Singularity gets new trailer, June 29 release date

Raven and Activision gave FPS Singularity a date of June 29 through a new video released for the game.

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Hellsvacancy3104d ago

Looks like Wolfenstein meets Bioshock, looks ok, ill probably give it a rent

Myze3104d ago

I think a big determining factor of whether the game ends up being anything special or not is dependent on how original it turns out. There are some things shown that seem kind of original (I know they've been done before, but not very often), like the rewinding time. Then there is the whole "gravity gun" aspect and missile-first person tracking that's been used to death. Also, the voice actor in the trailer is very cliche for these types of games. Not required to be a good game, but the graphics are fairly average as well.

I still think the game has potential and will definitely keep an eye out. Raven Software are the same people that did the 2009 release of Wolfenstein, so might be why it seems similar. Just wish it was coming from someone other than Activision, though.

Rich16313104d ago

There is almost no hope for this game, Raven Software (the developer) and Activision (the publisher) really, really suck.