Yes, video games can be art.

Classy Gamer responds to Roger Ebert, film critic of the Chicago Sun-times, that recently reiterated his antiquated standpoint that Videogames cannot be art.

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Chadness3505d ago

I tend to think that they can be art, most definitely. However, just like other forms of art or expression, everything is subjective, including the answer to the big, overall question, "Are video games art?".

Abriael3505d ago

That's pretty much the standpoint of the article. Videogames CAN be art. Are ALL videogames art? No. Just as much as not all movies or books are art.
But still, saying that video games CANNOT be art is delusive.

mikeslemonade3505d ago

I'm just going to disagree with you all and say video games aren't art. Whatever video games are they're fun and i'm passionate to come here debate about video games all day.

Brazil3505d ago

Everybody has different opinions about what art is. The question shouldn't be "are video games art?" or "can video games be art?", it should be "what is art to you?". Some people believe art is anything that comes from the mind, some believe it's just the ability to transfer emotion, and some will tell you it's anything that requires a lofty amount of talent and skill. Maybe it's all of the above or more. Art is a difficult thing to encapsulate in one single definition, so don't argue about what is or isn't art. Take some time and think about what art is to you instead of arguing what makes art.

Rocket Sauce3505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

Brazil has the right idea. I don't want to throw on a black turtleneck, grow a beard and argue about what is or isn't art. If somebody thinks Metal Gear is the greatest story ever told, I can disagree and pick it apart, but who the hell am I to say it isn't art?

"I understand that 'old' film critics like Ebert are so absolutely frightened by the growing popularity of gaming over filmed media, that they actually feel compelled to try and 'shoot them down' in an attempt to protect their own job and popularity."

This sentence is driving me nuts. What, are you going to take his job? One medium isn't a threat to the other. Video games aren't going to muscle out movies. I think you're trying too hard to take a shot at him, here.

I don't agree with Ebert - I think he's making broad statements about something he doesn't really understand. I definitely agree with you that video games can be art, but I've never played a game that I would feel right using as an example. I could show Roger Ebert plenty of games like Uncharted or Final Fantasy that he would probably say are entertaining, but not art.

There is no Chinatown of video games. We just don't have a Bicycle Thief, an M or a Shawshank Redemption. Not that I think we need one, because games play by a very different set of rules than these flicks, but I'd imagine that's what Ebert was looking for when he decided that games weren't art.

I wrote way too much and I am a giant nerd - at least everybody can agree with that.

Cevapi883505d ago

just imagine if a game like Okami or Shadow of the Colossus were movies....we all know Ebert would be giving it two FAT thumbs up

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FishCake9T43505d ago

Flower is art without question.
IF movies are considered art than so should games.

If this is considered art

Than so should this

Insomnia_843505d ago

SH!T!!! I had forgotten how awesome the graphics in MGS are.

DigitalAnalog3505d ago

Roger Ebert... let's face it... is a film critic. You really need "art" directions from him?

-End statement

Abriael3505d ago

Not really, we don't, but someone needs to let him know :D

Guy got a big, big head :D

AKS3504d ago

Odd that you'd get 5x more disagrees than agrees for those statements. Ebert has strong support from N4G viewers? Or are there reading comprehension concerns here?

Anyway, it's ridiculous that Ebert thinks any medium cannot be art. He can be extremely obstinate, though. I remember how he completely missed the boat on the movie Blue Velvet. Even after discussing the movie with the director and reviewing the movie more than once, he never overcame his initial emotional reaction to a nude scene in the movie that upset him even though it's interviews with the cast and crew show that his assumptions about that scene were inaccurate. He'll probably never change his mind about video games; once he's made up his mind almost nothing can change it, which I consider to be one of his greatest weaknesses as a film critic.

DigitalAnalog3504d ago

I get a lot of "haters".

-End statement

Urmomlol3505d ago

Roger Ebert looks like an old lesbian.

LordMarius3505d ago

Not if they are on the 360, then they become flops

infamousinfolite3505d ago

You know if you think about about it 360 games seems like mindless shooting games to me no art found and I consider art to being Graphics and story. I ain't seeing much of that.

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The story is too old to be commented.