8.0 Splinter Cell: Conviction Review "Splinter Cell: Conviction makes a successful return to the stealth-action genre with some extremely well implemented gameplay mechanics. However, the length of the single player campaign is a real sore point, and while there is a co-operative story it's not enough of a substitute. Having said that, being able to perform stealth missions with a friend or someone random on Xbox Live is certainly a welcome addition to the franchise and with all things considered, Splinter Cell: Conviction is definitely worth checking out."

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Selyah3506d ago

Sounds pretty decent, definitely interested in the multiplayer side

mephman3506d ago

Yea, playing the co-op with a friend is great. Playing with random people on Xbox Live can be a bit of russian roulette though.

Selyah3506d ago

Mmmm i can imagine that being a little aggravating at times, especially initially while the game is new.

Sanrin3506d ago

Kinda disappointed by the length, I was really considering a purchase if it had a bit more depth in it's single player.

Kyll3506d ago

Don't care how good it is, main single player game that's 5 hours long = thanks but no thanks

bjornbear3506d ago

i'm sure co-op and MP is fine but...people like me that aren't big MP junkies depend on SP, and when I look at games i look at SP (with exceptions like BF:BC2)

still, maybe when it gets discount =)

Solidus187-SCMilk3506d ago

a little different than old splinter cells but still a fun game. I like it because there arnt many stealth games at all.

I havent tried the Multiplayer yet only Sp.

Ive been playing it more than 5 hours and Im not that close to the end. Im pretty slow though, trying to be sneaky.

clarkjudo3506d ago

Less or no M&E and use weapons with silencers. Yup, I went the stealth direction And got at least 12 hours on the campaign or more on normal (1st time through). Currently playing hunter, first 2 maps of 6 maps. An average of 45 minutes each.

The Slash3506d ago

Looks interesting but I'm going to wait for the until the inevitable PS3 port is released.

Obama3506d ago

Before the reviews came out, the bots were screaming mgs4 killer. Funny how they stop saying it now.

Nitrowolf23506d ago

Its funny How bots for a PS3 game if it got an 8 It failed, where are those Bots who said that?

btw i played the demo for this game and i was actually amzed by how well the game looks. Its def not the best looking game i have seen but def the best i have seen on 360. Plus i enjoyed the demo allot even though it was really short.

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The story is too old to be commented.