Jaffe: PSN Game Sharing Is "Utter Horse Shit"

Ironstar writes:"David Jaffe had some rather angry comments regarding PSN game sharing on his twitter just recently. Considering Jaffe himself has released a game as a downloadable title on PSN (Calling All Cars), his frustration with the feature is understandable."

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-Alpha3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Too bad. I like it. It's one of those amazingly cool features that makes PSN awesome over XBL.

The fact that I can get free games WITH Sony's consent and approval from other gamers is awesome.

It does suck for developers though because they really are robbed of sales, but I think it's one of those really generous moves by Sony. I question why they do it and why the hell they don't promote it and rub it in XBL's face. It's one of those features that should be touted. Probably because there are a lot of scams, but that's why I trade with real life friends.

I wonder if Jaffe will go EA on us and create a VIP Store.

Blaze9293495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Now is this an actual feature with PSN? Like Sony would list "Game Sharing" as a feature if they did a PSN fact sheet? Or is this really just something consumers flipped and took advantage of? To my understanding it's SUPPOSED to be just in case you need to download your purchases onto another system if you travel, ps3 breaks etc.

I don't think they had the intention of "sharing games for free" when they included that 'feature'

Unless I'm wrong and it's really what they intended it for? If he hates it so much this might suggest that he'll probably move to the Xbox LIVE Arcade platform since the DRM system for the 360 is completely different and opposite of game sharing.

TOO PAWNED3495d ago

I would never let someone have my password just to game share, if there are lunatics that do that, fine. But if i have PS3 and my brother has PS3, and we both live in same house, or near each other, i don't see why it is so bad for me to log on his PS3 or vice versa and download certain game that he was not planning on buying either way.

AridSpider3495d ago

well I like it and hopefully other developers aren't complaining or else inb4 Sony removes another feature from the PS3.

Seems he's just trynna find a blame behind the reason Calling All Cars bombed.

Fishy Fingers3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Whatever Sonys intention, they would of known if you can share accounts on multiple consoles and download content onto 4 (or 5, I cant remember) consoles through those accounts people would be sharing their purchases.

While it does seem strange from their point of view, from mine (or gamers in general) its great, and my friends and I who share have bought more games/content than we would of done individually. We literally have every PSN game going, without the sharing, Id probably only have a few.

Calling all cars was just pretty weak.

WildArmed3495d ago

I love the feature.
I have two ps3s.

Then my best bud has a ps3.
and my cousin has a ps3.

So I can play my account and games where ever i want!

ProA0073495d ago

I'm actually surprised Sony hasn't disabled this yet or changed it around. Yeah I wouldn't be surprised if he makes an Xbox LIVE Arcade title after he puts out his next game which ends his contract with Sony.

3495d ago
WetN00dle693495d ago

Yeah i too think this is an awesome feature.
And if you are too scared to lend someone your user and pass all you have to do is create a shared account and that it. BUT of coarse its only advisable to do this with someone that you know is trustworthy.

Tony-A3495d ago

It's not a listed "Feature", but don't you think Sony would have stopped it by now if they really disapproved?

They've done it with Warhawk before, but then decided to take it back off for some reason.

right and wrong3495d ago

So how exactly does this work? Do developers get Xbox Live money from MS? If so can someone tell me if PS3 developers get money from PSN as well? The whole free thing sounds good and all but I just can't see the point of companies sticking with Sony if there not making them any money. Jaffe has every right to be ticked off and in a way I kind of feel sorry for these guys working for free.

RecSpec3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

They have changed this. You used to be able to share over five systems, but a few months ago they changed it so you could only share over three systems.

Also, Final Fight: Double Impact has its own weird DRM. You can have the game on two different systems, but only one of you can play it at the same time.

Edit: Not sure if this is through Capcom or Sony, or if this happened before.

Kind of a shame, the main reason I bought it was to play with my siblings. Wasn't really worth it to play alone or with strangers.

Sunny_D3495d ago

That was a rumor that was debunked by Sony, so you can still share with 4 other ps3's including yours to equal 5 in total.

ReservoirDog3163495d ago

Actually it is a feature not a loophole.

""You can send that content to four other friends for that initial investment," said Tretton. "We want to get the game in as many hands as possible.""It's not about generating profits at each and every interaction with the consumer," he said. "I think that really offsets the argument that says, 'Wow, that's a really pricey system.'""

Jack Tretton said that.

And game sharing has its upsides. I shared Ratchet and Clank with a friend that never like R&C. She loved it and she's gonna buy the two PS3 R&C games soon. Upsides.

HighDefinition3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

PSN Game Sharing Is "The Best Thing Eva"

I love ya Jaffe, but Gamesharing especially w/ limits (for devs) is a great thing. Almost every game I`ve shared w/ a friend, they never had a intention of buying. It`s a great way to introduce unique PSN titles (like Flower, Flow, Fat Princess, Pain, Pixel Junk) to people who wouldn`t normally look to play games like that.

BTW, the reason it exists technically is for multi-PS3 owners.

TheTwelve3495d ago

Remember, Jaffe also wants a world in which there is only one console. Another area in which I disagree with him.


Anon19743495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

I have two PS3's, my main gaming console downstairs hooked up to the home theater and one hooked up upstairs to my smaller tv that I use primarily for watching shows on. I love that if I buy something I can install it on both consoles without worry. You never know when I'll be two lazy to go downstairs or just want to play a quick game of Brain Age without firing up my entire downstairs system.

That being said, if I were a developer I'd probably have issues with this too. When that's your hard work up on the screen, I imagine you'd have a slightly different opinion about it being given away for free.

Mista T3495d ago

PSN game sharing is no better than pirating games on PC, those are shared games too....

devs work hard on games and for cheapskates that don't want to spend a few dollars to buy a game and they get it for free???

BannedForNineYears3495d ago

Doesn't game sharing involve giving someone else your password? -_-
And isn't that against PSN rules?
Not a feature...But it's still awesome. xD

Redempteur3495d ago

pff game sharing allow me to use my bought game on every sony device i use often.

it's not just give for free ..that's how the feature was badly used ...

also it's limited to a max number of people and some game don't allow it ... if he doesn't like it , the n just release a game with a 24h lock ...

Everything will be fine , unless your game was sh*t from the start of course

Lifendz3495d ago

Sorry, Jaffe. You're right. It's not fair. Were it not for PSN game sharing maybe 50 people would've bought Calling all Cars rather than 10. /s

Seriously, I like the whole "game sharing" feature. First of all giving my password to someone is a MAJOR deterrent. I only do that for close friends and family. How some of you do that crap over the net is crazy to me but to each their own.

Red_Orange_Juice3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

When I buy a lot of disc games, my friend does also, we often swap games for a few days, thats OK too.
I can do with MY GAMES whatever I want. Of course I can't upload it online or slice someone's throat with it, thats illegal.

And I never share MY PSN acocunt, I have an additional one with two friends and we split the price, we all have password, safe and cheap.
Thank you Sony.

Simple thing... YOU CAN DO what's allowed. Sony can stop it easily, two people share a game, when the first guy play it,the other one needs to wait 12hrs LOL that would stop it. Iamgine 4-5 ppl sharing a game, this way it would be madness. So Jaffe go and complain to SONY they can do it, and as far as I know they wanted to, but they backed away for some reason. If Sony decide to stop it this way, I will be okay with it, if not even more happy. So don't blame users.

Millah3495d ago

First jaffe complained about used game sales, which I do agree with, and now he wants to complain about this. Granted, it is a cheap way for people to swindle developers, but I mean come on man enough. We get it Jaffe, you think devs deserve more of the money that games earn. This guy let's his emotions get the best of him sometimes.

Dekonega3495d ago

Hey guys! There ain't such feature as "GameSharing" on PSN. It's simply abuse of DRM system which allows you to have 5 different copies for your personal use only. For example your PS3 breaks down and you get another you don't have to buy the content again but you can just activate it again on new PS3. Sony made this to avoid similar problems which plagued early Xbox Live content. And even Live has now moved to little bit similar system where you can move software license (activation right) from machine to machine.

I talked and wrote about this long time ago since activity people call "GameSharing" is just stupid when you have to give your PSN password for example. Are you _that_ stupid? If this was official Sony feature there would never be a need to give your PSN password. When you do that and your account is stolen then there's nothing you can do and Sony won't refund you a thing.

This is not allowed as it stands in PSN EULA and it's not right from many different perspectives. Only personal usage is ok. A lot of people have misunderstood right from the beginning what Sony exec. in a interview told. PSP has official feature like this but it's actual function there and works whole lot different.

Read more from here:

"GameSharing" doesn't have Sony's blessing. It's for your personal use only ie. so that you don't have to buy same content again and again if your machine doesn't work and you need new one. If you share your content to someone else then it's illegal activity and you exploit the good will intended of what I think it's the best DRM protection ever for digital content.

barom3495d ago

It's funny but I think I actually buy more games due to the game sharing. I mean yeah me and my friends are not gonna buy the same game twice but we almost take turns in buying games and we almost have the whole PSN collection, at least the great ones.

MazzingerZ3495d ago

That's right and the real meaning with that feature, all you write is correct.

MANY people really knows about it but pretend it's ok to do game sharing with other people outisde their household and they excuse themeselves by quoting that ONLY interview with Tretton back in 2006 ( where he was just hyping a console to be launched just in within 2-3 weeks after that interview...CAN ANYONE GIVE ME ANOTHER LINK? IF THIS IS OK WHY THEN GAME SHARING THREADS ARE CLOSED IN THE PS FORUMS?

It's great from SONY to do this, too bad people abouse it, many people defend to death the PS3 in these forums and are proud PS3 fanboys but still they hurt SONY by abusing that feature

To be able to download a copy of my games to other activated PS3 is the reason why I stopped buying anything on XBL, once my daughters get old enough and get their own PS3, I know I have a ton of games to dowload to them, that's the meaning behind it, you as a household need to pay only once for a game, unlike on XBL where each even needs their own XBL account!

I just hope this doesn't dissapear due to all people abusing this, but as long as kids are allowed to get gadgets that demands an adult's budget to be enjoyed, this will always be the case

Each disagree you get @Dekonega is from one of those kids, glad to see that there are people like you that use this feature as it's meant to be used.

2Spock3494d ago

I don't think it is much different than letting my 4 friends borrow GOW....Or does he want to whine about that also. And really i got calling all cars free with core and personally i wouldnt even share that turd with anyone.

Karum3494d ago

This isn't really a "feature" of PSN as such. If you've ever beeon on the official PS forums you'd know that game sharing is a little bit frowned upon.

jadenkorri3494d ago

I download MW2 map pack when it comes out, i tell my friends, they log into my id, and download too, but to a max of 5 people can do this. My ID has to stay on their ps3, otherwise content just like XBL cant be accessed of course. They log back into their orignal IDs and we all play and use the content together online.

tinybigman3494d ago

i only share my info with my brother and closet, closet friends NO one else.

-Alpha3494d ago

I think the reason why it's frowned upon on the forums is because

a) If allowed it will happen constantly and a lot, which equates to spam
b) People getting scammed on a forum that approves of such activity would be blamed in scammed situations

I think that if Sony has a problem with gamesharing they would have fixed it by now considering they've known about it since the start.

AliTheBrit193494d ago

haha I love the irony in what the OP said.

Anyhow, I'll keep on doing it until Sony are smart enough to fix it.

ThanatosDMC3494d ago

He should really shove both of his thumbs up his candy ass. Jaffe talks too much. If he hates it, then stop being affiliated with Sony or whatever. Seriously, he whines and whines but hasnt made a game in ages. Is he just by himself that no one wants to work with him?

WildArmed3494d ago

actually it was a mistake in their press release.
It was fixed and it still is 5 ps3's per account

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tdrules3495d ago

I find it funny that it's OK to gameshare, but when you ring up to ask for your YLOD'd PS3 to be deactivated from your PSN account they practically scream money thieiving cvnt down the phone.

DJ3495d ago

I just had a new PS3 sent to me, and to deactivate my old PS3 I simply called their hotline. Within 5 minutes, they told me that my old PS3 would be taken off the Activation log and I would be able to rent movies off of PSN again.

No screaming whatsoever.

Megaton3495d ago

They're much more liberal with the deactivation for video, since (as far as I know) you can only have 1 activation for video, not 5 like it is for games. If you've used up all 5 game activations they do get all investigative and make you jump through hoops.

Should just let you manage your activations online, Netflix style.

tdrules3495d ago

Accusing someone of lying is very rude of you.
I rang em up, said I had filled up my 5 allocations and they said gamesharing is breaking the fair usage policy and put the phone down on me.
This is SCEE btw

meluvulongtime3495d ago

Can't say that I've had that happen to me. I went through email to my YLOD'd PS3 deactivated and didn't get hassled. They just said that they needed 3-5 business days to make sure I wasn't trying to f#ck them over.

El_Colombiano3495d ago

They are VERY picky with deactivating PS3's. They seemed PISSED when I told them I needed my PS3 deactivated. I got a message saying they would do it ONCE as a GENEROUS move from their part. I was like what the f*ck? I need to deactivate another PS3 that I have no idea who it belongs to and they BETTER not give me sh*t like last time.

Eldon33495d ago

from my experience, they will only deactivate your account if you send it in to sony to be repaired. I just bought a new slim instead of sending my broken system in to sony and they said, that i had to send it in to them $175, then they would deactivate the account... meh

barom3495d ago

I had them deactivate my accounts just fine. Though my cousin did experience difficulties when he tried to call in.

evilmonkey5013494d ago

I got the same treatment. I called about a broken ps3 I sold to gamestop and they were pretty much like "screw you." Thanks a lot for selling it to gamestop. I told them that the reason I sold it to them was because they had a special promotion and it was actually cheaper to trade in my ylod towards a new ps3 then to send it in and pay 175 bucks and wait ten days. They told me they would call me back and never did.

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DelbertGrady3495d ago

Perhaps he should let Activision publish his next game?

Cueil3494d ago

If I was handing you your paycheck and you knew that it should be 1000 USD but I only gave you 850 USD you'd be angry. This man isn't in the business to entertain people for free... he's got to make a living off of it and he should be paid for usage of his game on different consoles.

ThanatosDMC3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

It's not that "it should be 1000 USD" since he knows the features that the PS3 has. So whining and b*tching about it does not help. If he wants money, he can go multiplat for all i care. His games arent ground breaking. GOW1 and GOW2 were made by a lot of people not just him. I dont understand why people give so much credit to this douchebag.

deadreckoning6663495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Srry, but game sharing is great!

@EDIT: Speaking of game sharing, PM me if ur interested :)

ELite_Ghost3495d ago

especially 4 overpriced map packs

TOO PAWNED3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Is this the guy that said he is all for consumer, that he is consumer himself? Never mind, its Jaffe... Jaffe just make TW and shut up.