PS3 is the same price but has a bluray player as well as other features built in that you have to pay for with an xbox, plus the online is free, where do you justify your saying that they are overpriced?

lowcarb3502d ago

The Wii is a repackaged gamecube and Ps3 forces you to buy bluray, wifi and a headset. I don't need any of that stuff to enjoy gaming with 360.

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Tony-A3503d ago

Netflix goes for $9 a month which comes out to about $108 a year.

Maybe they think people won't notice. I DARE them to make that move.

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