Rumor: Next Mass Effect 2 DLC to Feature Liara, Shadow Broker

The next round of DLC for Mass Effect 2 is rumored to feature Liara T'soni's confrontation with the Shadow Broker.

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kissmeimgreek3201d ago

It would be cool if this mission kind of setup ME3. Think about it. Shepard doesnt seem to want to work with either Cerberus or The alliance. I could see sheperd asking for help from the shadow broker. Hes gonna need a new source of information on the reapers isnt he? and hows he gonna find new teammates without good info? What a great franchise.

mistajeff3201d ago

yeah, i really hope this dlc is set after me2's main quest.

GameOn3200d ago

I think it is possible that the Shadow Broker is another pawn if the Reapers. We probably get to join Liara in finally hunting him down.

Cheeseknight283200d ago

I have a feeling the Shadow Broker is gonna be one of the more prominent characters in ME3. I hope they reveal that he is one of the characters Shepard has already met.

The obvious thing to do would probably be to reveal that the Illusive Man is the Shadow Broker.

tehpwnage3200d ago

I think they'll end the Shadow Broker arch (begun in Redemption Comics) in Mass Effect 2. However, I believe that Liara will be central in Mass Effect 3.

If you think about it, she is the only love interest from ME1 that can't die, and her mother was a powerful matriarch that worked with Saren. In ME2 she has become much darker. Bioware definately has an important role for her, perhaps more so than Shepard.

Disccordia3200d ago

Depending on your choices from ME1, the Shadow Broker may owe you a favour. This is from the mission where you collect Cerberus data discs.

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Myst3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

If this rumor is true that is pretty darn cool. Man I still need to go back and buy Kasumi's DLC, I'll have to pick this one up as well.

Also an interesting video o_o Hopefully this is true.

William Gates3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

The BABOON'S will buy any old CRAP

@ Stupid BABONN underneath
I have 1 bubble and that is 1 more than no bubbles

kevinx10003200d ago

old?... getting DLC is silly?
I really wonder why you have no bubbles.

kissmeimgreek3200d ago

well i sure do love that my favorite games (like ME2 and BFBC2) have gotten FREE DLC since theyve come out as well as paid DLC. Keeps the games relevant.

Mista T3200d ago

if this is true I can't wait! ME2 is already one of the best games ever IMO

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